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Jeremy Bloom, a former athlete, has enjoyed a highly successful career as both a skier and a football player. From a young age, the athlete has been passionate about skiing, and later, he also developed a keen interest in football. He has won world championships and competed in the Olympics twice, showcasing his incredible ability to glide through mountainous terrain with ease, which has earned him a devoted fanbase.

It is safe to say that Bloom is one of America’s most adored athletes as a result. Has this player received great fortune as a result of his fame? Certainly has. We can get a sense of Bloom’s wealth by perusing the Olympian’s social media feed. So, how much money is Jeremy Bloom worth? This article is entirely about that, including his salary, net worth, and other sources of income.

Jeremy Bloom Is A Millionaire:

As of 2023, Jeremy Bloom has a net worth of $5 million. It appears that his outstanding sportsmanship in the two major sports of skiing and football really paid off! Additionally, Jeremy Bloom’s career as a football player and skier has contributed significantly to his wealth.

Jeremy Bloom, the ski star is worth $5 mil.
Jeremy Bloom is enjoying his vacations

His Instagram feed contains snippets of his extraordinary and opulent lifestyle. The former skier has frequently pictured dining at opulent establishments with his family and friends while touring the world to new and exotic locations.

How Much Does Jeremy Bloom Get Paid?

No one is aware of Jeremy Bloom’s current average yearly salary. However, after some investigation, we discovered that he and the football team Philadelphia Eagles had a legally binding contract from 2006 to 2009. The contract states that Jeremy was promised a sum of $1.7 million and was initially approved for a signing bonus of $172,000.

Thus, based on the calculations, his annual salary was roughly $445,500 at that time. We assume that his salary will be roughly the same in 2023. So it goes without saying that his sizable salary was a major factor in increasing his net worth to multi-million dollar levels.

Will He Reconsider Becoming an Athlete? A Quick Look:

After having great success in both football and skiing, Jeremy Bloom is now prepared to take over the business world. Since there has been no word of his return to either sport, he has already abandoned his sense of sportsmanship. What is he doing now, then?

Jeremy Bloom, Co-founder, and CEO of Integrate
Jeremy Bloom, Co-founder and CEO of Integrate (Image Source: Entrepreneur)

As of now, Bloom is the co-founder and CEO of Integrate, a marketing technology company. In addition, he founded the charitable organization Wish of a Lifetime, which helps seniors realize their dreams. He has so far had enormous business success as well. Jeremy competed in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year competition in 2013.

Aside from this, he is still involved in sports and has not yet moved on from his previous life. Jeremy Bloom frequently serves as a TV analyst for Olympic and college football. He has provided commentary to date for ESPN, Fox, NBC, and The Pac-12 Network.

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