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Mexican dancer, composer, director, and producer Rene Elizondo was born on July 16, 1962. His net worth is $9 million. Currently, Rene serves as the creative director at Anvil Case Co.
Rene has experienced one divorce and two weddings. His 1991 marriage to Janet Jackson, a musical icon, ended in divorce in 2000. Britt Coelho, his second wife, and he are now married, and things seem to be going well.

Summary of Rene Elizondo’s Biography

  • Full name: Rene Elizondo
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 16th July 1962
  • Rene Elizondo is 60 years old.
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • René Elizondo’s Wife: Janet Jackson (m. 1991–2000), Britt Coelho (m. 2010)
  • René Elizondo’s Children: One child, Elin
  • Siblings: Yuri Elizondo
  • René Elizondo’s net worth is $9 million.
  • Famous For: Being the ex-husband of Janet Jackson
  • Rene Elizondo’s Instagram: @renejr
  • Twitter: @renejr1962
  • Facebook: Rene Elizondo Jr.

When was Rene Elizondo born?

Rene Elizondo, who was born on July 16, 1962. Although the former stage dancer was born in Durango, Mexico, it is uncertain what ethnicity he belongs to. Although Rene has never spoken about his parents, the singer-songwriter from Mexico grew up next to a younger brother named Yuri Elizondo.

Yuri is a video director, so he works in the entertainment business as well.
Janet, her fifth album, is one of his accomplishments. Rene presently resides in the United States after relocating there in pursuit of better lands.

René Elizondo’s Profession

Rene Elizondo began his career in the 1980s as a backup dancer for singer Latoya Jackson, Janet Jackson’s older sister. This is precisely when he met Janet, and they began a professional connection that subsequently turned romantic.
After leaving Latoya, Rene not only started working as Janet’s backup dancer but also began using his songwriting abilities, as the two of them co-wrote many songs. He contributed lyrics to the album The Velvet Rope by the popular musician.

Even Janet Jackson acknowledged that René contributed to several of her songs in a Rolling Stone interview. Some of Janet’s music videos, including “That’s the Way Love Goes,” “Together Again” (Deeper Remix), and “Again,” were directed by Rene Elizondo, who later worked as a music director.

He served as a co-executive producer on Janet’s “The Velvet Rope” album in 1997. Elizondo is also credited as an actor, having made a few cameos on the sets of the movies Body Rock from 1984 and Poetic Justice from 1993.
He might be seen covering Janet’s breasts with his hands in one of Michael Jackson’s music videos, “Come Back to Me,” and on the front of Rolling Stone magazine.

How Many Times Has Rene Elizondo Been Married?

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Rene and Janet (image source)

Two marriages and one divorce have been noted by Rene Elizondo. In the middle of the 1980s, he began dating Janet after they met while dancing for her older sister, Latoya. The couple wed secretly on March 31, 1991, marking their union as husband and wife.
They continued to be married for nine years before divorcing in 2000. Before the couple’s divorce became public, nobody truly understood that they had anything more than a business connection.

What Led to Rene Elizondo and Janet Jackson’s Divorce?

Fans and the general public were kept in the dark about the specifics of their divorce. Rene Elizondo, however, claims to have seen Janet and the other Jackson family members express hatred and scorn for the singer’s partners, girlfriends, and entourage, labeling them as leeches.

Elizondo claimed he began to feel awkward about their connection at that point and couldn’t help but wonder what they said to each other when he wasn’t looking. When the couple finally made the decision to end their relationship, the divorce processes were extremely unpleasant since Janet had to endure ridicule in front of everyone.
In court, René asserted a number of allegations, and the former dancer alleged manipulation and one-sidedness in their relationship. He claimed that Janet took advantage of his mental instability to get him to sign an unfair prenuptial agreement.
Additionally, although their creative partnership was ongoing, Janet never saw fit to give him proper credit for the songs they co-wrote.

Rene got a hefty divorce settlement.

Rene Elizondo requested $25 million in spousal maintenance as part of his divorce petition because their marriage took place during the height of Janet’s fame. He also took into account the fact that she did not give him credit for their joint songwriting efforts.
René, who said he had no funds, later admitted that as a married couple, they shared a bank account and an income, and that he had only agreed to the prenuptial agreement under pressure. His allegations were supported by a medical report from his psychologist that was attached and said that the former dancer suffered from a personality condition that made him vulnerable to manipulation and abuse.
After a protracted three-year court struggle, Janet was forced to pay Rene $15 million in settlement, which included their beachfront home in Malibu and a 2000 Mercedes SL600.

Rene Elizond’s Second Marriage

René waited ten years after the divorce from the famous singer was confirmed in 2000 before he made the decision to try his luck in a second marriage. His second wife, Britt Coelho, is of Portuguese ancestry and employed with the Los Angeles and Orange County-based Compass Real Estate Agency. Before exchanging vows in an intimate beach wedding ceremony in August 2010, the couple dated for a few years.

Elin, the couple’s daughter, was born on October 9, 2011, just over a year after their marriage. The couple has been married for more than ten years and counting.

Britt was Rene Elizondo’s wife, and they seemed to be enjoying their union. When it comes to their wedding and birthday celebrations, they never miss a chance to honor one another.

Where is Rene Elizondo Now?

According to online searches, Rene continues to live in the United States of America and has kept up his entertainment-related employment. He presently holds the position of creative director at Anvil Case Co. Britt, his second wife, and Rene are still going strong and co-parenting Elin.

René Elizondo’s net worth

Rene Elizondo’s net worth is reportedly $9 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The Mexican-born musician has made a respectable sum through his work as a dancer, composer, music producer, and director of music videos, but the majority of his money comes from his divorce settlement.

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