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The star of the television series The Beverly Hillbillies, Max Baer Jr., has many fans who are curious about his health. Let’s read this article to find out.

The Beverly Hillbillies actor Max Baer Jr. is best recognized for playing Jethro Bodine in that series (1962). Moreover, his father is former heavyweight boxing champion Max Baer Jr.

One of the most well-known artists in the early 1990s was also Baer Jr. He unexpectedly wrote and directed the film Macon County Line (1974).

Who Is Max Baer Jr.’s Wife? Do they remain a couple?

Joanne Kathleen Hill was the wife of actor Max Baer Jr. from the Beverly Hillbillies (1966 – 1971). In order to get to know one another better, the ex-couple started dating in 1965.

After dating for less than a year, Joanne and Baer made the decision to wed secretly in 1996. Many close friends and family members were present for the wedding ceremony. After several years of marriage, the couple was without children.

Max Baer Jr. and his ex wife Joanne Kathleen Hill.
Max Baer Jr. and Joanne Kathleen Hill, his previous spouse. Source: Briefly News

As the year progressed, Joanne and Baer’s marriage ended in divorce in 1971. Baer wanted to establish a family, but Joanne wanted to concentrate on her acting career, which led to their divorce.

About Max Baer Jr.’s past relationships

Following the split, Jane Waid and Kathy Kersh were among the women on repeated dates with Baer. Despite all the other dates he went on, Baer still remains mute whenever Chere Rhodes is mentioned.

Chere was Baer’s girlfriend, and on January 27, 2008, Chere shot herself in the head and was discovered unresponsive at Lake Tahoe Residence. She allegedly penned a message claiming to be the culprit and attempted suicide, according to the police.

Chere passed away in the hospital three days later, but Baer was still affected by the commotion of that day anytime someone brought it up.

Physical Appearance: Baer’s Height & Weight

Max Baer Jr. is the same height as actor Kevin Csolak at 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm). He is 87 kg in weight and has gorgeous brown eyes.

Max Baer Jr same stunning hair style from his 20s to 80s.
Max Baer Jr. maintained the same gorgeous hairdo from his 20s until his 80s. Source: Pinterest

Baer is another well-known celebrity who has maintained healthy, natural hair throughout the 1990s.

About Max Baer Jr.’s net worth

As actor Harold Ramis, Max Baer Jr. has amassed a net worth of more than $50 million. His portrayal of Jethro Bodine in the television series The Beverly Hillbillies contributed him half of his riches.

Baer received almost $800 each episode from CBS and appeared in 272 episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies. Under CBS, the TV show’s global box office total exceeds $57.4 million.

The Baer Million Dollar Project was a fail

True, due to its magnitude, Baer’s enormous idea to construct a 40 000 square foot gaming area with a 200 foot tall (61 m) imitation oil derrick was abandoned in July 2012.

From 1985 through 2012, Baer put a lot of work into creating a gambling empire at The Beverly Hillbillies Mansion and Casino. He started leveraging his notoriety as Jethro Bodine as a business opportunity in 1999 to establish connections with casinos and hotels.

Max Baer Jr project under the name of Jethro's Beverly Hillbillies Mansion and Casino.
Jethro’s Beverly Hillbillies Mansion and Casino is a Max Baer Jr. project. Source: around Carson

The business partner of Baer and Roger Camas invested around $1 million to buy 60 slot machines in 1999. He paid $1.2 million on May 4, 2007, for 1.0 hectares of land close to Douglas Country in the north, plus additional acreage following zoning variances.

Under Baer’s concept, there would be a five-story hotel with a movie theater complex, 800 slot machines, 16 tables, and an area of around 40 thousand square feet.

Max Baer Jr. Family Information

Baer, a multifaceted personality, was born in Oakland, California, on December 4, 1937. He was given the name Maximilian Adelbert Baer Jr. after his father.

Max Baer Sr., the father, and Mary Ellen Sullivan are Baer’s parents (mother). The full name of his father is Maximilian Adelbert Baer.

Boxing Career of Baer Father

Max Baer Sr., Baer’s father, was a professional boxing champion who knocked out opponents in more than 50 of his fights. He was included among the top 100 punchers in history.

Professional boxing champion Max Baer father of Max Baer jr.
Father of Max Baer Jr., professional boxing champion Max Baer. Source: Outsider

Baer Sr., the heavyweight world champion, tragically passed away in 1959 after a severe heart attack. In Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, 1500 people attended the burial of Baer’s father.

Siblings Information

James Manny Baer’s brother Baer passed away on July 23, 2009. The late Baer brother passed away quietly at home in the United States’ Sacramento County.

James’ cause of death was, nevertheless, interred beside his remains at Saint Mary’s Catholic Cemetery and Mausoleum.

Baer has a sister in addition to James, making two siblings altogether. Maude Marian Baer, who has a good life in the States, is his sister.

About The Death of Baer’s Mentor and Friends

The Beverly Hillbillies’ entire cast, except for Baer, passed away. To start, in 2003, in Torrance Memorial Medical Center, actor Buddy Edsen passed away from respiratory failure.

 Max Baer Jr with other cast members of Beverly Hillbillies
Max Baer Jr. and the other Beverly Hillbillies actors. Source: NPR

Baer’s suffering didn’t end with the passing of his friend Edsen. On January 1, 2015, his longtime mentor Donna Douglas passed away at Baton Rouge General Hospital from pancreatic cancer.

Educational Qualifications

Christian Brothers High School in Sacramento served as Baer’s final educational institution. He earned letters in four different sports and twice won the Sacramento Open junior golf event.

At the 1968 Andy Williams pro-am event, Baer had the opportunity to play with professional golfer Charles Luther Sifford while still pursuing his education.

Santa Clara University is where Baer earned his business administration bachelor’s degree. One of the best-known institutions in the world is Santan University.

Quick Facts About Max Baer Jr.

Birth Date December 4,1937
Full Name Maximilian Adelbert Baer Jr.
Birth Name Maximilian Adelbert Baer Jr
Profession Actor, Comedian, Film Director & Producer, Screen Writer
Nationality American
Birth City Oakland, California
Birth Country America
Father Name Max Baer Sr
Father Profession Actor, Professional Boxer, Boxing Referee
Mother Name Mary Ellen Sullivan
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Sagittarius
Marital Status Divorced
Spouse Joanne Hill (1966-1971)
Height 193 cm
Weight 87 kg
Net worth 50000000
Sibilings James Manny Baer and Maude Baer
Education Christian Brothers High School, Santa Clara University

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