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Quinton Anderson Reynolds is the son adopted by the late Burt Reynolds, an iconic American actor known for his roles in popular television shows such as Gunsmoke, Hawk, Dan August, and Deliverance. His mother, Loni Anderson, is also a renowned actress who gained fame for her portrayal of Jennifer Marlowe in the CBS sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati.

Quinton prefers to lead a quiet life despite being a celebrity child. Despite being a private person, Reynolds does have a job in Hollywood. But there is almost no information in the media about personal lives. But today, we attempted to provide answers to the following questions in the article below: Is Quinton Anderson married? What’s his wife’s name?

Quinton Anderson Reynolds Was Adopted

On Wednesday, August 31, 1988, in an undisclosed California hospital, Quinton Anderson Reynolds was born. He was born weighing seven pounds, fourteen ounces.

Quinton Anderson Reynolds, his father Burt Reynolds, and his mother Loni Anderson
Quinton Anderson Reynolds, his father Burt Reynolds, and his mother Loni Anderson

He was formally adopted by his well-known parents, Burt and Anderson, the day after his birth. In fact, the adoption process for him had already begun before he was even born. Loni’s publicist, Mickey Freeman, explained this in an exclusive interview.

Loni and Burt are adopting. They are watching for the baby’s birth, it’s true. Apparently, it could happen at any time.

Quinton was taken by his famous parents when he was only one day old after his birth. On Thursday, his famous mother’s publicist spoke with the media and stated,

The baby was born on Wednesday, and the parents are bringing him home today.

There is no information in the public domain about his biological parents. He was raised in a famous family with his sister Deidra Hoffman, his mother Loni Anderson’s biological child, ever since the day he first opened his eyes. He led a lavish life as a celebrity child, without a doubt.

Burt’s desire to adopt a child:

Burt Reynolds was married twice but never produced a biological child. He had repeatedly mentioned his desire to adopt children in several of his interviews. In fact, he had been thinking about adoption since the 1970s. He first discussed it in 1972 with a pastor by the name of Jess Moody. Regarding this, Moody said,

He first discussed adopting a child with me in 1972, and he brought it up once more in 1974 on The Mike Douglas Show. He also recorded “Room for a Boy,” his only recording, in 1974, but it was never released.

The pastor went on to say that the Deliverance actor had attempted to adopt an Indian child in the past but was unsuccessful. In 1988, Burt finally achieved his goal by adopting Quinton with his newlywed wife, Anderson.

Quinton Anderson Reynolds's father always wanted to adopt a child
Quinton Anderson Reynolds, his father Burt Reynolds, and his mother Loni Anderson

Burt’s life underwent a significant and spiritual transformation with the birth of Quinton. Specifically, the same pastor, Jess, said:

Burt is a different man as a result of this child, and there is a lot of love and a strong commitment there. A profound spiritual release has occurred.

The father and son had a wonderful relationship up until Burt’s passing on September 6, 2018. Burt, Quinton’s well-liked father, passed away from cardiac arrest at the age of 82.

Quinton was not included in his father’s will; But Why?

Burt, Quinton’s well-known father, chose Nancy Lee Brown Hess as his inheritor rather than his son. At the time of his passing, his estimated net worth was $5 million. In regard to this, Burt once said,

As I had made arrangements for him in my Declaration of Trust while I was alive, I intentionally chose to leave him out of my Last Will and Testament.

Quinton continues to receive money through a trust fund that his father established for him years before his passing, despite the fact that he did not directly inherit his father’s wealth.

What is Quinton Anderson Reynolds’ occupation?

In Hollywood, Quinton works as a camera assistant. He has performed professional work as a camera assistant on numerous films and television shows.

Quinton Anderson Reynolds works as an assistant cameraman in hollywood
Quinton Anderson Reynolds

The 2013 movie Escape from Polygamy served as the starting point for the celebrity kid’s Hollywood career as a digital imaging technician. He served as a digital imaging technician for the other three films in the same year, Killer Reality, Zombie Night, and My Santa.

After that, he was promoted to the second assistant camera and began working as a cinematographer on various projects. Supernova 45, The Avengers Grimm, Ominous, The Flight Before Christmas, His Double Life, Paint It Black, and numerous other films have Anderson’s cinematography to their credit.

He Is Also An Editor

Quinton has worked not only in the camera department but also in the editorial department. Burt’s son worked as an assistant editor on the films Sharknado, 100 Below Zero, Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story, and Dick Dickster, according to IMDb. He has additionally worked as a post-production assistant on numerous TV movies and videos.

relationship Status: Is Quinton Anderson Reynolds Married?

Quinton leads a more private life than any other celebrity child. He has done an excellent job of keeping his personal affairs private. His absence from social media accounts furthers the mystery surrounding his private life. Therefore, there is no reliable information about his marriage.

He has, however, been classified as an unmarried man to date by a number of media outlets. It’s safe to assume Quinton is single until and unless he reveals his relationship status to the media. Reynolds needs to be honest and open with the world about his private life.

How Rich Is Quinton Anderson Reynolds?

The estimated net worth of Quinton is $1 million. In contrast, his deceased father Burt Reynolds was worth $5 million at the time of his passing, and as of 2023, his mother Loni is worth $12 million.

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