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Putri Candrawati, the wife of Ferdy Sambo, has been given a 20-year prison sentence, while her husband has been sentenced to death. But, why?

Following a three-month trial, Sambo and his wife Putri were found guilty of killing Sambo’s bodyguard, Brigadier Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat, in July 2022. Former senior Indonesian National Police officer Ferdy participated in the murder. He held the position of Head of the Profession prior to becoming involved in the case. He worked for the Indonesian National Police’s Security Division as well.

Despite the fact that he was a well-known police officer from Indonesia, the news of the death of his bodyguard shocked everyone. The police officer, who killed the 27-year-old man and shot him with 12 bullets at the time, has now been identified as the perpetrator.

Sambo’s Wife Putri Candrawati Was The Master Mind; Four Other Members Were Also Involved

Putri Candrawati and Ferdy Sambo got married after meeting one another in their senior year of high school. However, his wife gained attention after it was revealed that she had planned the murder of the bodyguard, also known as Brigadier J, according to the report.

The criminal code’s Article 340 subsidiary Article 338 and Article 55 Paragraph (1) Number 1 were among the laws she was found to have broken during the trial. More than five people, including Ferdy’s wife, were involved in the case; after the trial, everyone involved was found guilty, and Candrawati received a 20-year sentence.

Ferdy Sambo's Wife Putri Candrawati
Ferdy Sambo’s Wife Putri Candrawati (Image Source: VOI)

She was credited with planning the murder in the court records. The motivation for killing a 27-year-old man with four other people has not been made public. The judge stated that Candrawathi did not exhibit admirable behavior as a police officer’s wife. She has failed as an Executive member of the Association of Police Officers’ Wives despite being the wife of a police officer.

It has become evident that Ricky Rizal, Richard Eliezer, Kuat Ma’ruf, and the wife and husband were all involved in the case. In the January 16 trial, Rizal and Kuat received 8-year prison terms, while Eliezer received a 12-year sentence.

sambo Is The Only One Who Was Sentenced To Death

Ferdy is the only one of the four people charged with murdering a 27-year-old man’s bodyguard who has been sentenced to death. After a lengthy trial, the news changed after the former police officer was released. He was detained in August and released in September.

Premeditated murder in violation of Criminal Code Article 340 was the charge brought against Sambo. As in the previous trial, the police officer stated that he did not intend to murder the boy but did so out of rage because he thought his bodyguard had violated his wife, Candrawati.

Former Police General Ferdy Sambo; He Is Also A Killer
Former Police General Ferdy Sambo; He Is Also A Killer (Image Source: Okezone.com)

On February 12, 2022, Wahyu Iman Santoso sentenced Sambo and his wife. Investigators thought Sambo erased the CCTV footage of the crime scene. Following the completion of the court document on Monday, everyone connected to the murder has been taken to jail.

Judges noted that handling the case in the manner in which the Sambo believed the bodyguard to be having sex with his wife was improper.

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