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Murray Bartlett is a talented Australian actor known for his roles in popular shows such as Sex and the City, The White Lotus, Welcome to Chippendales, and The Last of Us. He recently achieved recognition with an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Role, awarded for his portrayal of hotel manager Armond in the HBO anthology comedy series White Lotus.

Bartlett frequently plays gay characters in his roles, which is one thing about his work that sets him apart from other actors. Many have also questioned whether Murray is actually a nonbinary celebrity because he has played one or two gay roles. He has, after all, frequently contributed to the history of gay sex.

Bartlett has always been open about the fact that he is gay. However, the actor is very private about his relationship, and it could be said that he has been successful in keeping that aspect of his life out of the spotlight. Murray does, however, have a boyfriend, at least according to several media reports.

Although Murray is reportedly dating someone, it is still unclear who has Bartlett’s heart. The answer is still a mystery, and many people have made assumptions about who this mysterious partner is. Have they come out into the open, or will their love remain a secret? Read the headers below to find out what is being said about these intriguing questions.

Bartlett Doesn’t Have A Wife, But He Does Have A Boyfriend

As previously stated, Matt appears to be Murray’s boyfriend, and they are allegedly in a same-sex relationship. Nothing else is known about Bartlett’s enigmatic partner, though. Whatever the case, it is clear that Matt, Murray’s partner, does not work in the same industry as the actor from Sydney.

However, it is not known if the couple is married or not, or how long they have been dating. Additionally, they have not yet appeared in public together. In fact, many people were unaware that his partner’s name was Matt or that he was even dating before his Emmy acceptance speech in September 2022. Furthermore, it is unclear exactly who Matt is and what he does.

Emmy winner Murray Bartlett as Dom in the HBO series White Lotus
Murray Bartlett, an Australian actor, stars in the HBO limited series White Lotus.

Whatever the case, Murray has disclosed that he and his boyfriend reside in Provincetown, a small town on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, with Cape Cod being part of the state of Massachusetts. Bartlett moved in with his partner Matt in the midst of the 2020 global pandemic.

The actor from Neighbors had previously spent 17 years residing in Brooklyn. In order to live close to nature and create a community with their chosen family, the couple relocated. Although they are not yet parents, Bo is a border collie that both partners share.

Living With His Partner Proved To Be A Positive Change For Bartlett

In an interview, Bartlett said that moving to Massachusetts with his boyfriend turned out to be a stroke of good fortune and that he should have done it sooner. As a result, Matt taped an audition for The White Lotus, the program that would earn him an Emmy, in his garage. Speaking of which, when accepting the Emmy in September 2022, Murray referred to his partner Matt as his “sanctuary” and thanked him.

The Looking actor Murray
Murray Bartlett lives in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, with his partner Matt

In an earlier interview with Mr. Porter in January 2023, Bartlett, a graduate of John Curtin College, disclosed that it was his partner, Matt, who had the foresight to anticipate his Emmy success. Murray claimed that his boyfriend had expressed to him his belief that “big is going to happen” and “I don’t want us to be living in the city” before persuading him to move to Massachusetts.

Bartlett’s Previous Relationships: Did He Ever Marry?

Murray’s sexual orientation has been somewhat known to the public for some time. The actor has rarely discussed his history of sexuality and current sexual orientation, similar to his current personal issues. Therefore, it is uncertain whether Murray ever exhibited any heterosexual allegiance, whether it be marital or otherwise. Consequently, it is also unknown whether he ever had a wife. He did, however, once date some men.

Murray Bartlett has a history of securing notable roles while cohabiting with his partner. Before his Emmy-winning performance in White Lotus, he landed the role of Dom in HBO’s 2014 comedy series Looking while living with his Egyptian partner in Cairo. He auditioned for the role by sending in a tape from Cairo.

Bartlett Mentions That He & His Partner Have Contrasting Personalities

Bartlett claimed that he and his partner Matt had diametrically opposed temperaments during an interview with Mr. Porter in January 2023. In contrast to his boyfriend, the Guiding Light actor asserted that he has a strong sense of emotion.

Murray boyfriend Matt had a foresight that he was going to win Emmy
Murray Bartlett in Louis Vuitton shirt for GQ

Bartlett went on to say that, at times, it is both fascinating and frustrating that his partner won’t “dive into the snake pit with him.” He also stated,

“One of the things I’ve found intriguing—and a little frustrating at times—is that he doesn’t sort of dive into the snake pit with me. In the beginning, I was like, ‘Come on! Come on in! “And it was a little disorienting for me.”

The Last Of Us actor Murray for GQ
Murray, the White Lotus actor

However, Bartlett claimed that he views the distinctions favorably. The White Lotus actor claimed that a balance was achieved between his partner’s mountain-like calm and his emotional tidal wave of feelings. He further added,

“I could be going through this tornado of emotions, and then there’s this mountain right beside me, and it’s like WHOOSH.”

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