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LAX Plane Incident: A Bus Escorting Passengers Between Terminals Collided with an Empty Airbus Being Towed on a Taxiway, Resulting in Five Injuries.

You must have seen or heard about a lot of collisions involving two vehicles. But have you ever heard of a bus and an airplane colliding? Well, it just occurred. On Friday night, February 10, 2023, a strange occurrence took place at several major airports. A shuttle bus was struck by an American Airlines jet that had no passengers on board.

Five or more people were hurt as a result of the incident. When the Airbus A321 crashed, it did so while being towed away from a gate. In today’s article, let’s examine the incident in more detail.

Update on the Incident Involving a Plane & a Bus: A Collision Occurred

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, a bus transporting passengers between terminals was struck by an empty Airbus A321 that was being towed on a taxiway. The bus driver, two bus passengers, a tug driver, and a plane employee were all injured.

The tug driver who was pulling the jet was taken to the hospital in moderate condition, while the bus driver and two passengers were transferred in fair health, according to the Fire Department.

LAX Crash: Five Injured
LAX Crash: Five Injured (Image Source: The Independent)

The bus’s three injured passengers were also taken to the hospital by the authorities. The only person on board was a worker who chose not to go to the hospital after receiving care on the scene. The impact happened close to the plane’s nose, according to the security footage of the incident.

The front window of the bus was broken, and the front body of the bus was also damaged. All travelers flying into and out of the airport are still able to access LAX despite the accident, according to a tweet.

Latest Condition of Those Injured in the Lax Airplane Crash

There hasn’t been any new information regarding the injured people. We assume that all of the hospitalized patients are in fair condition because no one was seriously hurt.

For reasons of security, the names and identities of those who were hurt have not been made public. It sounds extremely unusual that an airbus and a shuttle bus would collide. This has caused the incident to receive a great deal of public attention.

The Investigation Remains Ongoing: As Per Reports, These Cases Are Increasing

The Federal Aviation Administration (F.A.A.) declared that it would investigate the accident in great detail. There have recently been a number of strange occurrences at significant airports, according to The New York Times.

Two aircraft narrowly avoided colliding on February 4, 2023, at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport in Texas. On the same runway from which a Southwest Airlines flight was authorized to take off, a FedEx cargo plane aborted its landing attempt.

LAX Airport Is Built Far From the Town
LAX Airport Is Built Far From Town (Image Source: Los Angeles Times)

The day before, a United Airlines Boeing 787 that was being towed collided with a United Airlines Boeing 757-200 that was parked at Newark Liberty International Airport, according to the FAA.

No one was hurt, and there was no impact on airport operations, according to the port authorities of New Jersey and New York. Additionally, a Delta Air Lines plane had to abort its takeoff last month at Kennedy International Airport in New York because an American Airlines plane passed it by about 1,000 feet.

According to reports, the pilots of the American Airlines flight declined the National Transportation Safety Board’s request for electronically recorded interviews. According to a statement made public on Friday, the board summoned them as a result.

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