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Elijah Alexander Knox is the son of two renowned celebrities, Flex Alexander and Shanice. His father, Flex, has established himself as an actor with notable appearances in movies such as Snakes on a Plane and Lawd Have Mercy. Meanwhile, Elijah’s mother, Shanice, is a Grammy-nominated singer recognized for her hit songs like When I Close My Eyes and I Love Your Smile.

Flex and Shanice, the parents of Elijah, have also collaborated on the television program One on One. While Elijah’s mother made a guest appearance in one episode, his father was a regular cast member. Elijah has a sister named Imani Shekinah Knox, making him the parents’ youngest child. The estimated net worths of Flex and Shanice are $5 million and $250,000.

Relationship Status: Elijah Is Single

Elijah Alexander Knox is currently single, so he doesn’t have any girls in his life. The least of his worries is getting into a relationship because it hasn’t been long since he turned eighteen.

Elijah Alexander Knox is wearing the purple graduation hat.
Elijah Alexander Knox’s graduation photo (Source: Shanice Instagram @shaniceonline)

Elijah, Flex’s son, is currently totally focused on his life, family, and friends. He leads a quiet life and hasn’t shared many personal details. It’s difficult to learn about his life because his parents hardly ever post about him on social media.

Elijah’s Parents, Flex & Shanice Are Wealthy

Elijah Alexander Knox is too young to be employed at the moment. Therefore, we will concentrate on his parents’ wealth instead. The estimated net worth of Flex Alexander, his father, is $5 million. The estimated net worth of Shanice, his mother, is $250,000.

Acting is Flex’s main source of income, and Snakes on a Plane, which he starred in, earned $34 million at the box office. His weekly salary for the well-liked program One on One was $25,000 as well.

Shanice, Elijah’s mother, earns money by singing. I Love Your Smile, which has received over 68 Million streams on Spotify, is her most streamed song. Additionally, When I Close My Eyes, which has received over 1.7 Million views on YouTube, is her most popular music video.

Elijah’s Parents Have An Interesting Love Story

Elijah’s mother Shanice and father Flex Alexander have been happily married for a very long time. On February 19, 2000, the couple entered the church. They only further demonstrate how sincere their love is by remaining together after losing all of their money.

Both Flex Alexander and Shanice are wearing all white in the picture.
Elijah Alexander Knox’s parents, Flex Alexander and Shanice (Source: Flex Alexander Instagram @flexaforeal)

The tale of how Flex and Shanice first met is really charming. They both resided in the same San Fernando Valley building, and one day they happened to need the elevator at the same time. Even though it was Flex and Shanice’s first time meeting, they were both aware of the other’s celebrity status. They first conversed in this manner, and soon the two fell in love.

Elijah’s Parents Once Suffered A Financial Crisis

If the real estate market hadn’t crashed in the 2010s, Elijah’s parents would have been considerably wealthier. Because of this, Flex and Shanice nearly went bankrupt. According to Page Six, Flex and Shanice had purchased numerous properties as long-term investments, but the market collapse rendered them destitute. The article also claims that the whole family was ejected from their LA residence.

The two people who raised Elijah have supported each other through their marriage. Together, they have experienced all the highs and lows. Of course, having to leave their home because they had no other options due to a lack of money was the worst experience of their lives. Flex and Shanice, however, never lost their affection for one another. Flex once even got a loan from a friend for $350 to help him celebrate his wedding anniversary with Shanice.

He Is The Youngest Child

Flex, an actor on One on One, and his wife Shanice had already become parents before Elijah Alexander Knox was born. Imani Shekinah Knox is the name of the daughter they had before he was born. Imani, Elijah’s sister, is roughly three years older than he is. On August 23, 2001, she was born. She is a singer and songwriter, so she has followed in the footsteps of her mother.

Elijah Alexander Knox, Flex Alexander, Shanice, and Imani Shekinah Knox are posing for the picture in all white.
Elijah Alexander Knox with his family, Flex Alexander, Shanice, and Imani Shekinah Knox (Source: Shanice Instagram @shaniceonline)

Imani isn’t as well-known as Shanice, but that’s mainly because she’s only recently started. At the time of this writing, she only has the song At Your Best (You Are Love) on Spotify. In addition, Imani only performs a ton of cover songs on TikTok. Her mother enjoys using Instagram to advertise her work.

Elijah Is Trying To Make A Career In Music

Like his sister Imani, Elijah Alexander Knox aspires to a career in music. Due to the fact that Shanice is a professional singer, she had a significant impact on these two. His online alias is Lenci4thenight.

Like his older sister Imani, Elijah is a newcomer to the music business. He has so far only made the song “Luv vs. Lust” available. He also wrote and produced the song “Looking For The Light.” Elijah is currently working on his debut album, which is titled Nycto Boy. He is an artist to keep an eye on.

Flex Was Previously Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Flex, Elijah’s father, ran into trouble many years ago when a sexual harassment claim surfaced. The unnamed woman claimed that the Snakes on a Plane actor terminated her contract because she refused to engage in sexual activity with him.

The Hills Have Eyes 2 actor Flex was charged with theft for a total of $2.2 million. According to Sitscomsonline, he made offensive remarks about the accuser’s boyfriend and made an attempt to kiss the woman. We are attempting to determine what took place in the case.

Elijah’s Father Infamous Michael Jackson Role

Flex Alexander has been making a living as an actor for many years. Although many people admired his work, he has still been pursued by one thing. That is his infamous character Michael Jackson.

In the biopic Man In The Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story, Elijah’s father portrayed the pop king. People had a problem with the casting because he didn’t resemble Michael Jackson. He still receives teasing for it even though it was a disaster.

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