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Nalah Tamiko Jackson appeared in Marion Superior Court via virtual means, facing a battery charge with bodily waste, which is a crime.

For spitting in the face of an Indiana jailer during booking, a 24-year-old woman who is charged with stealing 5-month-old twin boys in Columbus last week made an appearance in court on Tuesday.

For criminal battery using bodily waste, Nalah Tamiko Jackson virtually appeared in Marion Superior Court. Her case was assigned a public attorney, and a bail review hearing was scheduled for January 3 according to court records.

Who Is Nalah Tamiko Jackson? Is She Arrested In Kidnapping 5-Month-Old?

The Honda Accord that was stolen last Thursday at 9:45 p.m. was found to belong to Jackson, a resident of Columbus. On December 19, Wilhemina Barnett left her twin boys, Kason and Kyair Thomas, in the moving car and entered a Donatos Pizza to pick up a DoorDash order. A statewide AMBER Alert was issued as a result.

More than six hours after the alarm went off, on December 20, at 4:15 a.m., a bystander at Dayton International Airport discovered Kyair in a car seat in the economy parking area. The 5-month-old child is in excellent health and is being taken to a hospital for additional testing, according to a tweet from the police.

Nalah Tamiko Jackson Arrested In Kidnapping 5-Month-Old
Nalah Tamiko Jackson Arrested In Kidnapping 5-Month-Old (Image Source: Fox19)

The child was found by Columbus Police at an Indianapolis Papa John’s Pizza location, according to WBNS-TV. He was found on Monday inside the 2010 Honda Accord that Nalah Jackson is accused of stealing in front of a Columbus pizza shop. The child was found wearing the same clothes that he was wearing on Monday, the news station reported.

His brother, Kyair Thomas, was found at Dayton International Airport late on Monday. An Amber Alert was sent out after the twins vanished. A few hours later, Kyair Thomas was found at Dayton International Airport. Thomas Kason is still missing.

Arrest & Charges Against Nalah Tamiko Jackson

On December 22, Jackson was found in Indianapolis. However, Kason and the stolen car were not found until later that day, when police officers were en route to lunch when they spotted the Honda close to a Papa John’s. Kason was still inside, according to the authorities, and was still dressed as when he was brought in.

Jackson was charged by Columbus police with two felonies for kidnapping; however, records show that extradition paperwork from Indiana has not yet been filed. According to police records, Jackson has connections to the Dayton area and frequently visits her two daughters there, who live with their father in Riverside.

Kason and Kyair Thomas's Mother
Kason and Kyair Thomas’s Mother (Image Source: Springfieldnewssun)

According to WCMH-TV, the initial report stated that authorities had been searching for Jackson since Monday after she allegedly stole a 2010 Honda Accord that was home to 5-month-old twins Kyair and Kason Thomas. WBNS-TV reported that the mother of the twins left them in the car while she went inside a Columbus Donatos Pizza location at 9:45 EST to pick up a DoorDash order.

Jackson was the subject of numerous sighting reports to Indianapolis Police on Thursday morning, according to WRTV. She was discovered, the news station reported, and her fingerprint verified her identity. Three detectives from Columbus were en route to Indianapolis to return Jackson to Ohio, according to Columbus Deputy Chief Smith Weir. During her arrest, Jackson was uncooperative and spit on the officers.

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