Finley Elaine Griffin

Finley Elaine Griffin is the second child of Blake Griffin, a prominent American basketball player, and his ex-fiancee, Brynn Cameron. Finley Elaine’s life attracted national attention because of her involvement with a professional basketball player.

Blake Griffin, the American NBA star, is no stranger to the press, from his days as a basketball player to his suspected connection with model and social media celebrity Kendall Jenner. Blake was also in the headlines because he was involved in a court battle with his ex-fiancee for neglecting to care for his children.

Summary of Finley Elaine Griffin’s Biography

  • Full name: Finley Elaine Griffin
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: September 26, 2019
  • Finley Elaine Griffin is 6 years old.
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Finley Elaine Griffin’s Parents: Blake Griffin (Father), Brynn Cameron (Mother)
  • Siblings: Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin (brother) and Cole Cameron Leinart (half-brother)
  • Famous for: being the daughter of NBA star Blake Griffin

Who is Finley Elaine Griffin?

On September 26, 2019, Finley Elaine Griffin was born into her parents’ lives. She presently leads a life in which few details about her, including her precise birthplace, are known. Saying that she was born in Los Angeles, California—where her father was playing professionally at the time—will not be such a wild guess, though.

Finley Elaine is a citizen of the United States and is of mixed ancestry. Because her mother is of the white Caucasian ethnic group, we can easily determine her ethnic heritage. Finley’s father has a more diverse genealogy than her mother because her paternal grandmother is white and Finley’s paternal grandpa is Afro-Haitian.

Finley presently resides in a mansion near Manhattan Beach in the South Bay community with her mother and two older siblings, despite having a strong connection with her father.

Finley Elaine Griffin’s mother is a former athlete.

The mother of Finley Elaine Griffin, who used to play basketball like her father but quit after college, showers her with love, support, and care. Finley’s mother, Brynn Elaine Cameron, was born in California on July 8, 1986. She is the child of Stan and Cathy Cameron.

She was born and raised in California, where she attended Newbury Park High School and excelled in athletics, especially basketball. She has two brothers and a sister. Before she graduated from high school in 2004, she was a pillar of the basketball squad. Brynn Cameron maintained her sports career after being accepted to the University of Southern California to study sociology.

Finley Elaine Griffin along with his mother
Finley Elaine Griffin along with his mother

She later joined her collegiate basketball team, the USC Trojans. By the time she finished, she had amassed such outstanding numbers during her time as a freshman that she was among the top scorers in school history. Her collegiate basketball career, however, was cut short by a hip injury, and when she graduated, she worked as an interior decorator and sports marketer.

Blake Griffin, her ex-fiance and Finley’s father, asked her to leave her regular job and assume the duties of a housewife. Few people are certain of Brynn Cameron’s current occupation since the two split up.

Finley’s father, Blake Griffin, is a well-known NBA star.

Blake Griffin, Finley’s father, has been discussed and written about extensively. It is also a well-known narrative how he rose to become one of the best players in the NBA, winning six All-Star games and the 2011 Rookie of the Year title. On March 16, 1989, he was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Blake Griffin, the younger of Tommy and Gail Griffin’s two children, attended Oklahoma Christian School when his father served as the team’s head coach, and the two of them shared two state championship victories in basketball. He continued on to the University of Oklahoma, where his outstanding performance led to the LA Clippers selecting him in 2009.

Blake inked a contract with the Brooklyn Nets in March 2021 and has since played for the Detroit Pistons and is presently producing weekly performances for them.

It’s not clear when her parents started dating.

According to some accounts, the ex-couple started dating in 2009, but according to other stories, Blake Griffin and Brynn Cameron started dating in 2012 after meeting at an NBA conference.

Whichever the case, Finley’s parents lived together after moving in together in 2012 for at least five years. Before abruptly breaking up, they even had two children together and were legally engaged.

Finley and Elaine’s Parents Called Off Their Wedding Over Prenuptial Disagreements

Finley Elaine Griffin parents
Finley Elaine Griffin parents

Finley’s parents looked to be getting along well as they neared their originally scheduled wedding day of July 26, 2017. Suddenly, rumors spread that Blake had canceled the wedding—and he hadn’t simply canceled it; he had done it one week before the wedding ceremony. At first, it appeared to be a fairy tale, but the rumors turned out to be true.

The provisions of a prenuptial agreement that Cameron made Blake Griffin sign before the wedding could start were revealed to be the motivation behind Blake Griffin’s decision to go through with what appeared to be an extreme measure. He clearly declined, since he believed it went against their 2013 verbal agreement, when he persuaded Brynn to leave her work and take care of their house.

Finley’s Parents Headed to Court Over Palimony

Palimony, which is somewhat akin to alimony but not quite, is the financial assistance given by a man to a partner with whom he had a child in the case of a split, particularly if the pair cohabited. Blake Griffin was sued by Finley’s mother, Brynn Cameron, in 2018 for breaching the conditions of their 2013 verbal agreement.

Some people believe that Brynn brought up the legal matter as retaliation against Blake for appearing to move on so quickly following their separation since Blake looked to be dating model and social media sensation Kendall Jenner. Though Brynn had claimed that Blake had abandoned his family, her conduct was intended to make him answerable for his deeds.

Photo of Finley Elaine Griffin parents
Photo of Finley Elaine Griffin parents

Following the separation, Cameron alleged that the NBA star had abandoned her and her three children, and at the conclusion of the court process, Blake was forced to pay Cameron $32k per month and relinquish the Manhattan Beach property. In 2018, Blake fought against these accusations, but he eventually caved and fulfilled the terms of their agreement. Finley and her siblings are split between Finley’s parents.

She is still mostly cared for by her mother, and the three of them reside in the Manhattan home that her father has now given them in the South Bay Community. With Finley’s siblings and parents, a friendly relationship has been maintained. Even though it can seem like they disagree on a lot of things, their trip to Disneyland in September 2019 to celebrate Finley’s third birthday shows that they do, in fact, share the same passion for Finley.

Finley Elaine Griffin Has Two Siblings

Photo of Finley Elaine Griffin parents
Photo of Finley Elaine Griffin along with parents and siblings

At the time, Finley Elaine Griffin was the youngest person in her family. Her parents were married for three years before she was even born. Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin is her elder brother and is more than three years older than Finley. He was born on August 1, 2013.

Ford, 9, attends a highly regarded private school and presently resides in Manhattan with Finley, their mother, and the rest of the family. Before her relationship with Blake Griffin started, Finley’s mother was already a mother. She dated NFL quarterback Matt Leinhart, so she obviously has a thing for athletes. When the couple split up, Finley’s mother was reportedly expecting her oldest child, according to sources.

Cole Cameron Leinhart, a male, was the name of the kid that was born years later. They live in the Manhattan house with Finley, Ford, and their mother, Cole, who was born on October 24, 2006.

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