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The only child of well-known boxer Canelo Llvarez, born in 2018, is Saul Adiel Llvarez. He was with his ex-girlfriend, Nelda Seplveda, when Canelo had him. This came after he had fathered three additional daughters—including his present wife, Fernanda Gómez—with various women.
Sal gained notoriety as a youngster thanks to the success of his father, one of the greatest boxers in history. Many people are interested in learning more about him, but he is still a little child under his parents’ care, who shield him from the media.

Saúl Adiel Álvarez’s Bio

  • Age: 5 years old
  • BIRTHDAY: Unknown
  • BIRTHPLACE: Unknown
  • Birth Sign: Unknown
  • ETHNICITY: Mexican
  • FATHER: Canelo Álvarez
  • MOTHER: Nelda Seplveda

Sal Adiel Lvarez’s age

Sal Adiel Lvarez, who was born in 2018, is five years old. It is known that he was born in 2018, even though his specific birth date and place have not been made public. His father’s Instagram announcement of his birth in January 2019 garnered media attention.

The boxer posted a photo with the words “my boy” on social media. The youngster was obviously already a few months old at that point. Canelo and Nelda Seplveda, a previous flame, produced the child, who is now his sole son. After the boxer shared a photo of his son on Instagram, people began to inquire about him.

Saul Adiel Alvarez is still a young child, so there isn’t much known about him. He is a Mexican national and belongs to the Mexican ethnicity. His mother’s race is unknown, although Los Reyes, in Michoacán, Mexico, has been identified as his father’s familial origin.

Sal is constantly shielded from the public by his parents. He has, however, occasionally been spotted in public with his father.

Who is Saúl Adiel Álvarez’ Mother?

Nelda Seplveda is frequently cited as the mother of Saul Adiel Alvarez. Contrary to his father, who is well-known around the world due to his boxing prowess, nothing is known about Nelda. She gave birth to the famed boxer’s lone child, and that is all that is currently known about her. She is a Mexican woman.
Her birthplace, age, family history, and type of upbringing are all kept a secret from the general public. According to some accounts, she is an actress that appeared in HBO Boxing in 2015. The program, which has been shown since 1973, reenacts the most memorable scenes from some of the top HBO fights.

Between 2017 and 2018, Saal Adiel Alvarez’s parents dated for almost a year. When they first started dating is unknown, and there is no information available on why they broke up. Canelo has moved past the relationship because he is now married to Fernanda Gómez, who was his longtime girlfriend.
In May 2021, they were married in Mexico. Nelda Seplveda, who has maintained a low profile ever since her relationship with Canelo ended, cannot be considered to have done the same. It is unknown if she is now single, married, or both.

Sal Adiel Alvarez has how many siblings?

From his father’s previous unions, Sal Adiel Alvarez has three total siblings. The names of his three female siblings are Maria, Emily, and M. Alvarez. His half-sisters, who make up his siblings, are all older than he is. Emily is the oldest of the group.
Canelo and Karen Beltrán welcomed Emily Vargas into the world in 2005. As high school sweethearts, the former couple’s relationship broke up after Emily was born. Emily is followed by Ma, a child the boxer had with Valeria Quiroz. Even her age is unknown, which is a significant unknown about her.
In 2017, Maria, his third half-sister, was born; Fernanda Gómez is Sal’s stepmother. Prior to getting married in 2021, Canelo Alvarez and Fernanda Gómez dated for a number of years. She is currently the only child that the married couple has together.

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