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Wesley Koy Stocklin parents Erik Stocklin and Colleen Ballinger are well-known actors. Along with his identical sister Maisy Hoanne Stocklin, he was born. Erik, who played Patrick in the Netflix comedy series Haters Back Off, became well-known.
Additionally, Erik, the father of Wesley, is highly recognized for his previous films, including Good Trouble, Mistresses, and Stalker. In 2011’s “The Vampire Diaries,” he played the part of Stevie, which led to his debut in the movie business.

The Twins Of Erik Stocklin and Colleen Ballinger Were Delivered Through C-Section

The twins Erik Stocklin and Colleen Ballinger were delivered through C-section. At the NICU hospital, the couple’s son Wesley Koy Stocklin was delivered through emergency C-section. His parents went through a difficult, difficult, stressful, and emotional period as a result of this treatment. Collen, the child’s mother, was awestruck, appreciative, and obliged to the NICU nurse.

Wesley Koy Stocklin and Maisy Hoanne Stocklin  at their one week
In the hospital, Wesley Koy Stocklin and her identical twin sister, Maisy Hoanne Stocklin. (Source: Instagram

Wesley and Maisy Koy Stocklin, his identical twin sister, were born at 32 weeks when a full-term pregnancy was 40 weeks, making them too young to be brought home. At 11:42 AM, with the lights on, Wesley was escorted outside.
He was just little larger than four pounds, six ounces when he was born (1.98 Kg). He was breastfed in the NICU for six weeks after his birth.

In The Penultimate Month, Wesley Koy Stocklin Was Born

Wesley Koy Stocklin, the son of Erik and Colleen, was born in November, the last month of the year. On Saturday, November 6, 2021, he was born. He was in his mother’s womb two months earlier, and some cultures think the newborn will be lucky.
In case you are unaware of the penultimate month, it is the eleventh month (Nov) of the year according to both the Julian and Gregorian calendars.

Two Minutes Later, Wesley’s Twin Sister Was Born

Maisy Hoanne Stocklin was delivered surgically immediately after Wesley. The twins were born with a two-minute time difference. Maisy was really born at 11:44, while Wesley was born at 11:42. In her YouTube video on the birth of her child, the mother cried. She uttered:

“And that was one of my life’s scariest, worst moments (laughs).”

Maisy Joanne Stocklin and her twin brother, Wesley Koy Stocklin.
Wesley Koy Stocklin and Maisy Joanne Stocklin, their identical twin sister. (Image source: Instagram @collen)

Maisy was not breathing at all at the moment, as Collen said. She seemed pallid and frail. However, the boy finally took a hospital break after the doctor and nurses worked on him for weeks.

On A Movie Set, Wesley Koy Stocklin’s Parents Rekindled Their Romance

Erik Stocklin, a Wesley father, and Colleen Ballinger initially met on the set of the movie Haters Back Off in 2016. Following that, they became close and kept in touch even beyond the movie set. They were romantically linked on stage and in their roles as movie cast members, but they were also close friends in real life.

Wesley parents spending a lovely time together
Erik and Colleen Stocklin are the parents of Wesley Koy Stocklin.
Source: (Instagram)

Colleen and Erik had already begun to develop emotions for one another. They haven’t had a great opportunity to date, however, because of Collen’s connection to her husband, Joshua Evans. After dating for two years, they started dating in early 2018 after Collen divorced her ex-husband, Evans.

Erik and Colleen wed privately at an unknown place the following year. They attended the wedding in joy, together with their parents, family, and closest friends, according to reports. They welcomed Flynn Timothy Stocklin, their first son, and subsequently twins on December 10 of the same year.

Why Did Colleen Ballinger Divorce Joshua Evans, Her Ex-Husband?

Colleen Ballinger, an actress and comedian, and her ex-husband Joshua Evans, a YouTuber, split in September 2016. She was set to release her Netflix original series to the public at that moment.

Colleen revealed their relationship and the circumstances of their breakup in 2016. Meanwhile, she said in a video that her terrible divorce was the result of a lengthy period of unhappiness with her marriage. She also made reference to her ex-husband, Joshua Evans, in the video, saying:

“To me, he’s a good person, and I love him. We have always had a very rocky relationship since the beginning. We’ve always butted heads. We’ve always fought since we met, really. It’s never been a perfect relationship. But, I always loved him”(cries)

Net Worth Of Wesley Koy Stocklin’s Parents

Erik Stocklin and Colleen Ballinger, Wesley’s parents, are lucky to have a stunning amount of money in their safes. Similar to actor Zachary Knighton, starting with his mother, actress and comedian Colleen Ballinger, who has a net worth of $8 million.
Erik Stocklin, Wesley’s father, is said to have a net worth of $550,000. His acting profession, which he began a decade ago, provided him with the majority of his money. For his part in a movie and a series, he demands $150,000. The parts and the movie both affect the income, however.

Colleen Ballinger’s Social Media Income

Colleen Ballinger, the mother of Wesley, makes a fortune through her many ventures. She is active in a variety of fields in addition to acting and comedy. Colleen has over 22 million followers across her three YouTube accounts.
It’s interesting to note that Colleen has over 3.5 billion views over her three YouTube accounts. She makes a ton of money from her YouTube channels, which have a million subscribers. To be more specific, Miranda Sings generates an estimated $4.4k per month and $52.6k yearly with its 10.8 million subscribers. She writes and offers humorous challenges on her channel.

The second channel of Collen, @Colleen Ballinger, has more than 8.69 million subscribers, on the other hand. Her second channel brings in an estimated $14.2k each month for her. Again, she earns $146k from it every year. She posts her everyday vlogs of her children, husband, and other family members on this channel.
With over 3.47 million followers, comedian @Colleen’s third YouTube channel, Colleen Vlogs, earns an estimated $30k per month and $360k yearly. The influencer marketing hub estimates that Collen receives between $15,867 and $26,445 for each Instagram post.

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