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Living in the Alaskan Bush is no easy task, and the Brown family has proven over and over again that nothing is boring about it.

Their unique lifestyle, light-hearted nature, humor, and imaginative problem-solving have charmed audiences’ hearts for several years through their show “Alaskan Bush People.” However, behind the success, the Browns have faced numerous hardships, from the destruction of their home to health issues and the unfortunate death of one of their own.

One intriguing aspect of their story is the estrangement of the eldest son, Matt Brown. In this article, we delve into Matt’s life after leaving the show, his relationship with the family, and the possibility of his return to the limelight.

Matt Brown’s Estrangement

For those who haven’t tuned into “Alaskan Bush People” recently, they might be surprised to find that Matt Brown is completely absent from the show and his family’s life.

Matt’s estrangement from the Brown pack dates back to 2018, and since then, he has faced numerous personal challenges, including struggles with alcoholism, criminal accusations, and the tragic death of his father, Billy, in 2021.

Despite his proximity to the family’s North ranch home in the North Cascades mountains area of Washington State, Matt’s relationship with them remains estranged.

Matt’s Adventurous Side and Content Creation

In recent years, Matt’s life has taken a different turn compared to his days on “Alaskan Bush People.” His Instagram updates from 2023 showcase his adventurous side, as he embarks on trips across the country in his pickup truck.

Notably, Matt has also ventured into content creation through his YouTube channel. His content revolves around his path to recovery and offers a personal insight into his self-growth philosophy.

Although different from the chaotic nature of the show, Matt’s content is undeniably entertaining, attracting over 30,000 subscribers and 1.4 million views since he started the channel in 2019.

Matt’s Departure and Rocky Relationship with the Family

The eighth season of “Alaskan Bush People” aired in 2018 without Matt’s presence, leaving fans wondering what led to his departure.

His exit coincided with the filing of sexual abuse allegations against him, which deeply impacted his relationship with the Brown family. In 2021, Matt accused his father, Billy, of withholding $300,000 of his earnings from the show, further straining their already tense bond.

Despite the lack of official explanations on the show, it is evident that the family has distanced themselves from Matt in various ways, such as excluding him from social media posts and birthday wishes.

Coping with Tragedy: Billy’s Death

The Brown family faced its most challenging time with the death of Billy Brown on February 7, 2021. Billy suffered a seizure and passed away, leaving behind his wife, Amy, and their children.

Billy had long battled respiratory issues, and despite undergoing surgery in 2019, his health continued to decline. The loss deeply affected the family, and Matt took to social media to express his appreciation for his father, remembering him through cooking his recipes and commemorating the anniversary of his passing.

Matt’s Struggles with Alcoholism

Matt’s problems with alcohol were not new to those who followed “Alaskan Bush People.” He first went to rehab in 2016 after struggling with excessive drinking during his time in Juneau, Alaska.

The city life exposed him to people who enabled his habits, leading to emotional distress and withdrawal. His return to Alaska didn’t break the cycle, ultimately resulting in another rehab stint in California. During this time, Matt confronted his issues, delving into his past and gaining tools for personal growth.

Sexual Abuse Allegations: The Most Serious Scandal

The sexual abuse allegations against Matt Brown are the most serious scandal faced by the family and the show. Two former staff members accused Matt of sexual and physical assault during their time in California in 2018.

These allegations significantly impacted Matt’s relationship with his family and contributed to his estrangement. While the incidents were reported to authorities, no charges were brought against him.

The Brown Family’s Legal Troubles

Despite their remote and tranquil lifestyle, the Brown family has faced legal problems in the past. Billy Brown had a criminal record for theft and falsifying residency documents.

In 2015, both Billy and his son Joshua pleaded guilty, resulting in fines and restitution of funds taken illegally from the Alaskan government. Matt, too, faced legal issues when he was arrested in 2013 for driving under the influence in Juneau, Alaska, after hitting a motorcycle.

The Unlikelihood of Matt’s Return

Although fans may wish to see Matt back on “Alaskan Bush People,” the likelihood of his return is low. His strained relationship with the family, the sexual abuse allegations, and his history of substance abuse make it unlikely for the network to consider his comeback.

Fixing his relationship with the Brown pack could be the first step for Matt in reconnecting with his roots and returning home, but whether that happens remains uncertain.

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