Brittney Griner

The WNBA standout Brittney Griner is a woman who came out as a lesbian in 2013. She is not transgender and was not born a guy.

She has since been in two relationships with male partners who are also of the same sex. The center for the Phoenix Mercury basketball team doesn’t seem to care what other people think of her and is happy with how she turned out.

Was Brittney Griner born a woman?

Sandra Griner’s daughter, Brittney Griner, was born a woman, and Raymond Griner is neither transsexual nor a guy. She revealed her sexual orientation as a lesbian on February 11th, 2013.

When Griner made the brave choice to reveal her sexual orientation to the public for the first time, it was during an interview.

Her public announcement came as a huge shock to her parents, which caused a rift between the father and daughter. In fact, Brittney had to move out of her house and spend some time living with a coach.

Brittney Griner as a Kid

Brittney Griner aka Whitney Griner’s early years of formal education were thought to have gone quite well, but when she entered Houston’s Nimitz High School, things took a sharp turn. There, her body began to alter quickly, and soon she was noticeably taller than the other women her age.

As if that weren’t enough, Brittney was noticeably rougher and stronger than what one would anticipate from a woman. It is unnecessary to underline how nasty high school can be, and Griner received several hits while attending Nimitz.

Brittney Griner as a Man: What Does He Look Like?

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Brittney Griner/Instagram

Only those who are well familiar with the enormous female basketball player can tell that she is a woman hiding behind the pants. She chooses to dress like a guy.

Griner said that the only time she had dressed as a woman was at her mother’s request and that she had sworn never to do so again since she had felt so uncomfortable.

Brittney Griner’s Professional Achievements Lead People To Believe She Is A Man

Because the WNBA star has accomplished things that no female player has ever done before and does them all with ease, people have begun to mistake Brittney Griner for a guy.

Candace Parker and Lisa Leslie are able to dunk, but Brittney is able to slam it home, hang it on the brim, and still walk about with authority. Brittney did this as a first-year Baylor University student. Griner became the first player in NCAA basketball history to have 2,000 points and 500 shot blocks.

She was recognized as the top high school women’s basketball player in the country in 2009 while still in high school. In the annals of collegiate basketball, she was the player with the most impact. She served as a role model for young girls all throughout America, and millions of people watched every move she made.

Brittney’s “gender” was questioned because of her athletic abilities and the physique of a rising male NCAA basketball player. Her kind is something that no one in the history of women’s basketball has ever seen. The Women’s National Basketball Association now refers to her as the first guy to ever play there.

Brittney Griner’s Height and Body Stats

Maybe Brittney Griner will continue to be the first female basketball player to ever weigh 93 kg and stand at 6 feet 9 inches tall. Her 88-inch wingspan is unprecedented in the WNBA. She wears men’s size 17 US shoes.

She has had two marriages.

Given that the WNBA player has twice been in a same-sex relationship, it is likely that Brittney’s love life has contributed to the allegations that she is transgender. Her first marriage, to fellow basketball player Glory Johnson, did not last long.

Griner wed a businesswoman named Cherelle Watson on August 8, 2018, and they are now enjoying their second marriage. The basketball player’s love life has been the subject of several comments, but Brittney doesn’t seem to care.

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