Jocelyn Adams

Jocelyn Adams is the daughter of Denise Bidot, a renowned plus-size model and an inspiring figure in the modeling industry. Denise Bidot holds the distinction of being the first plus-size model to walk the runway in a New York Fashion Show.

Following Her Mother’s Footsteps

Jocelyn, although still a child, is already beginning to carve her own path separate from her mother’s shadow. She has made appearances alongside her mother in various episodes of “Awe-inspiring Young ladies” and has even walked the fashion runway alongside her.

10 Facts About Jocelyn Adams

  1. Jocelyn Adams was born in the United States, with her exact birth date currently under investigation by our sources.
  2. As of 2023, she is believed to be a young age of 15, with plenty of room to grow and develop into a confident young woman like her mother.
  3. Jocelyn currently resides with her mother, Denise Bidot. Her father, Gregory Vrecenak, was Denise’s first husband, and they were married in 2005.
  4. Her grandmother’s name is Danphe Bidot. Jocelyn and her mother share a close bond with her grandmother, looking up to her as a mother figure.
  5. Jocelyn’s mother, Denise, is currently known to be dating the renowned rapper Lil Wayne, as confirmed through her Instagram post.
  6. While specific details about Jocelyn’s height are limited, she appears to have an estimated height of around 4 feet based on her appearance.
  7. As a minor, Jocelyn’s dating life is not a subject of news until she reaches the age of 18.
  8. Jocelyn does not have her own estimated net worth. However, her mother, Denise, is estimated to have a net worth of $1.2 million USD, according to Walikali.
  9. There is limited personal information dedicated to Jocelyn on her mother’s Wikipedia page.
  10. Although Jocelyn herself is not on social media, she can occasionally be seen in her mother’s Instagram posts.

Facts of Jocelyn Adams

Name Jocelyn Adams
Age 12
Gender Female
Height 4 feet
Nationality American
Parents Denise Bidot and Gregory Vrecenak
Married/Single Single

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