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In late 2022, Hollywood performer Jordana Brewster had a blissful year as she joyfully elevated her relationship status by marrying her long-time partner, Mason Morfit. The actress shared her wedding photos on her official Instagram page to announce the happy news.

The 5-foot-7-inch (170 cm)-tall Jordana is well-known among fans and critics for playing Mia Toretto in the 2001 action movie The Fast and the Furious, in which she shared the screen with the late Paul Walker. Her husband, Morfit, works in a different field than Brewster.

Jordana and Mason’s second union is about to succeed. They have developed into a beloved married couple. Please enjoy Brewster and her loved one’s private wedding. Additionally, you can explore the information below about Mason’s past, career, and net worth.

Mason holds the position of CEO at ValueAct Capital

Mason Morfit (MM), a prominent figure in the business world and a successful entrepreneur, was born on September 28, 1977. The chief executive and chief investment officer of the investment firm ValueAct Capital is Morfit.

Mason Morfit and his wife Jordana Brewster
Mason Morfit and his wife Jordana Brewster (Image Source: Instagram @jordanabrewster)

At Princeton University, Mason earned a Bachelor of Arts (BS) in Political Economy in 1997. Morfit served on Microsoft Corporation’s board of directors. Morfit makes an impressive amount of money as the CEO of the billion-dollar business.

His exact net worth has not been made public. Mason, however, reportedly owns more than $60 million. According to Glassdoor, the CEO should earn an average salary of $180,675 per year.

Mason Morfit enjoys an estimated net worth of $60 million.
Mason Morfit Is A Millionaire (Image Source: Linkedin)

Morfit prefers to remain in the public eye. Mason is not as active on social media as Jordana is. His private Instagram account has more than 300 subscribers. He does, though, frequently appear in his wife’s social media posts.

A mutual friend acted as a matchmaker; But Who?

After splitting from her ex-partner, Dallas actress Jordana finds her true love. Four days after parting ways with Andrew, she said, “I was on a plane to San Francisco to visit this man [Mason], whom I had met only once but who had stayed on my mind.”

In 2020, the businessman Mason and the Secrets and Lies actress Jordana had their first encounter over lunch in Park City. In the VOGUE interview, she recalled how they first met, recalling that there were “about fifteen people at lunch in Park City,” but they remained silent. Maxi Boyer, a friend of Brewster and Morfit, made the introduction.

Kissing Picture Of Mason Morfit and his wife Jordana Brewster
Kissing Picture Of Mason Morfit and his wife Jordana Brewster (Image Source: Instagram @jordanabrewster)

Later, while still cohabitating with their respective partners, Morfit and Brewster began to follow one another on Instagram. The Teen Choice Award-winning actress Jordana, who is in a relationship, thinks Mason is very witty and charming and has a similar upbringing.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jordana and Mason started dating right away. In May 2020, the couple began their romantic relationship. Brewster posted the PDA-heavy photo with the hashtag signboard,

[#YOU CAN’T QUARANTINE LOVE] to wish Morfit a happy first anniversary, writing, “Definitely not. “Happy anniversary to my life partner!”

The Couple’s wedding took place in the autumn

The businessman Mason proposed to his beloved partner Jordana with an engagement ring in September 2021 after a year-long romantic relationship. On Instagram, Brewster wrote, “JB soon to be JBM,” alongside a photo of her diamond engagement ring. The soon-to-wed couple received many congratulations from fans in the comment section.

Wedding Picture of Mason Morfit and Jordana Brewster
Wedding Picture of Mason Morfit and Jordana Brewster (Image Source: Instagram @jordanabrewster)

Without wasting any time, Jordana and Mason made the decision to get married a year later, on September 3, 2022. In Carpinteria, California’s Villa Sevillano, this couple exchanged vows. Jordana, the bride, looked lovely on her wedding day in her strapless dress with its long veil. Mason, the groom, also attended the ceremony while dressed in a black tux.

What About Duo’s Previous Married Life?

Jordana and Mason had already had a failed marriage, as previously stated before they began their romantic relationship. Before Jordana, CEO Morfit was married to Anna-Mieke Ortiz.

In September 2004, Anna-Mieke and Mason got married. Four children were born to them as a result of the marriage. However, the couple divided their marriage as a result of disagreements within themselves.

On the other hand, Jordana was involved in a public relationship with film producer Andrew Form. On the set of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, the ex-couple first met.

Jordana Brewster welcomed two sons, Julian and Rowan
Jordana Brewster welcomed two sons, Julian and Rowan (Image Source: Instagram @jordanabrewster)

When Andrew proposed to Jordana with an engagement ring on November 4, 2006, the relationship that had grown during the shoot took a new direction. They later got hitched in the Bahamas on May 6, 2007.

Through surrogacy, Jordana and Andrew brought two sons into the world from their marriage: Julian Brewster Form (born in September 2013) and Rowan Brewster Form (born in June 2016). The Forms raised their children together, and everything was going well. On July 1, 2020, she filed for divorce. They divorced in June 2021.

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