Iris Law Is Judes Law Daughter

Iris Law is a gorgeous fashion model and the off-screen child of Jude Law and Sadie Frost. The most influential duo in the entertainment business is this cute couple. Moreover, there are a lot of chances and pressure associated with being their daughter.

Iris, who is a  celebrity kid, has pushed herself and is getting better every day.

Iris Law net worth
Iris Law portrait. Source: Model Fact

Today, we’ll chat about this young diva who has already made a name for herself. Her age, height, physical characteristics, occupation, and financial wealth will all be discussed. We will also focus more on her private romantic relationships. But first, let’s get to know her better by going over a few key facts;

Parents and siblings of Iris Law

Iris is the renowned actor Jude Law and actress Sadie Frost’s daughter, as was already established. She was born in London, England’s Primrose Hill. There is no denying that because she comes from such a well-known family, this model has experienced a lot of pressure.

Iris is in charge of maintaining the family’s reputation. Iris is also fortunate to have two brothers, Rudy Law and Rafferty Law . She also has two half-siblings named Sophia Law and Ada Law. This model recently received her high school diploma, but her major is still a mystery.

Iris Law fatheris jude law.
Iris Law when she was a kid. Source: Model Fact

This lovely woman is of white heritage and is a British national. Also, this stunning lady is of English and Scotch blood on both her father’s and mother’s sides of the family tree.

What Is The Age Of Iris Law?- Age, Height, Body Stats

In the year 2000, this wonderful beauty was born. Every year on October 25th, she has a birthday party. She is currently in her early 20s and has the zodiac sign of Scorpio. As her sign indicates, this diva is a big spender. This stunning woman, who works as a model, is tall at 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm).

Iris is estimated to weigh 52 kilograms (115 pounds), according to sources. This British model is without a doubt endowed with a stunning body type. She is well known in the fashion world for having a small frame. Sadly, there is no information available on her exact vital signs. We’ll update it as soon as possible.

The mole on Iris right cheek, which exudes maturity, is her most distinguishing feature. In addition, Iris has captivating blue eyes and beautiful, dark brown hair.

Iris Law’s Boyfriend: Who Is He?

This lovely woman has established a reputation for herself in the fashion world. Law is still in her teen years and has yet to walk down the aisle with a partner. Iris is said to be dating Jyrrel Roberts in 2020, despite the fact that this model is linked to several entertainment industry stars.

Iris Law age
Iris Law with her boyfriend. Source: Model Fact
In 2018, their romance grew. The adorable duo made an appearance at the Love & YouTube LFW event that Katie Grand and Derek Blasberg organized. The rumors were therefore verified. In the past, in 2017, Law was romantically involved with Kelvin Bueno.

Professional Career

This British model is a diva in the entertainment business who is attractive, gorgeous, and skilled. Many people could believe that her parents’ contribution to her rising prominence is crucial. But, it is not the reason she rose to fame at such a young age. All of that can be credited to her perseverance, enthusiasm, and hard work.

Because of Iris quirky look and feisty appearance, this model is well-known on Instagram. She also worked as a model for the UK company Illustrated People. The adaptable model has also taken part in a number of advertisements and advertising campaigns. She hasn’t yet performed her runway walk, though.

Iris Law height
Iris Law is The 5 feet 4 inches tall model. Source: Model Fact
Iris has also been featured on the covers of a few other publications, including Jalouse, Sunday Style Times, Interview, Vogue, and ES. Furthermore, this stunning woman represents Burberry Beauty on a worldwide scale. 

Jude Law’s daughter Iris has furthermore worked for a number of other companies, including Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, Creme de la Mer Moisturizing Cream, and others.

What Is the net worth of Iris Law Earn?

This attractive woman Iris Law made a lot of money through her modeling career. Despite how candid Law is about her personal life, she has not disclosed any financial details. Jude and Sadie, in contrast to her, are millionaires.

In addition, Iris mother’s net worth ranges from $100,000 to $1 million, while her father Jude Law’s net worth is reported to be $45 million. Despite the situation, Iris and her family appear to be leading opulent lives.

Social Media Presence

Instagram–  Above 715K Followers

Some FAQ About Jude Law’s Daughter Iris Law

Q: Who are Iris Law’s parents?
A: Iris Law’s parents are Jude Law, a renowned actor, and Sadie Frost, an actress.

Q: How old is Iris Law?
A: Iris Law was born on October 25, 2000, which makes her 22 years old as of 2022.

Q: What is Iris Law’s height and weight?
A: Iris Law is 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) tall and weighs approximately 52 kilograms (115 pounds).

Q: What is Iris Law’s profession?
A: Iris Law is a fashion model and has worked for companies such as Burberry Beauty, Dolce & Gabbana, and Hugo Boss.

Q: Who is Iris Law’s boyfriend?
A: As of 2020, Iris Law is dating Jyrrel Roberts. In the past, she was romantically involved with Kelvin Bueno.

Q: What is Iris Law’s net worth?
A: Iris Law’s net worth is unknown, but her parents, Jude Law and Sadie Frost, are both millionaires.

Q: What are some of Iris Law’s notable achievements?
A: Iris Law has been featured on the covers of several publications, including Vogue and Interview, and represents Burberry Beauty on a global scale.


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