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Kathy Ambush gained recognition as the former spouse of American Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, with whom she had a son named Jamal Adeen Thomas. The couple had a happy married life for over ten years before eventually deciding to end their relationship.

So what led to their divorce, and why? What is she currently doing? Has she, like her husband, Clarence, remarried? We’re going to find out today what Kathy Ambush is doing and where she is. So let’s get started without further ado!

She Is One Of The Five Children

On June 6th, 1950, Kathy Grace Ambush was born in Worcester, Massachusetts. She is one of the late Nelson William Ambush‘s five children with Shigao Gladys Sato.

Kathy Ambush’s father Nelson William Ambush
Kathy Ambush’s father Nelson William Ambush (Image Source: MercadanteFuneral)

Her father was a well-known dental technician working in Worchester, Massachusetts, who passed away in 2012. He had wed Shigao back in 1941, and they remained together until 1984. Sadly, Kathy’s mother passed away in 1984.

Has Four Biological Siblings

Kathy lived in a sizable family while growing up. She shares her life with two brothers, Reverend Stephen Ambush and Benjamin, and two sisters, Karen Thande and June Ambush, making a total of four siblings.

After the passing of her mother, her late father Nelson married, Mary Estelle. As a result, Kathy has two step-siblings, Valerie Wilson and Sydney Schuyler.

Kathy Has a Diploma; She Is Educated

Many people didn’t really care about a college degree when Kathy was still young. However, her father, Nelson, was very strict about his children’s education. Perhaps this explains why all five of his children have college degrees.

Speaking of Kathy, she received her diploma from Worcester’s Marian Central Catholic High School. She first met Clarence, her ex-husband, while she was a student at the Catholic school. She then earned a Business Administration degree from Lincoln University.

Kathy & Clarence first crossed paths during their college days

It was back in 1969 when the couple met for the first time. They were introduced to one another by friends who they had in common. At the time, Kathy was enrolled in a women-only college while Clarence was attending the College of Holy Cross.

Kathy Ambush's ex-husband Clarence Thomas
Kathy Ambush’s ex-husband Clarence Thomas

After the meeting, the ex-couple began dating, and a week later, Clarence fell deeply in love with her. Before deciding to get married, the pair dated for about two years. The day after Clarence’s graduation, on June 5, 1971, they exchanged vows. The wedding ceremony was held at Worcester’s All Saints Episcopal Church.

(Fun fact: Thomas’ father Nelson gave Clarence $15 so that he could purchase his yearbook.)

Mother To One Beautiful Son

The couple relocated to New Haven, Connecticut right after their wedding so that Clarence could enroll in Yale Law School. On February 15th, 1973, Kathy gave birth to Jamal Adeen Thomas, their one and only child. He was born after two years of marriage.

Jamal Adeen Thomas Wife Children
Jamal Adeen Thomas, his wife Sakina Karima Paige, and his son (Image Source: Facebook)

Currently, their son works in the financial industry. He is currently working for John F. Van Der Hyde and Associates as the director of supervision. BB&T Scott and Stringfellow, Wells Fargo, and Wachovia Securities were among his prior employers. He currently shares a son with his wife, a lawyer named Sakina Karima Paige.

What caused Kathy & Clarence’s Divorce?

The former couple’s marriage began to fail after more than ten years of marriage. Clarence didn’t make much money working for Missouri Attorney General John Danforth‘s office, but he continued to do so because it helped him advance his career. But things were chaotic in his life away from work. He obtained a loan from the bank, but instead of providing for his family, he began going out for regular drinks with colleagues.

After some time, Clarence relocated his family to Washington. Unfortunately, he brought with him to the capital problems with his marriage, finances, and drinking. In the end, Kathy and Clarence’s marriage could not endure for very long, and they split up in 1981. In 1984, the divorce was legally finalized.

Kathy’s Pictures On Online Are Fake

If you search for Kathy online, you will be inundated with images of American attorney Anita Hall rather than Kathy. Just another instance of the tabloids’ poor internet research. Now that you’ve read our article, you definitely know how she really looks.

Kathy Ambush
Kathy Ambush

What Does She Do? Her Professional Details:

Kathy has kept a low profile ever since her divorce from Clarence. She currently works at Global Internet Entrepreneur while also volunteering. She was formerly employed by The Immigration Learning Center, Inc. She was also the director of Milton Academy’s Massachusetts Advanced Studies Program. Furthermore, at BankBoston, she holds the position of Community Relations Manager.

Is Kathy Ambush ReMarried? Her Current Martial Status:

When it comes to her personal life, Kathy is wed to Douglas Allen Smith. The couple currently resides in Richmond, Virginia. On the other hand, her ex-husband Clarence has also moved on and married Virginia Thomas, his second wife. In 1987, they got hitched.

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