Jordan Bridges's mother Julie Landfield

Julie Landfield is a well-known celebrity mother and the former spouse of Beau Bridges, a well-known actor. She became renowned for her marriage to Beau and subsequent divorce, and her youngest child, actor Jordan Bridges, is also well-known.

American by nationality, Julie was born Julie Ann Landfield on April 25, 1944, in Los Angeles, California. Her parents are Marvin Landfield and Magdalene “Madge” Anne Polries Landfield, and she is of White heritage. She seems to be a really kind and patient person.

Julie is a housewife and a former actress by trade. She once went as Julie Bridges and continues to do so frequently. She is a devoted grandma and mother.

 Julie Landfield Net Worth Is $2 Million

About $2 million is Julie Landfield’s net worth. In addition to being a celebrity wife of a star, she has worked as an actor. According to reports, she also profited financially from the settlement of her divorce and the successful careers of her children.

A photo of Julie Landfield from 2016.
A photo of Julie Landfield from 2016. Source: Instagram @4grandhearts

Beau Bridges, Julie’s well-known ex-husband, is worth $16 million. He was successful thanks to his acting profession, sponsorships, and long career. He has experience in both television and cinema. Casey Bridges and Jordan Bridges, Julie’s sons, are reportedly also successful businessmen.

Jordan has a net worth of $12 million compared to Casey’s estimated $2 million. While Casey also has jobs as a manager and an entrepreneur, they are both labeled as actors.

Relationship Timeline – Ex-Husband & Kids

In 1964, Julie Landfield wed Beau Bridges, her ex-husband. Years of joyful marriage resulted in the birth of two children for the couple.

A photo of Beau Bridges, the well-known ex-husband of Julie Landfield.
A photo of Beau Bridges, the well-known ex-husband of Julie Landfield. Source: Instagram @mrbeaubridges

They genuinely welcomed their first kid into a joyful family through adoption. The adoption took place before Jordan, their biological kid, was born.

About Julie And Beau’s Divorce Reason

In 1974, Julie Landfield and her first husband, Beau, divorced. There is no known cause for the division. Given that the famous actor Beau is a devout Christian and that the Bridges family typically does not divorce, the divorce came as a surprise to the general public.

Beau has avoided mentioning his first wife since their divorce. He avoids the topic and dislikes to bring up his broken marriage, according to reports.

Julie and Beau have both maintained a cordial co-parenting relationship. Their offspring are content and adjusted. After the breakup, they don’t appear to still celebrate the same holidays or other occasions together.

Ex-Husband of Julie Married Again

After his divorce from Julie Landfield, Beau Bridges wed Wendy Treece eleven years later. His first marriage ended in 1974, and he married again in 1984.

Beau and Wendy, his second wife, have three kids together. Dylan Lloyd Bridges, Emily Beau Bridges, and Ezekiel Jeffrey Bridges are his three younger children.

Beau Bridges, the ex-husband of Julie Landfield, and Wendy Treece, his current partner.
Beau Bridges, the ex-husband of Julie Landfield, and Wendy Treece, his current partner. Source: Instagram @mrbeaubridges 

On social media, Wendy and Beau frequently flaunt their love for one another and claim to be the parents of all five kids. Wendy appears to be a devoted stepmother to Case and Jordan.

Julie, on the other hand, hasn’t revealed any romantic relationships. She has not yet wed anyone either. She seems to be getting along with herself nicely.

Casey, Julie’s Adopted Son

The eldest child of actor Beau Bridges and his first wife Julie Landfield is Casey Bridges. He was actually adopted by the couple, although he was originally born on March 16, 1969, in California, USA.

Unlike his well-known father and accomplished actor uncle Jeff Bridges, Casey Bridges is not as well-known. As a young actor, he appeared in several films, such as The Macahans and The Other Side of the Mountain.

A young Casey Bridges with his father, Beau Bridges, in a photo taken by Julie Landfield.
A young Casey Bridges with his father, Beau Bridges, in a photo taken by Julie Landfield. Source: Twitter @MrBeauBridges 

Casey earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in film from the University of California in 1993. Later on, he founded Bridges Media Arts, his own business.

In his earlier positions, which had nothing to do with the entertainment sector, he also served as a manager and an acting director. Also, he has contributed to several sustainability initiatives and groups.

About Julie’s Prominent Son Jumper Bridges

The son of Julie Landfield who is more well-known is Jacob Bridges. In the detective TV series Rizzoli & Isles, he played the character Frankie Rizzoli, for which he is well known. Colin Egglesfield, an American actor, rose to fame thanks to the program.

Jordan, who was born on November 13th, 1973, is a Bard College alum. He had a brief career as a kid actor before deciding to continue his education. He is wed to Carrie Eastman at the moment.

Jordan Bridges, son of Julie Landfield, and Caroline "Lola" Bridges, her granddaughter.
Jordan Bridges, son of Julie Landfield, and Caroline “Lola” Bridges, her granddaughter. Source: Instagram @jord_bridges

Jordan became well-known for playing renowned attorney Nick Potter in the NBC series Conviction. Along with being a member of the Love Comes Softly series, he has appeared in a number of films, including Samantha: An American Girl Vacation and New Suit.

In addition, Jordan appeared often in a number of well-known TV programs, including Charmed, Bionic Woman, Dawson’s Creek, which featured Katie Holmes, and others.

Julie Has A Granddaughter

Julie is a grandma to Jordan Bridges, her younger son. Caroline Bridges and Orson Bridges are the happy children of Jordan Bridges and his wife Carrie Eastman.

By her relatives, Caroline is frequently referred to as Lola. Almost a year after her parents’ marriage, in 2003, she was born. She is also developing as an artist.

A photo of Julie Landfield with Caroline "Lola" Bridges, her granddaughter.
A photo of Julie Landfield with Caroline “Lola” Bridges, her granddaughter.Source: Instagram @jord_bridges

The newest member of the family, Orson was born in 2005. He is a tall, lanky young man with lofty ambitions. He is a creative.

Casey Bridges, Julie’s oldest son, is not a father. His extended family is where he spends his time.

Julie Landfield’s early years and family background

The oldest of three girls and a California native, Julie Landfield was born. Marvin and Madge Landfield, her parents, were a loving couple for many years. Unfortunately, on April 30, 2006, her father, who was in his 90s, passed away.

Jeri and Joni Landfield, Julie's younger sisters, are shown to the right.
Jeri and Joni Landfield, Julie’s younger sisters, are shown to the right. Source: Instagram @4grandhearts

Julie Bridges, a previous spouse of Beau Bridges, attended a nearby high school. The general population is unaware of her other education. She did grow up in California with her family and had a happy upbringing.

Jeri and Joni Landfield are Julie’s younger sisters. Her children, grandkids, nephews, and nieces are now part of the family.

Appearance – Julie’s Height & Weight?

Julie Bridges, Jordan Bridges’ mother, is a little woman with a significantly lesser stature than his father Beau Bridges, who is 5 feet 10 inches tall (178 cm).

A photo of Julie Landfield with Orson Bridges, her grandson.
A photo of Julie Landfield with Orson Bridges, her grandson.Source: Instagram @jord_bridges

The brunette Julie has spectacles on her face. She has a great grin and a light skin. She enjoys a laid-back way of life and spending time with her kids and grandkids.

Career Outset

In the 1970s, Julie Landfield had a career as an actress. She primarily played minor roles and was a young artist. Her movies are:

  • Two-Minute Warning (1976)
  • Bitter Heritage (1979)
  • Joe Forrester (1975)
  • The President’s Mistress (1978)

Social Media – Active On Instagram

Julie Bridges has a modest social media presence. Her Instagram account, which is private, is @nonnie2lo_or . Beau Bridges, her ex-husband, is a frequent user of social media.

Beau, Julie’s ex-husband, has accounts on Twitter and Instagram. His @mrbeaubridges Instagram account has almost 8,000 followers. Almost 18K people follow his @MrBeauBridges  Twitter account. 

Jordan Bridges, Julie’s well-known son, is active on social media. jord bridges, his Instagram username, has 8K followers. Also, he has 13K followers on his @Jordan Bridges Twitter account.

Quick Facts About Jordan Bridges’s Mother Julie Landfield

Birth Date April 25,1994
Full Name Julie Ann Landfield
Birth Name Julie Ann Landfield
Other Name Julie Bridges, Julie Landfield, Juli Bridges
Profession Celebrity Mother
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Birth City Los Angeles, California
Birth Country America
Father Name Marvin Landfield
Father Profession Navyman and Music Editor
Mother Name Magdalene Anne Polries Landfield
Mother Profession Homemaker
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Taurus
Marital Status Divorced
No Of Children 2
Net Worth 2000000
Sibilings Jeri Landfield and Joni Landfield
Religion Jewish
Insta Link Insta Link

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