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Leo Hijazi’s mother Jaime Pressly gave birth to a famous son. She may be recognized as Jill Kendall from the hit television program Mom. Her other prominent works include, among others, Welcome to Flatch, BoJack Horseman, and My Name Is Earl.

Leo and his brother Lenon Hijazi are her twin sons; Leo is one of the two. Dezi James Calvo, their stepbrother, has the distinction of being Jaime’s favorite kid, as she publicly confessed. Hamzi Hijazi is the name of his father. Jaime, his mother, is an accomplished actress with a reputed net worth of $7 million.

Who Are the Parents of Leo Hijazi?

The parents of Leo Hijazi are Jaime Pressly and Hamzi Hijazi. Although they have been together for a very long time, they have not yet exchanged vows. In a shoe shop in Santa Monica, California, they had their first meeting in 2011.

Hamzi Hijazi is wearing a suit whereas, Jaime Pressly is wearing a white dress.
Leo Hijazi parent’s, Hamzi Hijazi and Jaime Pressly in an event. (Source: CNN)

Although Jaime claims that their connection developed by coincidence, she is happy that it did. Hamzi just so happened to be at the shoe store where she had just finished her shopping trip with her companions. They soon began dating and have been together ever since.

What Is the Net Worth of Leo Hijazi’s Parents?

Leo Hijazi is lucky to have been raised in a wealthy household; his mother, Jaime Pressly, has a net worth of $7 million. A little less wealthy than he is, his father Hamzi Hijazi is said to be worth $300,000.

Jaime’s primary source of income is acting. The popularity of programs like My Name is Earl, Mom, and Welcome to Flatch is partly responsible for her fortune. She does modeling jobs in addition to performing. Her fortune was marginally impacted by a house invasion when $200,000 worth of jewels was taken.

Hamzi, on the other hand, works as an entrepreneur and is not connected to the entertainment sector. He is said to possess a number of companies, one of which being a California shoe store.

Leo Is The Twin Who Is The Loudest

Among Jaime’s children, Leo Hijazi is the outgoing and wild one, while his brother Lenon is the quiet one. Every household with many children has one child who is noisy and the other who is a little more quiet. Leo is the boisterous one in this family, too.

Jaime Pressly is carrying Leo Hijazi on her lap, and Lenon Hijazi is sitting on a cycle.
Leo Hijazi (left) with his mother Jaime Pressly, brother Lenon Hijazi, and other family members (Source: Jaime Pressly Instagram @jaimepressly)

Jaime, the mother of Leo, wasn’t shocked by how their children ended out since she anticipated it based on how they developed while in her pregnancy. She said to ExtraTV that Leo would continually jump while she was carrying him. She said that her kid would squeal with delight.

Lenon, though, was the complete reverse of that. She said that Lenon was constantly curled up in the fetal position within her womb. He would spend the whole time there, holding her ribs. In the same interview, she said that Lenon was the romantic, whilst Leo was the wild one. Her children are still like this now.

Leo’s Name: How Did He Get It?

Jaime has explained how the names of her children, Leo and Lenon, came to be. Leo’s name is derived from a zodiac sign. His parents, Jaime and Hamzi, are also Leos, much like him. They came up with the name in this way.

Like his brother Leo, Lenon too derived his name from a trait his parents had in common. The Beatles, a legendary rock band, are greatly admired by both of his parents. The band’s guitarist John Lennon served as the model for the name Lenon.

Contains a Stepbrother and Is Half Of The Twins

Leo is one of Jaime and Hamzi’s twin kids; her other son is Lenon Hijazi. Jaime gave birth to her two lovable kids on October 16, 2017. In addition, he was given a stepbrother on May 11, 2007, who goes by the name of Dezi James Calvo. Eric Cubiche is Dezi’s real father.

Leo Hijazi is in a bathtub, Lenon Hijazi is on a beach with his mother, Jaime Pressly, and Dezi James Calvo is holding a fish he caught.
The brothers of Leo Hijazi (top right), Lenon Hijazi (bottom right), and Dezi James Calvo (Source: Jaime Pressly Instagram @jaimepressly)

But there were several bumps in Jaime’s pregnancy with Leo and Lenon. She had some challenges in trying to conceive her twin kids, which is why. She even fretted about having to use in-vitro fertilization (IVF) to birth the kid at the time.

With Dezi, Jaime had already had the experience of being a mother. But in her interview with Extra, she did admit that raising her twins still takes a lot of effort since she is growing older, which makes it harder. Dezi was also five weeks old when he first smiled, when most infants don’t begin to smile until they are around two months old.

Leo’s Mother formerly Battled Bulimia

Jaime, the mother of Leo, struggled with an eating condition while she was a model. She made this decision as a result of the pressure she was under to appear a specific way. Bulimia is a significant problem that has sometimes claimed lives.

While filming Mom, Jaime even took on the role of an eating problem. This assisted her in concealing her pregnancy at the time when she was with Leo and Lennon. According to  Yahoo, in order to conceal her pregnancy, they gave her character a prosthetically big face, neck, and eating problem.

Isn’t Jaime’s favorite child, Leo’s mother?

Actress Jaime from My Name Is Earl faced criticism after claiming that her eldest kid, Dezi, is her favorite child. She made the contentious claim that although she loves each of her three boys, her relationship with the eldest is somewhat unique since they grew up together. She announced it in a post on her Instagram account.

Jaime Pressly has her arms around Dezi James Calo as she is taking the selfie.
Dezi James Calo, the brother of Leo Hijazi, and his mother Jaime Pressly (Source: Jaime Pressly Instagram @jaimepressly)

This didn’t sit well with many individuals, and many even told Jaime. They thought that having a favorite child may have a detrimental impact on their other children as they grew up and began learning to read and write. They criticized the Mom actress for it because they thought it would have a lasting impact on the future.

However, Leo’s mother stood by her provocative remark and refused to retract it.  People have heard her claim that all three of her children are precious to her and that she prefers her eldest in certain situations. She cherished Dezi in situations like flying or getting ready since she didn’t have to bother about clothing him.

The Grandparents of Leo

On his mother’s side, Leo Hijazi is the grandson of James Liston Presley and Brenda Sue Presley. The names of his paternal grandparents, Hamzi, from his father’s side are still unknown. It is well known that Brenda, his granny, formerly had a position as a dancing teacher.

James, his grandfather, was once a car salesman. Jaime, the mother of Leo, had to go through the legal emancipation procedure with James and Brenda in order to go alone to Japan for a modeling job.

Brief Career Overview of Jaime

Thanks to her roles in TV series including Mom, My Name Is Earl, Joe Dirt, and Welcome to Flatch, Jaime, Leo’s mother, is well-known to viewers. However, she began her career in the entertainment sector as a model rather than an actress. She began her modeling career at the age of only 14.

But Jamie is most known for her work as an actress. She made a lasting impression on the acting community when she portrayed Joy Turner in My Name Is Earl. She even won a Primetime Emmy Award for her performance in 2007. Additionally, she has already received the Golden Nymph, the Gold Derby TV Award, and a few other honors.

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