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Lizzy Meyers achieved fame as the celebrity daughter of an American businessman, political activist, and conspiracist, Michael Lindell. Her father is well-known in the media for being the founder and CEO of a business called My Pillow, Inc. It is a manufacturing company that produces slippers, pillows, and bedding.

She has drawn a lot of interest because she is a famous child. Similarly, many questions about the celebrity kid’s life have been raised, and some people have even developed their own theories.

We have an article about Meyers, the daughter of Mike Lindell, to dispel all those unfounded rumors and provide the answers to those queries. As a result, we have included information about her age, profession, relationship status, and many other factors in this article.

Lizzy Meyers: Who is She? Information About Her Age, Background & Siblings

Lizzy is the daughter of entrepreneur Mike Lindell, as was previously stated. She is nonetheless the first child of Michael and Karen Dickey.

She is 34 years old, to be more precise. The celebrity daughter came into this materialistic world in 1988 in Minnesota, USA. Furthermore, she was born Elizabeth Lindell. Her birth year and age were verified in her father’s autobiography, What Are the Odds? From Crack Addict to CEO: Mike Lindell.

Lizzy Meyers with her whole family
Childhood Pictures of Lizzy Meyers and her siblings: Dareen Lindell, Charlie Lindell, and Heather Leuth

In addition to these, Lizzy has two brothers, Darren Lindell and Charlie Lindell, and a half-sister named Heather Lueth. However, no other personal details about her siblings are available now.

Lizzy Meyers Had A Contented Childhood

Lizzy was able to understand what happiness really meant because of her parents. Since her early years, Mike and his ex-wife Karen have given everything they have to the upbringing of their children.

Therefore, she was able to experience what is referred to as having a family photo when she was five years old. In fact, Lizzy’s entire family—including herself—went to Florida for a family vacation when she was between the ages of 12 and 14 years old.

However, the celebrity daughter made a silly error when she was 2 and a half years old. Her younger brother Charlie, who was only 18 months old then, was taken to the emergency room due to dehydration. Nobody wondered why that happened until Lizzy was exposed to drinking from her brother’s bottle in the corner. It was discovered that she had been stealing Charlie’s bottles from his crib and drinking them until they were empty. 

Relationship Status: Is She Dating Anyone?

The marriage to Lizzy is a happy one. She has revealed her relationship via her social media platforms, where she stated that she was “married” in her Twitter bio. Additionally, she has mentioned that she is the proud mother of two beautiful sons.

Lizzy Meyers with her son
Lizzy Meyers with her beautiful son

However, her husband’s name and identity are still unknown. Additionally, it has been revealed that the mother of two has recently moved to Eden Prairie, Minnesota. We hope that she and her family are having a happy and prosperous life, even though she hasn’t revealed the names of her husband and their children.

Lizzy Meyers’ Professional Career

Besides being a celebrity daughter, Lizzy is also an actress who has appeared in a number of movies. She has played the lead role in a documentary about her father. The Mike Lindell Story: An America Dream was the film’s title. The film is about how an American businessman Michael overcame severe financial difficulties, drug addictions, and adversity to become well-known and amass his fortune from his brilliant idea of creating pillows.

Not only this but she has also experience working as an art production assistant on the American thriller movie Gone in the Night in 2022. Undoubtedly, she has made her own identity as a successful actress in the American film industry.

Her Father, Michael, Was Married Twice

Up until now, an American businessman has maintained two marriages. He first wed Lizzy’s mother, whom he had met at the start of 1985. At that time, Lizzy’s father worked part-time as a bartender at the Statesman in Chaska. Once in an interview, he stated that he first met Karen, Lizzy’s mother, in the month of August. His then-wife Karen had only visited the bar to reconnect with the people she used to work with. At that time, the renowned conspiracist Michael had a fleeting impression that he would wed her.

However, Karen had already given birth to one child. Yes, she was the proud mother of one lovely kid before she met with Lindell. Despite learning the truth, he maintained his confidence in the statement. Lizzy’s father, Michael Lindell’s dream of wedding Karen was not easy as she wished to wed her previous husband again. But that guy wasn’t thinking the same way.

Lizzy Meyers' father, Michael Lindell, and her stepmother Dallas Yocum
Lizzy Meyers’ father, Michael Lindell, and her stepmother Dallas Yocum (Image Source: Bollywood Fever)

A few days later, Michael decided to ask Karen out. He was shocked when Lizzy’s mother welcomed his approach. But after three dates, Karen began to reject him. In actuality, all she said was “No” outright. American businessman eventually got married in May 1987 after having many difficulties trying to win Karen over. For their honeymoon, the love birds traveled to the Bahamas. Following the honeymoon for the wedding, Mike made the decision to adopt Karen’s daughter Heather.

A year later, Karen became expecting Elizabeth (Lizzy). However, nothing remained the same after they had been married for almost two decades. Lizzy’s parents each went their separate ways. Then, in 2013, Michael and his second wife, Dallas Yocum, entered the church. Since then, the lovely couple has been leading a blissful life.

Is Lizzy Meyers A Millionaire?

Despite being aware of Lizzy’s professional background, no reliable online tabloids have reported on her wealth. Therefore, her estimated total net worth is still unknown to the media. However, it is safe to assume that she lives a wealthy life because of his father’s enormous wealth and successful acting career.

Regarding American businessman Michael, he is a multi-millionaire with a current estimated net worth of $50 million. His 2004-founded company, My Pillow, is his main wealth source. As per online tabloids, he is one of the wealthiest American businessmen.

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