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Tracy Marrow Jr. is well-known as the only child of the renowned American rapper Tracy Marrow, also known by the stage name Ice-T. In November 1991, Ice-T and his ex-girlfriend of seventeen years, Darlene Ortiz, gave birth to Tracy.

Marrow Jr. is also well known for something other than being a “star kid.” Are you able to identify that? Yes, Tracy has a successful music career, just like his father, who followed in his father’s footsteps to become a well-known rapper.

What about his love life besides his music career? In 2023, is Tracy romantically involved? The information you need about him, including information about his mother, siblings, and more, is provided below.

Tracy Marrow Jr. Is The Only Son Of Ice-T

23 November 1991 marked the birth of Tracy Jr. His birthday, which falls on November 23rd, will soon be, marks his third decade. Ice-T and his former long-term partner, Darlene Ortiz, are the rapper’s parents. Despite being together for over 17 years, the couple was never legally married.

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Tracy Marrow Jr and his father Tracy Marrow Sr aka Ice-T (Image Source:

Furthermore, this famous child was born with mixed racial heritage. From his father’s side, he comes from an African-American ancestry, while from his mother’s side, he is of African-American and Hispanic descent.

His Parents Never Married, But Why?

Almost everything about Ice-love T’s life is public knowledge. Before marrying Coco Austin in 2002, he was in two committed relationships. Before their breakup in 2001, Ice-T and Darlene Ortiz, Marrow Jr.’s mother, had been partners for 17 years. His parents were together for many years, but they never wed.

The reason behind Marrow Jr’s parent’s unsuccessful married life could be his father’s relationship with his current wife, Austin. Similarly, Ice-T had a romantic relationship with a woman named Adrienne before Ortiz. She is also the mother of LeTesha, his oldest child.

He Has Two Half-Siblings

Additionally, the young rapper has two half-sisters. According to reports, Tracy Marrow Sr’s oldest daughter is LeTesha Marrow. She is the result of his relationship with Adrienne. Similarly, Tracy Marrow Jr’s father, Ice-T, is now wed to his wife, Coco Austin, and has a lovely daughter named Chanel Nicole Marrow (Tracy’s younger half-sister).

Ortiz Is The Reason Behind Ice-T’s Success

Darlene Ortiz, Junior Marrow’s mother, is a major celebrity in her own right. She is a radio host, model, actress, and composer. His mother, Ortiz, is also known as the first rap cover girl. Thus, she also played a significant role in her ex-music partner’s career’s early years.

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Tracy Marrow Jr’s father, Ice-T, and his mother, Darlene Ortiz (Image Source: Complex)

Furthermore, Ortiz stood by her ex-husband when he was pursuing a successful rap career. The former couple first connected at Radiotron in Los Angeles in 1985. The power couple separated after 17 years of marriage, though, when their son Marrow Jr. was 24 years old.

Is Tracy Marrow Jr Single? Know The Truth

Until now, Tracy Marrow Jr. has kept his romantic relationships a secret. We assume the young celebrity kid must have had some successful encounters with models and other attractive women because he is a handsome man with a well-known father.

We can’t be certain whether Tracy Jr., Ice-T’s son, is dating someone right now because of his intense secrecy about his personal life. No matter what, we should respect his right to privacy and allow him to live his life as he pleases. Therefore, his relationship status is still a mystery.

Is Marrow Jr Really Carrying On His Father’s Traditions?

The illustrious rap career of Ice-T is well known to all of us. Ice is a rapper, writer, actor, and producer. He even started the heavy metal group Body Count. Furthermore, the Californian musician has been active in the music business for 40 years and has made great strides during that time.

When referring to his son, Tracy Jr., these professions are also held by him. After joining his father’s band, Body Count, in 2017, his career officially began. Some of the songs on Bloodlust’s sixth album are reportedly written and produced by the musician’s son. Most of the songs featured him as a backup singer as well.

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A Beautiful Portrait of Ice-T’s son Tracy Marrow Jr (Image Source: Tuko)

Following this, his work on the album Carnivore from 2020 is also impressive. According to Ice-T’s tweet, Tracy Jr.’s contributions to the band’s eighth studio album, Merciless, will soon be available. In addition, reality TV programs like Ice Loves Coco and Celebrity Family Feud have featured Tracy Marrow Jr. for the first time.

The 2012 Arrest Of Tracy Marrow Jr.

According to some sources, Tracy Marrow Jr., the son of Ice-T, was detained in October 2012. So what led to the arrest, then? According to reports, the singer was detained in LA after being stopped for speeding and playing loud music while driving.

According to reports, Marrow Jr. was asked to turn down the volume of his music but refused. Instead, he complained to the police and raised the volume even higher. Therefore, Marrow Jr. was imprisoned as a result of this regrettable incident. He also received a $10,000 fine.

Does Marrow Jr. Have A Million-Dollar Net Worth?

It’s clear Tracy Marrow Jr. makes a massive fortune, all thanks to his flourishing music career. He has a massive net worth of $2 million as of 2023. He can certainly live a very expensive lifestyle with this alone.

Coco Austin is the step mother of Tracy Jr.
Tracy Marrow Jr, his father Ice-T, and his step-mother Coco Austin (Image Source: Celebsuburb)

His father, Ice-T, on the other hand, has a staggering net worth of $65 million. His music career is the main source of his wealth. The father and son are undoubtedly among the wealthiest American rappers.

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