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In the same way, Brooke Mueller, Max’s mother, is an American actress who played Janet in the 1999 direct-to-video movie Witchouse. Charlie and Brooke, his parents, were wed for just around three years.

Max experienced a number of challenging circumstances at a very young age as a result of the couple’s many ups and downs in their marriage.

So, how did Max act in that difficult circumstance? Did he have any mental health issues? Let’s learn more about Max Sheen, the son of Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife Brooke Mueller, including his age, siblings, Instagram, and other details. Look at it closely.

Max Sheen was a premature baby who was born as a twin.

Max Sheen, son of Charlie Sheen, is 14 years old. In March 2009, his parents welcomed twins into the world.

Max Sheen was born twin
Max Sheen with his twin brother Bob  Sheen
While his precise birthdate is unknown to the public, People announced the news of his birth on March 15, 2009, adding,

On Saturday night, Charlie Sheen and his wife Brooke Mueller Sheen welcomed twin sons.

Bob Sheen is his twin brother, and both Max and Bob were born seven weeks early than the scheduled date. They provided happiness to the family, and Charlie’s publicist Stan Rosenfield discussed the infants, Max and Bob, and spoke to People about this.

They’re doing well, And Brooke is progressing well. Charlies is “ecstatic,” and the family is “extremely delighted.

He is a devoted father who now has three girls and two boys. He makes a great father. Once they were born, the Dr. 90210 actor Dr. Paul Nassif’s Los Angeles home had a baby shower with a sports theme.

Max’s Dad Was Thrilled To Be A Father Of Sons

Charlie, Max’s father, first became a parent to a boy with the birth of Max and his twin brother. Before, he had daughters.

Max Sheen is Charlie Sheen's son
Max Sheen with his twin brother and Parents

When questioned about how it felt to have twin sons, he stated Oh my goodness,

I’m completely lost. I’m really perplexed. I don’t want to be gory, but this is my first experience changing a boy’s diaper. I’ve had a little pee on me. Bob’s ability to strike the wall from two feet away definitely amazed me.

Really pleased I avoided being hit in the face! Mueller, on the other hand, expressed her happiness at having twins.

Max Sheen’s Had Luxurious Life As A Kid

Max was welcomed with much fanfare following his birth. Yet a year after he was born, his parents officially requested a divorce. His parents formally split when he was just two years old.

So, it is clear that he was unable to grow up in a welcoming and loving household. Together with his twin sister, he was reared by his mother alone. In the same way, when it comes to his nationality, he is an American.

Sheen has a mixed ethnic heritage since his mother is German and his father, Charlie Sheen, is of Galician Spanish, Irish, English, and Scottish descent.

He Has One Sibling And Three Half-Siblings

Due to the fact that Bob Sheen and Max Sheen were born as twins, we previously described Bob as Max’s biological brother. Sam Sheen, Lola Sheen, and Cassandra Jade Estevez are his other three half-siblings.

The same goes for Cassandra, who is his half-sister thanks to his father Charlie’s union with Paula Profit, a high school flame. He also has half-sisters Lola and Sam from his father’s second marriage to the actress Denise Richards.

Brooke Mueller received physical custody of Max Sheen when a dispute arose about child support.

The court determined that Max and his twin brother should have custody of his mother after his parents’ divorce. Because of this, the court mandated that Charlie pay his ex-wife $55,000 every month in child support.

Max Sheen mom battled drug abuse
Max Sheen with his mom and twin brother

Charles, though, was displeased with the judge’s ruling and blamed his ex-wife for it. A close source claimed at one point,

“Charlie is upset over the circumstance. He believes she is mostly utilizing the child support money [he provides her] to buy drugs.”

The actor asked the court to amend the child support arrangement in 2018 because of his sporadic employment and a drop in his source of income.

The dispute between Max’s parents about the child support lawsuit was resolved eventually. In relation to this, Charlie’s lawyer said,

“Mr. Sheen and Ms. Mueller acknowledge that their children will greatly benefit from their calm, private resolution that is centered on the family’s overall best interests,”

Max’s Mother Battled Substance Abuse

She was detained in 1996 on a DUI charge, and five years later, she was detained once again for cocaine possession. In 2011, Max’s mother enrolled in and completed an outpatient recovery program despite her continued drug usage.

She was said to have continued using drugs even after that. She was seen by the media in 2016 strolling barefoot inside the pub with her twin boys. According to insiders, Mueller had a long history of drug use and had never been caught. The actress entered the trauma hospital in 2019 and sought expert assistance.

Her spokesperson informed People about this. The actress “voluntarily checked herself into a trauma clinic on the East Coast and is being cared for by specialists; Brooke is devoted to getting well and works tirelessly to overcome this and get well.” We hope that Mueller, Max’s mother, is feeling much better today and is having a good time with her children.

Max Sheen Once Turned Violent In Behaviour

In May 2013, a Department of Children and Family Service official took Max and his twin brother’s custody away from Mueller due to an ongoing drug usage suspect. Denise Richards, the ex-wife of Max’s father Charlie, was awarded custody of them at the time. Max and Bob, both 4 years old, were under her care at the time.

Nevertheless, Richard backed out of this obligation later that year, citing Max and Bob’s aggressive actions. See her own words…

I must break the news to you that I am unable to continue taking care of Bob and Max. The boys’ continued abuse of animals, their sisters, and humans is something I have seen.

She said that Max displayed both extreme sensitivity and aggression at the time of placement. She continued,

The boys began to have sudden, very severe mood changes. The lads would take whatever they could as quickly as they could. They can pick up anything within arm’s reach that they would toss, including toys and picture frames. They forcefully tossed these objects at the windows and walls, as well as at myself, my girls, and anybody else around.

Denise didn’t neglect to note that before to the excessive violence, Max and his brother were both loving and compassionate. Looking at this, it’s easy to believe that Max’s struggles were brought on by the disagreement between his parents, which began when he was a very young child.

Max Sheen Is Growing Up Under The Care Of His Grandparents

Max moved home with his grandparents while his mother was in rehab and his father’s ex-wife withdrew from caring for him. When the missing persons case involving Max and his brother emerged in the media in 2016, Max’s grandma spoke in front of the crowd.

She said,

The boys are currently living with me and doing well. They both attend school in Utah. Max and Bob have been under their grandparents’ care ever since.

Their reliable sources told People in 2019 that The twins are doing well and are now living with their grandparents. Charlie is pleased to spend time with his kids, Max and Bob, who are standing next to him.

Max Loves Sports: What Is He Doing?

Max loves sports, according to his step-mom Denise Richard. He is currently, hopefully, succeeding in both his studies and his area of passion, athletics.

According to his age, he is undoubtedly enrolled in school. He enrolled at the Utah neighborhood school in 2016. Nothing to say; maybe they attend the same college.

Is Max Sheen On Instagram?

There are no social media accounts for the 13-year-old famous kid on either Facebook or Instagram. All of the photos and other personal items they have posted online are older. His renowned father only sometimes posts pictures of him on Instagram, thus his present circumstance keeps him out of the public. On August 31st, 2018, Max’s father released a single photo of him and his identical twin Bob with the caption:

follow this
young man,
or his twin bro
will be
really upset!

This at least indicates that Max and his twin brother are becoming more close.

Max’s Net Worth

He attends school as a young child. It follows that his net worth has not yet been determined. His Hollywood father Charlie Sheen, on the other hand, is worth $10 million.

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