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Jude Speleers is Ed Speleers and Asia Macey’s well-known son. His parents are both well-known individuals. Jude’s father, Ed, is an accomplished actor by trade who rose to fame as a result of his roles in Downton Abbey, Outlander, and Wolf Hall. He is a director in addition to being an actor.

Jude’s mother, Asia Macey, works as a designer and is also involved in the entertainment industry. As a costume designer, she has contributed to movies including Into the Woods, The Lady in the Van, and Broadchurch.

People often want to know more about Jude Speleers’ life because he is the son of two well-known persons, Ed Speleers and Asia Macey. In this essay, let’s discover everything there is to know about this young man.

Ed Speleers & Asia Macey Welcomes A Daughter In 2018

As was previously mentioned, Jude was born to Ed Speleers & Asia Macey in the UK in January 2015. He was famous from the moment of his birth because of the fame of his famous parents. He is not his parents’ sole kid since a girl was born in 2018 instead of only a boy.

Jude Speleers staring at his younger sister
Jude Speleers with his younger sister and father, Ed Speleers.
(Image Source: Biography Mask)

Sadly, there is currently no information available concerning Jude’s younger sister. Even her name has not been disclosed to the media. They are too young to be exposed to the media, therefore it makes sense not to bring attention to them for safety and privacy concerns.
Jude and his younger sister were born into an affluent family and would undoubtedly enjoy happy lives in the future without experiencing any financial troubles. As of right now, they have been living with their parents.

His Father Ed Is The Ambassador Of YouthNet Charity

Since 2010, Ed Speleers, the father of Jude Speleers, has donated annually to the UK charity YouthNet. In order to help YouthNet raise money for their cause, he participated in the Virgin London Marathon for the first time in 2011. He was also the first ambassador for YouthNet, and he still is, displaying his good character.

The social and emotional growth of young children is supported in the community and at school by the Stafford-based organization YouthNet. Anyone may visit the charity’s website to learn more about its programs.

Jude Parent’s Ed Speleers and Asia Macey Relationship Timeline

Ed Speleers and Asia Macey, Jude’s parents, dated for a long time before getting married. Several sources indicate that 2014 is the most likely year for their wedding, even if their exact date has not been made public.

Until a friend of Ed reported the following to Daily Mail, Ed and Asia, a devoted couple, kept their marriage a secret.

 “Ed’s so excited about becoming a dad.”

Jude Speleers's parents, Asia Macey and  Ed Speleers, posing for a photo shoot at an event.
Jude Speleers’s parents, Asia Macey and  Ed Speleers, in an event. (Image Source: Getty Images)

One more source reported:

“His mates were at a party… and were referring to Asia as his wife. It seems like they have married in secret.”

What Is The Net Worth Of Jude Speleers Father?

As was well known, Jude’s father, Edward, is a well-known actor and film producer. It’s estimated that Ed Speleers’ current net worth is $4 million.

The majority of Ed’s income comes from his work as a producer and performer in a number of films and television shows. His career took off thanks to the success of his debut movie, Eragon, which made over $250 million.

Ed would be able to live comfortably if he had that much money. Neither he nor his kids need be concerned about money issues until he makes a terrible financial decision.

Jude Speleers Mother Asia Macey Is A Designer

Asia Macey, Jude’s mother, is a well-known costume designer who also does design work. But after she wed Ed Speleers, she became well-known. Unfortunately, she leads a quiet life and rarely shares personal information.

Jude Speleers's mother Asia Macey.
Jude Speleers’s mother, Asia Macey with an intense look.
(Image Source: CelebSuburb)

According to IMDB, Asia has created costumes for movies including Into the Woods, The Lady in the Van, and Broadchurch. Her IMDb biography presently lists a total of 18 costume design credits for her.

A Quick Facts About Ed Speleers

Edward John Speleers, popularly known as Ed Spellers, was born in West Sussex on April 7, 1988. His parents split up when he was just three years old. After their divorce, his mother relocated to Spain while his father stayed in London. Ed also has two senior half-brothers.
When Ed was a senior in high school, he started performing in plays. Shakespearean productions like Richard III and A Midsummer Night’s Dream were among the ones he appeared in. 2006 was not just his graduation year but also the start of his professional career.

A Quick Look At Jude’s Father’s Controversial Play

Ed wrote Retribution, one of the most controversial compositions, while he was an Eastbourne College student. He co-wrote the play with one of his friends, Rob Curran.

Retribution looked upon serious issues including pedophilia and child abuse. As expected, astonishment was the general public’s reaction. He has publicly stated that he doesn’t give a damn whether people hate him for the right reasons. He stated:

“I’m up for being disliked and hated if it’s in the right context.”

Ed’s Awards & Accolades

Edward, who is 5 feet 10 inches tall, started working in 2006 as a professional. He made his acting debut in the 20th Century Fox film Eragon as one of the major characters. It was adapted from the bestselling book by Christopher Paolini.

Since then, he has made numerous well-known movies, TV series, and short films.
2015 Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Ensemble Cast went to Ed (Television Drama). It was given to him for his role as Jimmy in Downton Abbey. He was also a finalist for the Saturn Awards in the categories of Best Ensemble Performance, BAFTA Award, and Best Young Actor.

Social Media Presence Of Jude’s Father

Jude Speleers, who is too young to use social media, regularly appears on his father’s Instagram account. His father maintains an active Instagram account with the username  @edwardjspeleers and has roughly 97.3k followers.

Jude Speleers with his father, Ed Speleers.
Young Jude Speleers with his father, Ed Speleers.
(Image Source: Twitter)

Jude’s mother, Asia, uses social media less frequently than his father. She does, however, have several fandom accounts.

Jude’s Actor Father Also Does Voice-Over

In addition to his work as an actor and a producer, Ed has experience in the video game business. In the November 2006 release of the video game Eragon, he performed Eragon’s voice. However, the game received bad reviews and had poor sales success.
On October 21, 2016, ten years after Eragon’s release, Ed lent his voice to the Battlefield 1 video game’s Daniel Edwards character. It was made available by Electronic Arts, and its main setting is World War I. A significant commercial success, the game sold more than 15 million copies worldwide.

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