csi cyber star peter macnicol s wife martha cummings married since 1986 regret not having children

In a recent interview, Martha Cummings, the wife of the actor Peter MacNicol, discusses her personal life and regrets. Martha admits that she and Peter regret not having children together, even though they have been married for more than 30 years to their spouse, a prominent actor in his own right.

Martha claims that she and Peter didn’t have time to think about conceiving a family since they were so preoccupied with their work. She acknowledges that it was a mistake to believe they could get by without having kids, but she and Peter made the choice jointly and have adjusted to it. She comments that they still have a strong affection for one another in spite of this.

Considering Adoption

According to rumors, Martha and Peter had thought of adopting a kid to fulfill their wish to have children. The greatest choice for them would seem to be adoption, given that they might not be able to produce children naturally.

Married for 30 Years

Peter and Martha wed in 1986, and their union lasted for more than 30 years. Peter and his wife are reported to be quite close, and he attributes most of his acting success to her.

Photo of Martha Cummings and Peter MacNicol. Image Source: Spanish Fansshare

Peter’s acting career

When Peter MacNicol was a student at the University of Dallas, he began his acting career. Before moving to the silver screen, he started with stage and Broadway appearances. His debut performance in a motion picture, “Dragonslayer,” in 1981, brought him critical praise and a widespread reputation.

His appearances in the TV shows “CSI Cyber” and “Numb3rs,” as well as the sci-fi movie “Battleship” from 2012, are some of his best-known performances. In addition, he has voiced characters in various comic book movie adaptations, including “Justice League Unlimited,” “Young Justice,” and “The Spectacular Spider-Man.” He has also appeared in hit movies including “Bean” and “Ghostbusters II.”

Award-Winning Performance

Peter received an Emmy Award in 2001 for “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series” for his portrayal of the oddball lawyer John Cage in the television show “Ally McBeal.” He has been nominated for 14 awards during the course of his career and has won four big ones.

Staying out of the spotlight

To the dismay of his followers, Peter is not active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. They are hoping he will eventually sign up for one of these platforms so they can receive updates on his life and first looks at his forthcoming ventures.

Hoe Rich is Peter?

A testimony to Peter’s prosperous acting career is his projected $3 million net worth.


Peter MacNicol and Martha Cummings have been happily married for more than 30 years and live a prosperous existence as a couple. Despite not having children, they still like one another dearly and have thought of adopting a kid to help them realize their dream of starting a family. Peter is among the most successful performers in the business thanks to his acting career, which has brought him critical praise and a considerable net worth.

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