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Former wife of well-known Australian artist Tim Olsen is Dominique Ogilvie. Before divorcing, the couple spent a few years married and had a kid.

The Australian art community knows Tim Olsen well. He is also well-known for being John Olsen, a well-known artistson. ,’s One of the most accomplished painters was Tim Olsen’s dad.

Tim, however, put in a lot of effort and emerged from his father’s success’s shadow. Tim Olsen is one of Australia’s most well-known and renowned art figures, as well as a successful gallery owner, according to his website.

In addition to his professional achievement, the talented artist has a successful personal life with a pretty wife and a cute kid.

Who Is Tim Olsen Wife Dominique Ogilvie?

Time Olsen was the spouse of Dominique Ogilvie. The Olsen-Ogilvie couple fell in love at first sight.

Tim Olsen said in an interview that he proposed to Dominique Ogilvie a month after first meeting her. The 60-year-old artist said,

“With her, I was in love and felt protected. During their relationship, the couple gave birth to a son. Tim’s ex-wife and I both came to the conclusion that we were quite different individuals as time went on.

Despite being divorced, they remained close. Tim’s first wife wasn’t Dominique Ogilvie. The artist was previously married to Harrie France before getting together with Ogilvy.

Dominique Ogilvy is a real estate agent that specializes in fashion (see the image above).
Dominique Ogilvy is a real estate agent that specializes in fashion (see the image above). (Image Source: The Australian)

When he was 29 years old, Olsen met his first wife. Equestrian Harriet France competed. The ex-couple held a formal wedding ceremony at Darling Point and arrived at the reception in a horse-drawn carriage.

Tim said that he and his first wife were inexperienced and a little foolish. Long ago, the once-in-love couple broke up, but they are still close friends. There were no children allowed at the Olsen-France home.

Meet Tim Olsen Son James

Tim Olsen and Dominique Ogilvie’s kid James is the only child they have together. Early in the new millennium, the well-known artist welcomed James, his only kid, with his second wife.

When Tim and Dominique parted ways, James was still a child. Even though their marriage was short-lived, the couple nonetheless managed to maintain a strong connection.

James must have spent equal amounts of time with both his parents growing up. James must also have a close relationship with his parents.

Tim Olsen John Olsen’s father Suffered Death

Tim Olsen is the famous artist John Olsen’s son, as was already reported. Valerie Strong, John Olsen’s second wife, is Tim Olsen’s mother. Louise is a sister of Tim’s.


Another artist is Valerie Strong. She is also a co-founder of the jewelry and home décor company Dinosaur Creations.

Tim Olsen (right) and John Olsen, his father.
Tim Olsen (right) and John Olsen, his father.  (Image Source: The Guardian)

Tragically, John Olsen died away on Tuesday night at his New South Wales home in the company of his loved ones.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Tim and his sister Louise said,

“To us, he was dad, with all the lovely humaneness, complexity, and compassion the term embodies. Our dad was a giant of the world of art, adored by many in Australia and across the globe.”

John Olsen was thrilled to have his artwork featured on the Opera House sails during VIvid Sydney next month, according to his children.

The family also intended to get a hotel near the port for the first night. Tim, Louise, and Jane Olsen were the three children born to John Olsen over his four marriages.

Jane Olsen is the daughter of Mary Flower, who passed away in 2009. The third and fourth spouses of John Olsen are Noela Hjorth and Katharine Howard.

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