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Duane Chapman, an American bail bondsman, bounty hunter, published author, and TV personality, divorced Lyssa Rae Brittain on July 15, 1954. She is now 68 years old. Because of her daughter, Baby Lyssa, who goes by the name Lyssa, Lyssa is frequently referred to as “Big Lyssa.”
Early in the 1980s, Lyssa and Duane started dating, and they later married in 1982. The marriage, which lasted nine years before ending in divorce in 1991, produced four children for the couple. Lyssa hasn’t been mentioned much since that time. Online reports, however, assert that the mother of four is still in touch with her ex-husband and that they are working together to help each of their children find success in their chosen professional paths.

Biographical Sketch of Lyssa Rae Brittain

  • Full name: Lyssa Rae Brittain
  • Nickname: Big Lyssa
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: July 15, 1954
  • Lyssa Rae Brittain is 68 years old.
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Lyssa Rae Brittain’s husband (wife): Duane Chapman (ex-husband)
  • Lyssa Rae Brittain’s Children: Baba Katie, Tucker Dee, Baby Lyssa, and Nicholas
  • Lyssa Rae Brittain’s height in inches is 5 feet 4 inches.
  • Lyssa Rae Brittain’s height in centimeters: 163
  • Lyssa Rae Brittain’s Weight: 55 kg
  • Body measurements in inches: 33-25-34
  • Body measurements in centimeters: 83-63-86
  • Famous for: being the ex-wife of Duane Chapman

How old is Lyssa Rae Brittain?

The records indicate that Lyssa Rae Brittain was born on July 15, 1954, giving her a current age of 68. Lyssa was born in Denver, Colorado, making her a citizen of the United States, while her race is classified as Caucasian.

Perhaps since the native of Colorado has never been a well-known star, a lot of information about her family history has never been made public. Her parents’ and siblings’ names are therefore unknown. All that was disclosed to us about Lyssa’s father was that he ran a successful business. Lyssa was raised as a Christian, and the Brittains practice Christianity, according to what was also told to us.
Lyssa attended Denver High School, where she spent a large portion of her formative years. The native of Colorado graduated from high school and went on to the University of Colorado to earn further degrees. She earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration there after completing her course work there.

Duane Chapman and Lyssa Rae Brittain’s first encounter

Lyssa Rae Brittain met media celebrity Duane Chapman by coincidence at a pub somewhere between the end of 1981 and the start of 1982.
According to certain online rumors, Duane allegedly promised Lyssa $1000 to watch his kids in exchange for her help. The $1000 bill, according to a different report, was for Lyssa to travel and have further children for the media celebrity.
Whatever the case, the native of Colorado accepted, and they moved in together right away. It’s important to note that although Lyssa was still technically married to her first husband, they had long since parted ways and were about to file for divorce.

The union of the pair happened right away.

Fewer than a month had passed since Lyssa Rae Brittain and Duane Chapman started dating before they made things official, according to multiple internet publications. We were not informed of the specifics of how and when the media star and Bounty Hunter proposed, but their wedding took place on January 6, 1982.

It is obvious that they weren’t married in a church, even if the specifics of their wedding ceremony were kept out of the public eye. The ceremony was really conducted in the mountains of Colorado and was presided over by an unnamed Native American chief.
Following the wedding, Lyssa became the third wife of the renowned bail bondsman, and the two went on to wed for nine long years. The couple’s marriage, however, came to an end on November 20, 1991, when their divorce was made legal.

Who is Duane Chapman, the ex-husband of Lyssa Rae Brittain?

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Duane image source

Duane Chapman, Lyssa Rae Brittain’s ex, was born in Denver, Colorado, on February 2, 1953, although he also has English and German ancestry. Because of his difficult upbringing, he left home as a youngster to join the Devil’s Disciples, an illegal motorcycle gang, and set up camp there. Due to his involvement in the club, Duane became involved in a first-degree murder investigation. He was found guilty and sentenced to five years in prison in Texas.

Chapman was prohibited from having weapons as a result of his conviction, yet he nevertheless managed to make a living as a successful bounty hunter. He had an advantage in bounty hunting because of his prior jail time as an ex-convict, and he succeeded there for many years. Strongly believing that individuals can change for the better, Lyssa Rae Brittain’s ex quickly rose to fame and subsequently made an appearance on the TV program Take This Job, a fascinating field of work highlighting unique professions.
The program elevated him and the rest of his family and went on to become “Dog the Bounty Hunter,” Chapman’s most well-known program. After Duane and his sons arrested Max Factor’s successor and notorious rapist Andrew Luster, Duane’s show received widespread notice. The Chapman family’s peculiar dynamic was sparked by this one uncommon deed, and once it was resolved in the eighth season, Duane and his then-wife, Beth, joined Dog and Beth: On the Hunt. They collaborated with many bail bond companies around the nation.
The main goal of Duane’s presentations was to assist companies in turning a profit while assisting them in pursuing fugitives. Dog and Beth: On the Hunt also had a one-season spin-off series called Dog’s Most Wanted.

The TV celebrity has written two novels that have been published. His author biography, one of his works, is now a New York Times bestseller. The ex-boyfriend of Lyssa Rae Brittain is currently identified as a bounty hunter, novelist, bail bondsman, and TV personality.

What number of kids does Lyssa have?

Lyssa Rae Brittain is a mother of four children. Offered that the Colorado native was already carrying her first child when she said “I do” to the bounty hunter, it’s probable that those who claimed that Lyssa was given $1,000 to have further children for Duane were accurate.

The first child of the pair is Barbara Katie.

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Barely six months after their wedding, on June 8, 1982, Barbara Katie, their first child, officially declared her arrival. In Fairbank, Alaska, Katie was 23 when she was killed in a car accident, which occurred in 2006.

Katie’s passing, according to Lyssa, was a devastating turning point in her life, and she would always be in her heart.

One year after Babara, Tucker Dee arrived.

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Barbara Quickly and Tucker Dee, Lyssa’s first son, adopted Katie as a big sister. On September 8, 1983, Tucker was born to the Chapman family; Katie had just turned one at the time. After releasing an audio cassette on which his father was heard using racist obscenities toward his then-girlfriend, Lyssa’s first child gained notoriety. He received a 20-year jail sentence for robbery at the age of 18.

The newborn girl was given their mother’s name.

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Baby Lisa and her fiance image source

Lyssa Chapman, sometimes known as “Baby Lyssa,” is the third child to be born to Lyssa Rae Brittain and Duane Chapman. She became a part of the Chapman family on June 10, 1987.

The only one who seems to have emulated her father is baby Lyssa. She joined Dog the Bounty Hunter’s cast as a star at the age of 18, making her one of Hawaii’s youngest Bond actors.
Baby Lyssa has been engaging in same-sex relationships since she came out as bisexual a number of years ago. After six years of dating, she proposed to Liena in 2018.
The couple’s circumstances, however, appear to be deteriorating as a result of a significant altercation that led to the involvement of the police. Due to this, Baby Lyssa was detained in February 2020 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The final child of Lyssa and Nick Chapman is

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Nick image source

Nicholas Chapman is the name of Lyssa and Duane’s youngest child. Nick appears to prefer a life away from the prying eyes of the media and the general public, unlike his elder siblings.
Although the specifics of his birth have never been made public, Lyssa’s final child is an actress who works in the entertainment sector.
There are further children born to the bail bondsman in addition to Katie, Tucker, Lyssa, and Nick. Currently, Duane is the father of 12 kids from various partnerships.
The couple’s situation was not good; their children were housed alongside Duane’s elder children from his prior marriages. According to reports, the Chapman siblings faced many challenges when they were growing up. Their problems, which touched on drug misuse and sexual assault, had a big impact on them.

Is Blessed With Two Grandchild

Lyssa Rae Brittain has already had two grandchildren. Madalynn Chapman and Abbie Mae Chapman, her two grandchildren, are the products of her second daughter, Baby Lyssa. Madalynn’s birth information is unknown, whereas Abbie was born on June 11, 2002, in Alaska.

Why did Duane Chapman and Lyssa Rae Brittain split up?

It has never been made public why Lyssa Rae Brittain chose to divorce her ex-husband, Duane Chapman. Both the well-known bounty hunter and Lyssa, who seldom ever appears in public, have remained silent about the circumstances that led to their divorce to this point.
However, some unpleasant details about their relationship leaked into the open, and admirers were able to piece everything together. According to one account of the incident, Lyssa started abusing alcohol and smoking a lot.
Additionally, she was never a “motherly” mother; the majority of her kids openly admitted that they had difficult childhoods. Being responsible enough to care for her four children was beyond Lyssa Rae Brittain. According to Baby Lyssa, her habit got so terrible that she frequently left the kids in the hands of unsavory friends, drug users, and other negative influences, which caused many of them to make unwise choices that left them with horrible wounds.
Although it was never explicitly stated that Lyssa’s unpleasant behavior caused their divorce, Chapman had to battle in court for custody of their children since he had no faith in Lyssa at all.

Lyssa married Duane Chapman a second time.

Many people believed that Lyssa’s marriage to Duane Chapman was her first union, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Even before she laid eyes on the TV star, the mother of four was married.
She was still married to her first husband when they met, even though it was clear that their relationship had already broken down, so it would be accurate to say that Duane caught her on the rebound. While they were finalizing their divorce, Lyssa was already residing with the bounty hunter.
It’s noteworthy that Lyssa Rae Brittain never mentioned who her first spouse was. The Assemblies of God Church has traditionally referred to the guy as a minister.
Lyssa blamed her ex’s infidelity for the breakdown of their marriage. There were no children from the marriage, and their divorce was formalized in 1988.

How much money does Duane Chapman’s ex-wife make?

Lyssa Rae Brittain has never had a clearly defined career. Nevertheless, according to sources, she joined her father’s business after earning her degree from the University of Colorado. The nature of the business, however, has never been made public.
Lyssa briefly worked for her father’s company before departing; her stated reasons for staying at home were personal.
Online reports said that Lyssa accepted Duane Chapman’s $1000 offer to watch his children. If this narrative is any indication, we may add “nanny” to her list of skills.
Lyssa stayed behind to take care of the home front when she married Duane and began having his kids. However, after their divorce, she began working for herself as a business owner, although it was never made clear what kinds of goods or services she provided.
After she became Duane’s third wife, Lyssa just started attracting notice from the general public. The ex-wife of the well-known media personality wasn’t Mrs. Chapman before she was promoted to that position; she was simply an ordinary American woman with a 9-to-5 job.

What does Lyssa Rae do now?

When their divorce was finally formalized in 1991, Lyssa Rae Brittain went back to living a solitary life. It is so impossible to determine what the mother of four is doing with her life right now. Nobody knows whether she has continued to be single or has hooked up with another man.
The third wife of Duane Chapman is still an American citizen, and that much is evident. Her four children moved in with her as soon as they divorced.
Lyssa’s preference for keeping a low profile has made it easier for her to avoid the media and the limelight. Despite this, some stories claim that she has started a company.
The story that Duane and Lyssa kept in touch for the benefit of their kids must also be acknowledged. The mother of four became active in a number of Dog’s business ventures after the couple’s divorce, although in the background. She was there to mentor their kids when they started out in the entertainment business in various ways.
Despite the fact that Lyssa never remarried, Duane’s life has been very different, as he has since married more spouses and had more children.

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