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Craig Carton is a popular American radio and television personality, and his daughter Mickey Carton is his eldest child. Craig’s career history includes hosting a variety of radio programs, such as Boomer and Carton, Carton and Roberts, WGR, and The Fan.

Mickey’s parents had an intermittent relationship before getting married. Due to her father’s mistake, they suspended communication for a year. When Craig fell in love with his wife Kim, she was already in a relationship.

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Mickey Carton’s Wiki & Family:

Mickey was born in the United States in 2000. According to the book Tales (and Fantasies) of Sports, Sex, and Salvation from Behind the Microphone, she was born to her mother Kim Carton only three months following her parents’ marriage. Mickey’s three younger brothers are Sonny D. Carton, Lucky T. Carton, and Anthony I. Carton. The dates of their births have not been revealed. Like many other famous children, Carton has chosen to keep her early years under wraps.

Mickey Carton is 22 years old as of 2023
Mickey Carton with her dad Craig Carton

There isn’t any specific information about her profession, nor are there any details about her childhood. Thus, it’s unclear what Craig Carton’s daughter does for a living. Her mother, Kim, is reportedly a businesswoman. Mickey’s father’s job mainly involves working for a sports radio show. Craig began working in the media in 1991, with his first job being at Buffalo’s WGR Radio. He began working for the Cleveland-based commercial radio station WTAM a year later.

Mickey Carton's dad is a sports/radio host
Mickey Carton’s father Craig Carton with Walt “Clyde” Frazier

He rose to popularity after moving from the East Coast to Denver. He was the highest-rated host in the history of KKFN 950 AM The Fan when he worked there. He has since contributed to various radio shows, including WKXW, Imus in the Morning, Spike’s MMA Uncensored Live, and many others. Boomer and Carton, which Craig co-hosted on the WFAN radio station in New York, received a flawless rating from Arbitron. The program also earned a Cynopsis Media Award. Craig began hosting Carton and Roberts on sports radio in 2023.

The Meeting of Mickey’s Parents at a Pub

In 1996, Kim and Craig, Mickey’s parents, met at Philadelphia’s Labradors Pub, where her father was the inn’s proprietor at the time. Kim and her best friend brought her parents together, and Craig fell in love with Kim at first sight.

Kim, on the other hand, went to the pub just to keep her friend company, who was a huge sports fan and also had a crush on Craig. Later on, Craig obtained Kim’s phone number. At that time, his future wife was involved with another man. As a result, the radio host had to hide from Kim’s boyfriend, or call from his home to speak with her. Craig eventually began making calls from various Philadelphia payphones.

After some time of dating, Craig had to relocate to Florida for his job. Their relationship almost ended at one point, and they went nearly a year without speaking. However, a year later, Craig called Kim and expressed his feelings, which led to their marriage soon after. They got engaged in July 1999 and got married three months later.

Mickey Carton’s Relationship Status

Mickey is a private person, and her current relationship status is not known to the public. Based on her lack of public activity, it is assumed that she is currently single.

Enjoying Her Father’s Wealth

Carton’s net worth is unknown to the media since she has kept her professional life private. His father, on the other hand, has worked in the radio program/reality show industry for more than three decades, accumulating a total wealth in the six digits. As of 2023, Craig’s net worth is $4 million.

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