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Malika Andrews, an acclaimed American sports journalist, and the reporter made history as the first woman to host the NBA draft, adding yet another milestone to her impressive career. In addition, Andrews holds the distinction of being the youngest sideline reporter to debut during the 2020 NBA bubble broadcast.

She has also been recognized with an Emmy award for her outstanding contributions to the field of sports journalism. Malika, who is only in her 20s, has excelled at her job. Additionally, millions of NBA viewers have undoubtedly been drawn to her charming personality. Particularly young people want to know about her romantic life.

In fact, when the NBA reporter posted a photo of herself on Instagram in 2021 wearing a ring on her wedding finger, many inferences and assumptions about her marriage were made. What’s the situation, then? Is she married? If so, who is the spouse of Malika Andrews? Locate here!

Is Malika Andrew Married?

Malika Andrew is single at the moment. She hasn’t found a husband yet. As a result, she is not married.

Malika Andrews is not married yet
Malika Andrews

As of right now, Malika has been employed as a sports reporter for more than five years. And it appears that Andrew is not currently thinking about getting married and is instead more concerned with her promising career.

But yes, the NBA reporter has been dating her unidentified partner since 2020, according to their conversation on the podcast  Laughter Permitted with Julie Foudy.

Was Malika Married Previously? Know The Truth:

Well, Malika has never been married before or now. The native Californian has been focused on pursuing her dream job as an NBA reporter.

Malika Andrews has never been married
Malika Andrews

It has been speculated, though, that the reporter may have gotten engaged or perhaps even walked down the aisle after looking at her photographs, where Andrews frequently appears wearing the diamond ring on her wedding finger.

But despite all the rumors about her marital status, Andrews never came clean. Looking through her social media, it appears that Malika is currently taking advantage of her successful career alongside her parents and sister.

Who Is Kendra Andrews? Is She Related To Malika?

Yes, Kendra Andrew is Malika Andrews’ younger sister. While Malika has worked for ESPN as a reporter since 2018, Kendra joined the company in December 2021. The Golden State Warriors have been covered so far by younger Andrews for NBC Sports Bay Area.

Malika Andrews and her younger sister Kendra Andrews
Malika Andrews and her younger sister Kendra Andrews

The two have a strong bond because they are sisters and coworkers together. Through the posts they share on their individual Instagram accounts, their relationship can be seen. We can undoubtedly conclude from this that Malika and Kenra are very close. The stunning sisters have not yet found husbands or been married.

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