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The second oldest child of American country music star Jason Aldean and his wife Jessica Aldean is Kendyl Williams. Her father joined Broken Bow Records in 2005 and has since put out ten albums and forty singles. After releasing the albums Night Train and Kinda Party, Jason gained notoriety. The Recording Industry Association has also awarded the songs double-platinum and quadruple-platinum certifications.

Furthermore, did you know that Kendyl’s parents divorced after a protracted union? So, did they end their feud? Or do they now live their lives with their new love? The focus of today’s article is Kendyl and her home life. The personal details of Jason’s daughter, including her age, Instagram, academic standing, boyfriend, and many other things, are also covered in this article. Keep checking to learn more specific details!

Kendyl Williams Is a Teenager

Jessica Ann Ussery and Jason Aldean welcomed her into the world on August 20, 2007, in the United States. In 2023, she will be 16 years old. Debbie Aldean and Barry Aldean’s granddaughter is named Kendyl. They are the parents of Jason, her father. Her mother, though, hasn’t revealed any information about her parents.

Early Picture Of Kendyl Williams
Early Picture Of Kendyl Williams

In addition, Kendyl is a private person who has kept the details of her early life to herself, just like her mother. But on their special days, her father enjoys spotlighting his children. In 2021, on Kendyl’s 14th birthday, Jason shared several images of his daughter on Instagram. In the caption, he wrote:

“The sweetest child I have ever known turns 14 today. Being your father and seeing you develop today has been a blessing. I am incredibly happy for you. Cheers, Kendyl. We adore you utterly.”

Unfortunately, nothing is known about her education. When the time comes, the country singer will probably make an announcement for Kendyl similar to the one her father made for her sister’s graduation.

Kendyl Has One Biological Sister

One biological, two half, and two step-siblings exist for Kendyl. Her own older sister Keeley Williams was born on February 14, 2003. She plays volleyball as well. She shares two stepsisters with her stepfather Jake Marlin. The first, Josie Marlin, was born on December 18, 2009, and the second is unidentified.

Kendyl Williams, her father Jason Aldean, and her siblings
Kendyl Williams, her father Jason Aldean, and her siblings

Kendyl is also Navy Rome Williams‘ and Memphis Aldean‘s older half-sister. Memphis and Navy were born on December 1, 2017, and February 4, 2019, respectively. Additionally, IVF was used by Jason and his wife Brittany Kerr to create both their children. Additionally, the celebrity wife discussed the procedure with the Babies and Babies podcast.

She stated: “The procedure took the longest. It was such a roller coaster, and I ultimately developed endometriosis as a result of it all. “Finally, after trying for a year and a half.”

Kendyl’s Parents Were Childhood Lovers

Jessica, Kendyl’s mother, was Jason’s high school sweetheart and his first wife. The singer-songwriter revealed it to US Weekly. He said:

I’ve been dating Jessica since we were teenagers.

The former couple married on August 4, 2001, in Macon, Georgia’s Bibb County, after dating for several years. After almost 12 years of marriage, they made the decision to divorce.

Cause Of Former Couple’s Divorce:

On September 30, 2012, a year before Kendyl’s parents divorced, Jason made headlines for kissing Brittany, a former American Idol contestant who would later become his wife.

Kendyl Williams' father Jason Aldean and her mother Jessica Aldean
Kendyl Williams’ father Jason Aldean and her mother Jessica Aldean

According to Jason’s representative, Kendyl’s parents were already dealing with some personal issues prior to the kissing scandal. On April 26, 2013, Kendyl’s mother traveled to Tennessee to begin the divorce process. Irreconcilable differences were listed as the cause of the divorce in the document that TMZ received.

Kendyl’s Parents Have Moved On? Both Are Enjoying Their Current Married Life:

After they broke up, her dad began dating the woman the musician had kissed at the bar. Brittany and her now-husband Jason married on March 21, 2015, after dating for about two years.

Jason Aldean and his current wife Brittany Kerr
Jason Aldean and his current wife Brittany Kerr

Her mother, on the other hand, has also embarked on a new romantic adventure. She is married to Jake Marlin, an electrical lineworker. The couple exchanged vows on October 17, 2015.

Is Kendyl Williams dating?

As of 2023, Kendyl is not dating anyone. She still isn’t old enough to date. The 15-year-old star child may, however, be more concerned with her studies than with having a romantic relationship. Jason also makes an effort to shield his children from the prying eyes of the media. This has made learning about Kendyl’s personal life even more difficult.

Kendyl Lives With Both Of Her Parents

Kendyl spends time with both of her parents even though they are no longer married. Her father has also declared that his daughter will always come first in everything he does. Jason’s Instagram has also seen it. We could see that the singer’s kids are growing up well and leading a high-quality lifestyle by scrolling through his social media accounts.

Kendyl Williams and her father Jason Aldean
Kendyl Williams and her father Jason Aldean

Her Father Is A Millionaire?

Her father has worked in the music business for more than four decades and earns a respectable income. Jason’s net worth is projected to be $80 million as of 2023. She’s Country, Big Green Tractor, Dirt Road Anthem, and Hicktown are some of his most well-known country songs.

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