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Following the March 2020 premiere of the Hulu drama series Little Fires Everywhere, Lexi Underwood—a somewhat new face—has been able to capture the interest of many viewers. Lexi’s portrayal of Pearl Warren, Kerry Washington’s teenage daughter, has earned her widespread praise.

Her acting abilities have now sparked a number of questions, not the least of which is the fact that many people are curious about her parents and the family she was raised. Continue reading to learn more about her family history, parents, and other details.

Lexi’s Parents Are Her Biggest Supporters:

Alex Underwood and Stephanie Black are Lexi Underwood’s parents. Stephanie and Alex maintain a relatively low profile, in contrast to their daughter. However, they have consistently been Lexi’s supporters. In actuality, the actress spent the majority of the early years of her performing career with her parents. In order for Underwood to pursue her career, her parents even consented to have her relocate from Washington, DC, to the west coast.

Little Fires Everywhere actress Lexi Underwood with her father, Alex Underwood, and mother Stephanie Black
Little Fires Everywhere actress Lexi Underwood with her father, Alex Underwood, and mother Stephanie Black

Lexi had just finished her 2015 theatrical tour of The Lion King when she was just twelve years old. Soon after, she asked her parents to leave their home in Washington, DC, and move to Los Angeles with her. Although Underwood’s parents initially agreed to a three-month relocation, they eventually decided to settle in Los Angeles for several years. Even though she was 12 years old and had big dreams, Lexi says she is incredibly grateful that her parents actually paid attention to her.

Lexi Underwood’s Mother Motivated Her To Do Acting:

Additionally, Lexi’s mother was a major motivator for her daughter to attend the Little Fires Everywhere auditions for the role of Pearl Warren. In a March 2020 interview with Airmail, Underwood recalled how, the day before her audition, she had almost given up acting. But the person who gave her the drive to keep going was her mother, Stephanie.

The First Lady actress Lexi Underwood with her mother Stephanie Black
Sneakerella actress Lexi Underwood with her mother Stephanie Black (Image Source: Facebook)

Lexi claims that her mother told her,

You were incredibly eager to try out for Little Fires. Just get started and give it your all. And it’s totally fine if you don’t get it and still want to go home. But, at the very least, go there and show off your skills.

It might be said that Stephanie’s words of support were just what Lexi needed to get the part in Little Fires Everywhere.

Lexi’s Father Is A Senior Compliance Officer

Alex Underwood, Lexi’s father, attended the University of Virginia and graduated from Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School. According to reports, Alex was born in Boston, Massachusetts. It appears that Alex and his wife Stephanie have returned to Washington, DC.

Thus, Alex, Lexi’s father, is currently employed by the Office of Labor Standards in Washington, DC, as a senior compliance officer. According to his LinkedIn profile, he oversees all citywide building projects paid for with public money in order to uphold and advertise the District’s First Source Law.

Lexi Underwood's parents Stephanie Black and Alex Underwood
Alex Underwood with his wife Lexi Underwood (Image Source: Facebook)

Alex Underwood has held positions such as commissioner, treasurer, national program coordinator, sports marketing coordinator, and event specialist in the past. The mother of Lexi is said to be the daughter of James William Black and Graphelia Smith, though little is known about her occupation. The former is a professional golfer who was born in North Carolina. According to reports, Stephanie is largely in charge of her daughter’s acting career.

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