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Actress Kathryn Newton, who recently starred in Antman Quantum, has been well-known for almost two decades. With her breakthrough performance as Abigail Carlson in the HBO series Big Little Lies, she is undoubtedly no stranger to either the big or small screen.

For years, Newton has put on outstanding performances. While Kathryn’s acting talents have greatly aided her success, her parents have also had a significant impact on her life. Her nesters, Robin Newton, and David Newton have had a significant impact on her development both personally and professionally. The article that follows will delve into the lives of the two people mentioned above.

Kathryn Was Raised In A Golf Course

While David, Newton’s father, is a businessman, her mother, Robin, is a pilot for an airline. Despite the fact that her parents are professionals, Kathryn claims that before she began her acting career, she was raised in a typical family. Her parents brought up the actress on a golf course. Newton developed a passion for golf as a result of it. When she took part in her first golf competition, she was eight years old.

Kathryn Newton with her dad David
Kathryn Newton with her dad David (Image Source: Instagram)

Speaking of Kathryn’s parents, it is unknown when they got hitched, but the couple appears to have been together for a very long time.

Kathryn’s Father Is No Longer Golf Player

As previously mentioned, Newton’s father loved golf and used the sport to help him and his daughter stay close. He helped his daughter develop a lifelong passion for the game, and Kathryn frequently shares throwback photos of the two of them playing golf. It turns out that David participated in the sport for two years at Nebraska’s Plate Junior College. Additionally, he once earned a place in the National Junior College Championship. But he was forced to leave because of a lack of funds.

Actress Kathryn Newton with her father and businesseman David Newton in June 2022
Antman Quantumania actress Kathryn Newton with her father David (Image Source: Instagram)

When Kathryn’s father graduated from the University of Colorado, David’s index was a plus two. He also briefly tried his hand at golf in Florida at the same time. In a tournament, Newton’s father once said that the most prize money an amateur could win was $200. (from the pro shop). Before she could say anything, Kathryn’s father took the actress out on the golf course with him. Newton eventually developed the same passion for the game as her father.

Kathryn has frequently been coached and accompanied by David, who also happens to be the son of Howard Keith Newton. Howard was born in Nebraska, and interestingly, Kathryn’s great-paternal grandfather, Robert Huntington Newton, was a member of the Nebraska State Legislature. On the other hand, David’s mother, Julia, had ancestors who hailed from Fintona, County Tyrone, in Northern Ireland.

Kathryn’s Mother Supported her In Acting

When Kathryn received her first acting role, her mother Robin was by her side. The actress was only four years old at the time. Robin reportedly didn’t enjoy golf as much as her husband and daughter, but she reportedly worried that her daughter always wore sunscreen and would rush to the auditions at the last minute.

26 years old actress from The Society Kathryn Newton
Kathryn Newton (Image Source: Instagram)

Newton once claimed that her mother didn’t fully comprehend the game of golf. When Kathryn was offered a three-year role on the daytime drama All My Children, Robin was present. Unlike her husband David, Robin doesn’t post on her daughter’s social media accounts. Robert Bruce Burge, Robin’s father, was a native New Yorker. Kathleen, her paternal grandmother, was born to Welsh parents in California. Virginia is where Emily Janice Owen, the mother of Robin, was born.

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