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The proud mother of one of the most well-known Canadians, Finn Wolfhard, is Mary Jolivet. She has a musician and actor son who is well-known for his stage presence and acting prowess. Additionally, he is best known for his role as Mike Wheeler in the Netflix television series Stranger Things.

Jolivet’s life has obviously always been a topic because she is the mother of a famous person. Eric Wolfhard, a certified analyst, and researcher is her husband. And the couple has been married for more than three decades. They are a blessed pair. In addition to this, there are many other aspects of her life that are unknown to many people.

Discover more obscure information about the famous mother by reading the article below. The information about her birthday, husband, fortune, way of life, and other details will be revealed if you stay with us until the end.

Early Years & Parents of Jolivet:

Jolivet, a famous mother, was born in Vancouver, Canada, in the late 1930s. She is the daughter of Lawrence Charles Jolivet and his devoted wife, Trish. She also has French ancestry and is a citizen of Canada.

Mary Jolivet, her husband Eric Wolfhard and their children Nick Wolfhard and Finn Wolfhard
Mary Jolivet, her husband Eric Wolfhard, and their children Nick Wolfhard and Finn Wolfhard (Image Source: TheWikiFeed )

She attended Langara College to pursue her academic excellence, where she studied visual display and design. She also studied French culture at the Institut Catholique de Paris in 1980. (Catholic University of Paris). She began working as her beloved husband’s assistant soon after graduating and did so for many years.

She then started working for the children’s clothing company, Dormouse Design. But she believes that being a mother is the best job there is, so she is currently preoccupied with raising her kids and doing housework.

Some quick Facts About Mary Jolivet

NameMary Jolivet
Place of birthVancouver, Canada
CollegeLangara College (studied design) and Institut Catholique de Paris (French culture)
ParentsLawrence Charles and Trish Jolivet
HusbandEric Wolfhard
Mary Jolivet’s childrenNick Wolfhard (October 21, 1997) and Finn Wolfhard (December 23, 2002)

Does Jolivet Have Any Siblings?

As previously stated, Jolivet, the eldest child in her family, is the mother of Canadian actor Finn. She has a loving and supportive younger brother named Timothy Jolivet if you believe the online tabloids. Furthermore, no additional information is currently available.

Some reports, however, assert that he was born in the late 1940s and attended the same university as the celebrity mother. Whatever the facts, it is clear that the sister and brother spent their formative years together.

Eric Wolfhard: Mary Jolivet’s Mate

Eric Wolfhard, a historian, and physician by profession is the spouse of Mary Jolivet, a well-known mother. Along with co-founding VLW Research, he has a background in native land issues. He is a wonderful father and husband, too.

Mary Jolivet and her long-term husband Eric Wolfhard
Mary Jolivet and her long-term husband Eric Wolfhard (Image Source: Familytron)

In the middle of the 1990s, Jolivet and her cherished husband exchanged wedding vows, to elaborate on their union. Their family, close relatives, and friends were present for the ceremony, which was held in private.

For more information, the couple has been stress-free in their marriage for more than three decades. They haven’t been the targets of rumors throughout their relationship that lead us to believe they have an endless amount of love for one another.

The Happy Couple Has Two Children Together

Eric and Jolivet are proud parents to two children. Nick Wolfhard and Finn Wolfhard, their two sons, are a blessing. On October 21, 1997, a few years after getting married, the couple gave birth to their first son, Nick.

The celebrity mother and her adored spouse welcomed their second son, Finn, on December 23, 2002, more than five years later. In addition, their two sons get along well. They both pursued the same path and are currently employed in the same profession, which is acting.

Jolivet Is Well-Known As Finn’s Mother

As is already common knowledge, Mary Jolivet’s second child, Finn Wolfhard, is the reason for her notoriety. Since 2012, he has been working as a musician and actor in Canada.

Early Picture of Mary Jolivet's children Nick Wolfhard and Finn Wolfhard
Early Picture of Mary Jolivet’s children Nick Wolfhard and Finn Wolfhard (Image Source: Instagram @finnwolfhardofficial)

For a while, the actor made appearances in music videos to launch his career. He then began appearing in small-screen TV shows and motion pictures. After playing a distinctive role in Stranger Things, he achieved success as an actor in 2017.

Canadians have since praised his noteworthy acting. His performances in It, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, and How It Ends have made him well-known. In addition, the actor is a voice actor. In Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio, he provided the voice of Candlewick.

Jolivet’s Firstborn: Nick Wolfhard

As a voice actor, Nick is best known for playing the title character in the Netflix animated series The Last Kids on Earth. He is also well-known for lending his voice to the films New-Gen, The Encounter, and The InBetween.

Additionally, he enjoys anime, so Danny in Under Wraps and Yugo Nansui in Beyblade both benefit from his charming voice. He is without a doubt among the best voice actors in Canada.

Did You Know? Firstborn Nick Jolivet made the decision to become a cartoon character when he was only four years old. In addition, he occasionally acts and has taken on a variety of roles.

How Much Money Does Mary Jolivet Have?

Jolivet has little professional experience, so it’s safe to say that she hasn’t amassed as much wealth as her son Finn. With a few years of work and some short-term business, she might have amassed a significant net worth. Her current net worth is uncertain, though.

Canadian Actor Finn Wolfhard playing guitar during a live performance
Canadian Actor Finn Wolfhard playing guitar during a live performance (Image Source: Instagram @finnwolfhardofficial)

However, we can assure you that she enjoys a luxurious lifestyle thanks to the fortune her famous son has amassed through his acting and music careers. Finn Wolfhard has a sizable $4 million in his bank account. He is one of the youngest millionaires among Canadian actors, according to the report.

Body Measurements: Height & Weight 

Jolivet has taken care to keep a healthy, fit body. She looks young despite being very old. People now adore her attractive face and endearing smile. She hasn’t had any tattoos, either.

It’s not available right now in terms of her height and weight. She hasn’t yet revealed her body measurements because she likes a quiet life. She appears to be taller and more slender than she actually is.

Her Social Media Presence 

Mary Jolivet does not regularly share details of her personal life on social networking sites, despite being a famous mother. She consequently doesn’t use Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. She does have a number of fan pages, though.

Her famous child Finn, on the other hand, has a sizable social media fan base. His Twitter handle, @finnwolfhard, has more than 186 K followers, whereas his Instagram account, @finnwolfhardofficial, has more than 26 M followers.

FAQ Of Mary Jolivet

Q: Who is Mary Jolivet?

A: Mary Jolivet is the mother of Canadian actor Finn Wolfhard, best known for his role in the Netflix series Stranger Things.

Q: When and where was Mary Jolivet born?

A: Mary Jolivet was born in Vancouver, Canada in the late 1930s.

Q: What is Mary Jolivet’s profession?

A: Mary Jolivet worked as an assistant to her husband and for the children’s clothing company Dormouse Design. She is currently focused on raising her children and managing her household.

Q: Who is Mary Jolivet’s husband?

A: Mary Jolivet’s husband is Eric Wolfhard, a historian and physician.

Q: Does Mary Jolivet have any siblings?

A: Mary Jolivet has one younger brother named Timothy Jolivet.

Q: How many children does Mary Jolivet have?

A: Mary Jolivet has two children with her husband Eric Wolfhard: Nick and Finn Wolfhard.

Q: What is Finn Wolfhard known for?

A: Finn Wolfhard is best known for his role as Mike Wheeler in the Netflix series Stranger Things, as well as his work as a musician and voice actor.

Q: What is Nick Wolfhard known for?

A: Nick Wolfhard is a voice actor, best known for his role as the title character in the Netflix animated series The Last Kids on Earth.

Q: Is Mary Jolivet active on social media?

A: Yes, Mary Jolivet has an Instagram account with the username @mbjolivet1.

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