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It’s funny how a person’s life may alter after being engaged with a well-known figure, isn’t it? Have you thought about Kari Hillsman when discussing such people? She is often thought of as someone who gained visibility and celebrity as a result of her relationship with a well-known figure. So who is she, then?

Hillsman, a well-known American lady, rose to celebrity as Rick Fox‘s ex-girlfriend in the Bahamas and Canada. She gained attention when it was discovered that she was connected to the basketball star, who is most known for having played for the Los Angeles Lakers.

The mother of Kyle Fox, Rick’s oldest kid, is Kari Hillsman. The couple, however, already disintegrated, and both parties went on. She endures, though, as Rick’s well-known ex-girlfriend and the mother of his oldest kid.

Kari Hillsman And Rick Fox Relationship Timeline

Kari Hillsman allegedly met actor and NBA player Rick Fox while she was a college student. She supported him when he was chosen by the Boston Celtics and was, at one point, a celebrity in the NBA. On the campus of the University of North Carolina, their romance blossomed.

Kari Hillsman and her ex Rick Fox.
Kari Hillsman and Rick Fox, her ex. Source: Facebook

Kari and Rick, the former couple, kept up their relationship for many years and even welcomed their son Kyle in 1993. But neither of them has gotten married or even even engaged. They divorced in the late 1990s, but they continued to co-parent amicably for many years after.

Sources claim that Kari and Rick split up due of Rick’s expanding career. His daily workload increased as a result of his increased exposure to the sports sector, which included travel, team play, and training. Consequently, their previous time together began to shift. And despite their best attempts, the pair was unable to make their romance continue; as a result, they split up.

Kyle was mostly under Kari’s care, and Rick assisted her in co-parenting the child

When Kyle, Kari’s older kid, was born, their relationship with Rick Fox was strained. In addition, he had to increase his net worth while maintaining a demanding NBA career.

Kari Hillsman with her oldest son Kyle Fox.
Kyle Fox, the mother of Kari Hillsman’s eldest child. Source Facebook

Kari took care of Kyle mostly after their split. Rick helped her out by visiting and providing money for his child. Their cooperation as parents was easy. Kyle has unquestionably benefited from his parents’ wonderful connection.

Details of Early Life & Education

American television personality Kari is from Massachusetts. She was born on January 16, 1971, to the late Augustus Hillsman, an army officer, and Mary Hillsman, a former healthcare provider.

Hillsman is biracial; she is white on her mother’s side and African-American on her father’s. She was raised in a Christian home as well. She grew up alongside her sister Tarah Elan Hillsman Townsend as well.

Kari Hillsman (right) with her sister Tarah and Father AC Hilsman.
Sister Tarah, father AC Hilsman, and Kari Hillsman (right). Source Facebook

Kari was raised in a decent atmosphere because she is the daughter of an army officer and a healthcare provider. And in terms of her schooling, sources claim that she received her diploma from Andover High School. She attended the Lowell General Hospital School of Nursing after graduating from high school.

The article also asserts that Kari attended The University of Massachusetts Boston after finishing her coursework and earning her nursing degree.

Who Is the Current Husband of Kari Hillsman?

You’ll be relieved to learn that Kari has moved on with her life and is no longer available if you’re wondering what happened to her following her breakup with Rick Fox. She is currently wed to Henry Francilion.

Kari Hillsman with husband Henry Francilion.
Henry Francilion is the spouse of Kari Hillsman. Source Facebook

Kari and Henry were wed on December 17, 2003, according to sources. Furthermore, before to getting hitched, they are said to have dated for a significant amount of time. Given that they have been together for so long, even after 18 years, it appears that she has finally met the love of her life. And they continue to be obstinate in their relationship.

Additionally, Henry, Kari’s husband, is said to oversee the school’s youth soccer program for boys at Medford High School. A professional football player who represented Haiti’s national team and competed in the 1974 World Cup, according to accounts, is Kari’s father-in-law.

Do Kari Hillsman and Her Husband Have Children?

As is already known, Rick Fox, a former NBA player, and Kari had a kid together named Kyle Fox. She now has two children as a result of her marriage to Henry. She welcomed a son and a daughter.

Kari Hillsman's husband Henry Francilion with her younger kids.
Henry Francilion, Kari Hillsman’s husband, and her younger children. Source Facebook

Kayla Augustine Francilion, Kari and Henry’s first child, was born on May 4, 2005. In 2006, the couple received their boy, Kaden Thierry Francilion, not long after the birth of their daughter.

The family is currently based in Boston, Massachusetts. Kyle, the eldest brother, is close to his half-siblings and frequently visits them.

Learn more about Rick Fox by reading his bio

A former NBA player and basketball actor from the Bahamas and Canada, Rick Fox is a basketball enthusiast. After being selected by the Boston Celtics as the 24th player overall in the first round of the 1991 NBA draft, he started his basketball career. Then, from 1982 till 1997, he was a member of the squad.

Rick began playing for the Los Angeles Lakers in the same year, 1997, after being signed by the franchise. In 2000, 2001, and 2002, the Lakers won three NBA titles in a row when he was a member of the squad. Being a member of the group helped him become well-known and get exposure in the business.

Regrettably, Rick’s ailments forced him to leave the NBA in 2004. He was pursuing an acting career in addition to his NBA career. In 1994, he made his acting debut in the sports drama Blue Chips. Despite leaving the NBA, he continued to work in the movie business. He currently runs an esports franchise and is both an actor and a businessman.

Today, Rick is a prosperous businessman. He is the co-founder and CEO of Partanna, a company that develops clean-air technology and is a pioneer in the development of carbon-negative surface goods. He has dated well-known people including Sharon Stone, Kristin Davis, and Khloe Kardashian.

Rick Fox and Vanessa Williams were wed in the past

Years after splitting from Kari Hillsman, Rick met the gorgeous actress Vanessa Williams in 1999. They went on to have a daughter together after eloping to the Caribbean. Sadly, the couple split up in 2004.

Kari Hillsman's ex Rick Fox with then-wife Vanessa and their child.
Rick Fox, who was married to Vanessa Williams at the time, and their child. Source: Zimbio

The former couple Rick and Vanessa had a cordial co-parenting and working relationship, and their breakup was amicable. Following their divorce, they continued to collaborate on acting ventures. They are highly involved with Sasha, their daughter.

Williams is a well-known actress with a sizable following. She’s been married three times and enjoys her present union very much. Kevin Sussman is one of her co-stars in the Ugly Betty drama.

What Is the Net Worth of Kari Hillsman?

After splitting from former NBA player Rick Foz, Kari has tried to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible. She has so avoided talking about herself, even if she occasionally posts about her children and family. Therefore, information concerning her earnings and net worth must be reliable.

The internet has calculated Kari Hillsman’s net worth to be more than $100,000. Although her precise net worth hasn’t been confirmed, it has been made known that she works as a residential manager and a housewife.

Kari too hails from a respectable family. Her mother was well-off, and her father was in the military. Kari is a certified residential manager at the Institute of Real Estate Management, according to sources (IREM). The source adds that she has been employed by the business since 2014.

One week after her wedding, Kari lost her father to cancer

On December 26, 2003, a week after she married her future husband, Henry, Kari lost her father, Augustus Hillsman, to cancer. Although she never mentioned it, her father’s obituary was later made public. The loss of a newlywed bride’s father just days after the wedding must have been very difficult.

Kari Hillsman's father Augustus AC Hillsman
Augustus AC Hillsman, the father of Kari Hillsman. Source Facebook

On December 31, Kari’s father, Augustus, had a memorial ceremony at People’s Baptist Church in Camden, St. Boston. It was organized by the Riley Funeral Home.

Details Regarding Kari’s Hobbies

Kari Hillsman enjoys being active, going on trips, and attending operas. She enjoys sports as well, and all of her kids like playing video games and soccer. She engages her spouse and family in her interests.

Kari, an ex-girlfriend of Rick Fox, enjoys spending time with her family and the two frequently go out. She enjoys great wine and loves steak. She has been to every significant location in Boston, her hometown. She visits Florida, New York, and California regularly.

Kyle Fox was employed by his father, Rick

Kyle, the eldest child of Kari and Rick, creates video games. He has a lifelong fascination with video games and internet gaming. Additionally, as he grew older and had a job in gaming, his enthusiasm in gaming increased.

Kari Hillsman's son Kyle Fox with his dad Rick Fox.
Kyle Fox, son of Rick and Kari Fox, with his father. Source: Instagram @imrickafox

Kyle Fox’s father, Rick Fox, established the well-known e-gaming firm Echo Fox in eSports because of Kyle’s passion for gaming. On December 18, 2015, the business was established, and it got off to a tremendous start. However, the business started to operate poorly and lost to its rivals. And as a result, Echo Fox split up in 2019.

Kyle used to work there as a moderator. The business enjoyed some popularity and has a devoted fan base. Kyle currently works as a video game designer in Los Angeles, though.

Is Kari a Social Media User?

Kari avoided drawing attention to herself after her separation with Rick Fox. She had a little online presence as a result. She does, however, have a presence on Facebook and Instagram. She is not currently accessible on Twitter.

Kari, a former flame of Rick Fox, is active on Instagram and goes by the handle  @kjhf3. Her profile has been kept hidden. She is active on  Facebook, as was already mentioned. She always posts about her family and children despite being overloaded on the network.

Physical Qualities

Let’s determine Kari’s height, weight, and physical characteristics in order to better understand how she enchanted NBA star Rick Fox. She has a height of 5′ 6″ (167 cm). Her lovely green-gray eyes are stunning.

Kari Hillsman on her Socials.
Kari Hillsman’s online profiles. Source Facebook

Kari has gorgeous dark-colored hair since she is of African ancestry. She also has unusually grayish-green eyes, which is another feature. Additionally, Kari, Rick Fox’s ex-girlfriend, is said to weigh about 55 kg.

Was Rick Fox’s fan trying to get Kari Hillsman to get better seats by offering her drugs?

Did you know that the NBA star Rick Fox almost got involved in a drug controversy in the past with his girlfriend Kari Hillsman? In 1993, Rick Fox, his fiancée Kari, and a season-ticket holder who wanted the players’ autographs got into a fight in the Celtics’ locker room.

The claimed male presented Kari something she described as a “suspicious green material,” which she believed to be a drug container. Hillsman believed the material to be marijuana, albeit the exact substance is yet unclear. Later, Fox addressed the individual and expressed his displeasure with the circumstance. In this disturbance, the police were even need to be summoned.

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