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Eliyanah Monroe is the offspring of entrepreneur Sanela Diana Jenkins, who is renowned for her appearance on the reality show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” and singer Asher Monroe. Sanela Diana Jenkins has an estimated net worth of $300 million, while Asher Monroe’s estimated net worth is $1 million.

Eliyanah will soon have a sister because Diana and Asher are currently on the verge of giving birth to another child. She does, however, already have half-siblings from her mother’s first union with Roger Jenkins. They are Innis Jenkins and Eneya Jenkins.

The Tale of How Eliyanah’s Parents Fell in Love

The parents of Eliyanah Monroe, Sanela Diana Jenkins, and Asher Monroe are currently engaged but have not yet exchanged wedding vows. The two first met at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2010. Eliyanah’s mother is 15 years older than her partner, and Asher is the younger person in the relationship.

Eliyanah Monroe is lying in bed with Sanela Diana Jenkins and Asher Monroe.
Eliyanah Monroe with her parents, Sanela Diana Jenkins and Asher Monroe (Source: Sanela Diana Jenkins Instagram @sdjneuro)

However, Diana and Asher’s love hasn’t been impacted by their age difference in any way. The two are actively expressing their love for one another on social media as their relationship grows older and stronger. Eliyanah’s mother is the primary provider for the family and, according to her father, she serves as an example for him.

Eliyanah’s Parents Are A Millionaires

Since Eliyanah Monroe is still a toddler, let’s focus on her parents’ wealth instead. The family’s wealthiest member is her mother, Sanela Diana Jenkins, who is thought to be worth $300 million. Asher Monroe, the father, is thought to be worth $1 million.

Diana is an entrepreneur, and Neuro Brands is her most lucrative venture. It is a highly successful company that creates nutritional products. The most lucrative division, Neuro Drinks, generates an average of $80 million in revenue each year.

Asher, the father of Eliyanah, is a singer and an actor. With more than 2.5 million streams, “Here With You” is his most streamed song on Spotify. On YouTube, the song has received over 5 million views.

What Are Eliyanah’s Half-Siblings’ Names?

Eliyanah, Diana’s daughter, already has other half-siblings and will soon have a biological sister. Innis Jenkins, a half-brother, and Eneya Jenkins, a half-sister, are her siblings. They are Diana’s offspring from her first union with Roger Jenkins.

Innis Jenkins is holding Eliyanah Monroe and Eneya Jenkins is holding the dog as they pose for picture.
Eliyanah Monroe with her pet dog and half-siblings, Innis Jenkins and Eneya Jenkins (Source: Sanela Diana Jenkins Instagram @sdjneuro)

Fortunately, Diana, Innis, and Eneya have a good relationship. Innis maintains a private life and avoids speaking to the press. Eneya Jenkins, however, is active on social media and has a page on Instagram. In the past, she shared a photo of herself and her sister, Eliyanah.

The occupation of Eliyanah’s half-sister, Eneya, is unknown, but she enjoys writing and has published a book in the past titled One Orange for Infinity Roses. A boy and a girl who lived through the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina are the subjects of this love story. Her mother Diana, a Bosnian War survivor herself, serves as a loose basis for the plot.

Eliyanah Will Have a Biological Sister Soon

At the time of writing, Eliyanah is soon to become a sister. Her parents are having a second daughter. Diana and Asher first revealed the news of a second child in December 2022. Additionally, her mother took a break from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after being advised to do so by her doctor due to the high risk of the pregnancy.

Due to the tragedy that occurred last time, Diana is taking extra precautions with this pregnancy. Due to a previous miscarriage suffered by her mother, Eliyanah previously lost a sibling. Only five months after giving birth to Eliyanah, her mother became pregnant. When she learned this, her baby had already passed away in the womb. According to Page Six, she had to give birth to the child in order to prevent any kind of infection.

Eliyanah Loves Playing With Her Dog

Since Eliyanah Monroe is only two years old, she is not currently concerned about work or school. She can have all the fun and perhaps occasionally irritate her parents. We can discover a little bit about her interests through her mother Diana Instagram, who frequently posts about her.

Eliyanah Monroe is looking at the camera as she is hitting the keys of the piano.
Eliyanah Monroe playing the piano (Source: Sanela Diana Jenkins Instagram @sdjneuro)

Eliyanah enjoys playing with her dog Pearl, playing the piano (even though she is unable to), bowling, going to the beach with her parents and generally having a good time. She ensures that her home is never quiet and also brings her parents a lot of happiness.

She Has A Dog Named Pearl

Diana and Asher show a lot of affection to many people in the house, not just Eliyanah Monroe. She enjoys spending time with Pearl, the dog that belongs to her parents as well.

Pearl is sitting in a mini cart as Eliyanah Monroe is holding it.
Eliyanah Monroe with her pet dog, Pearl (Source: Sanela Diana Jenkins Instagram @sdjneuro)

Pearl plays a significant role in the family and is close to Eliyanah. She can just spend time with her dog, and they enjoy each other’s company when her parents are busy at work. Diana’s Instagram page is filled with pictures of them having a good time.

Eliyanah’s Father Caused Trouble In His Marriage; But How?

Since they started dating, Eliyanah’s parents have been deeply in love and have always been complimentary of one another. But rumors of their relationship disintegrating first surfaced when Asher repeatedly liked tweets disparaging his partner.

It was discovered that Eliyanah’s father had liked tweets that referred to Diana as a bad person and boring. Another person claimed that Asher was only with her for his own gain. The truth came out before the story could get any bigger. His social media manager was responsible for this nefarious act, according to Page Six, who mentioned this in their article. All of these tweets had been liked by him.

Eliyanah’s Parents’ Career:

Asher Monroe and Sanela Diana Jenkins are both well-known figures. Her mother is an entrepreneur and a TV personality, while her father is a musician. In his line of work as a singer, Asher is known for songs like Here With You, Every Night, and Memory ft.

Additionally, Asher was a member of the band V Factory. He has also directed a short film called “Book of Love” and done some acting work for programs like “Parenthood” and “The Mentalist.”

Diana, Eliyanah’s mother, is a prosperous businesswoman who made her television debut on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Sadly, Eliyanah’s mother is one of the least popular actors on the show, and many viewers dislike her for being unfunny and uninteresting.

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