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Nikkole Ledda, previously known as Nikkole Palulun, rose to fame as a former cast member of the MTV reality show, 16 and Pregnant. The show documented her teenage pregnancy journey, which began at the age of 15, with her then-boyfriend, Josh Drummond.

Ledda is a mother of three children and is currently wed to Kyle Ledda. Lyle Thomas, Ellie Jade, and Bodhi John Ledda are the names of her children. Find out more about the 16 and Pregnant star.

Her Marriage Was Simple

Nikkole Ledda, who is wed to Kyle Ledda, has finally found the love of her life. On July 18, 2020, the couple entered the church. Their wedding wasn’t over the top because it didn’t even cost them $100.

Nikkole Ledda is taking a selfie as Kyle Ledda is smiling for the picture.
Nikkole Ledda with her husband, Kyle Ledda (Source: Nikkole Ledda Instagram @nikkolemtv)

In the same park where they first met, Ledda got married to her spouse. She also disclosed the $15 price of her inexpensive wedding gown.

Ledda, the star of 16 and Pregnant, is deeply in love with Kyle. She has even claimed that, after many years of prior unsuccessful relationships, she has finally found a good man.

Has A Massive Net Worth 

The estimated value of Nikkole Ledda’s net worth is $100,000. She first rose to fame after participating in the reality series 16 and Pregnant, which allowed her to start earning money at the age of just 15. How much she was paid, however, is still unknown.

Ledda has chosen not to reveal the source of her current income. She used to be a reality TV star, but she now works a regular job at an automaker.

Ledda currently makes money from her YouTube channel as well, but she no longer posts long-form content there. Instead, she creates shorts. The former reality star currently resides in Michigan with her family in a respectable-sized house.

Has Three Lovely Children

Ledda, who first became pregnant at the age of 15, is a mother to three kids. She has a daughter and two sons.

Ledda’s adorable offspring include Lyle Thomas, Ellie Jade, and Bodhi John. She had all three of her children with different men, which is an interesting fact in this case.

Lyle Thomas, Ellie Jade, Nikkole, Kyle, and Bodhi John Ledda are all wearing Christmas jumpers.
Nikkole Ledda with her husband, Kyle Ledda, and kids, Lyle Thomas, Ellie Jade, and Bodhi John Ledda (Source: Nikkole Ledda Instagram @nikkolemtv)

Ledda gave birth to her first child, Lyle, in 2009 with her former boyfriend, Josh Drummonds. Her second child, Elli, was born in 2015, and her father is Ryan Rice. Elli is Ledda’s only daughter.

Kyle Ledda is the father of Ledda’s youngest child, Bodhi. He was born on July 7, 2021, the same day India Everett married Daniel Segal.

Know Ledda’s Previous Relationships

Ledda didn’t always have luck in love, but she is now happily married. She has experienced a number of failed relationships. Prior relationships for the former reality star included Josh Drummonds and Ryan Rice.

Drummonds is Ledda’s first relationship that the general public is aware of; the two were featured in the MTV series 16 and Pregnant. In their twenties, the two had their son Lyle and started a family.

When the relationship didn’t work out, Drummond escaped his obligations. They do not get along, and she has even admitted that she despises him.

After Ledda parted ways with the man who had caused her to become pregnant at age 15, Rice entered the picture. She took this connection seriously, but it also didn’t turn out the way she had hoped. The two even had a custody battle for their daughter, Ellie, who lives with her mother today.

Her Ex-Boyfriend Josh Is In Prison; But Why?

Josh Drummond, Nikkole Ledda’s ex-boyfriend, is presently incarcerated as of the time of this writing. He was detained in connection with a meth and armed robbery case.

The day of Josh’s arrest was April 29, 2019. He will be imprisoned until 2026 as a result of his crime. According to The US Sun, he was charged with using his gun to rob two women.

The picture is a mugshot of Josh Drummond.
Nikkole Ledda’s ex-husband, Josh Drummond (Source: Nikkole Leda YouTube Channel)

Due to her other ex-boyfriend, Rice, Ledda has had contact with the police as well. When he had taken their daughter, she was unable to reach him, which is when it happened.

Rice had arrived to take Ellie around Christmas time. But as he stopped responding to her texts, she later had no idea where he was. She was forced to make a police call at the time.

Her Rumors & Controversies

Other than for fabricating a miscarriage, Ledda has made headlines for incorrect reasons a few times. Due to some of her past behaviors, she has managed to amass a sizable following of detractors.

Ledda, a former reality TV star, once inked herself as a way of accepting a free lifetime of tanning. She also had a scandal with another reality TV star, Corey Simms.

Ledda shared the Skype conversation she had with Simms, during which he attempted to seduce her. He had just split up with Leah Messer at this time.

Ledda Has Suffered a Miscarriage

Nikkole Ledda, who is a mother of three, welcomed her youngest son, Bodhi, with her husband Kyle Ledda. Prior to Bodhi’s birth, she had suffered a miscarriage in 2020 and lost a child she was expecting with Kyle.

Just two weeks prior to Kyle and Ledda’s wedding, it took place. Honoring the loss of their child was one of the main motivations behind their marriage.

Nikkole Ledda looks sad as she is sitting on her bed.
Nikkole Ledda after going through miscarriage (Source: Nikkole Ledda Instagram @nikkolemtv

Anyone who has to witness their child die will find it painful, and Ledda has expressed her feelings about it in one of her Instagram posts. When it happened, she didn’t want to get out of bed, and she frequently held herself responsible.

According to the post, Ledda would wonder if the reason for it was because she was stressed out during her pregnancy or if it was something she ate.

Ledda Once Faked Her Miscarriage

Nikkole Ledda did experience a miscarriage in 2020. She has, however, occasionally feigned having one. Before Ellie, she had made known that she was expecting her second child.

Not only that, but Nikkole also disclosed that she miscarried and lost her child. However, according to the report, she was never pregnant, so the miscarriage never occurred.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup article completely covered the plot. According to the article, Samantha Diggs, a friend of Ledda’s, exposed her ruse of a miscarriage.

Nikkole’s friend revealed that her cousin assisted in creating a false pregnancy test result. Her growing belly was another thing she didn’t want touched. She did this for an unknown reason, which is still unknown.

Ledda’s Time In 16 And Pregnant

After taking part in MTV’s reality series 16 and Pregnant, Nikkole first rose to fame. The young, expectant teenage couple is the subject of the show. When she found out she was expecting her first child, she was only 15 years old.

Ledda made an appearance in the second episode of the show’s second season. The majority of the shows centered on Josh Drummond, the person who caused her pregnancy, and his cheating on her.

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