Olivia George is the daughter of the Los Angeles Clippers player Paul George and his wife to be Daniel Rajic. She was born in Nov 2014

Meet Olivia George, the adorable daughter of NBA star Paul George and his fiancée Daniela Rajic. Born in the mid-2010s, Olivia has become a celebrity kid in her own right, capturing hearts with her charming smile and bewildering adolescence. But her journey into this world wasn’t without its controversies, which ultimately shaped the beautiful bond between her parents.

Olivia’s roots trace back to Antelope Valley, where her paternal grandparents, Paul and Pauletta George, settled after migrating with other African-American families seeking affordable housing and a safer environment than South Central Los Angeles. Her grandfather worked blue-collar jobs, while her grandmother dedicated herself to homemaking. On her mother’s side, Olivia has Serbian heritage, adding a touch of cultural diversity to her background.

Daniela Rajic, Olivia’s mother, hails from Middle Village, Queens, New York. While studying at the University of Miami, she worked as a stripper at Tootsies, a notorious gentlemen’s club. This unconventional job allowed her to cover her college tuition expenses, but it was just the beginning of her fascinating journey. Daniela also worked as a personal shopper and model at Saks Fifth Avenue. Today, she is a successful businesswoman and co-owns a swimsuit line called NUDESWIM with Sarah Nasser, the wife of Los Angeles Clipper Patrick Patterson.

Now, let’s delve into the intriguing story of how Olivia’s parents met. It all started in 2013 at a Miami strip club, where George and Daniela crossed paths. At the time, George was dating Charlie Rivers, the daughter of LA Clippers head coach Doc Rivers. Despite the complicated circumstances, a strong connection blossomed between the two, leading to an affair and ultimately Daniela’s pregnancy. The news of their relationship and the impending arrival of Olivia rocked their worlds.

Amidst the media frenzy, rumors circulated that George offered Daniela a substantial sum of money to terminate the pregnancy. However, George vehemently denied these claims, asserting that he had always intended to embrace fatherhood and support Daniela and their child. Legal battles ensued, with Daniela filing a paternity suit and George seeking full custody of Olivia. Eventually, they reached a settlement that granted them joint equal custody, emphasizing their commitment to raising Olivia together.

Their journey wasn’t without its ups and downs, but as time passed, Daniela and Paul’s love grew stronger. Many believed their relationship revolved solely around their daughter, but they defied expectations when they announced the birth of their second child, Natasha, in late 2017. The couple had kept the news a well-guarded secret, surprising their close circle.

In June 2021, the family celebrated another exciting milestone as they announced Daniela’s pregnancy with Olivia’s younger brother. The anticipation grew, and in October 2021, they welcomed Vuk, a name symbolizing fearlessness in Slavic folklore.

Paul George took their relationship to the next level when he proposed to Daniela in a romantic seaside setting in November 2020. The couple exchanged vows in an intimate ceremony in sunny California in June 2022, surrounded by their loved ones.

As for Daniela’s professional endeavors, she has embraced entrepreneurship and co-founded Nude Swim, a successful swimwear line. Alongside her business partner Sarah Nasser, she has created a brand that showcases their unique sense of style and elegance. Their line has gained popularity among athletes’ wives and other fashion enthusiasts.

Olivia’s life is undoubtedly filled with luxury and extravagance, as her parents provide her with unforgettable experiences and lavish vacations. Paul George’s successful basketball career has propelled the family into a life of abundance. With a net worth surpassing $100 million and a lucrative contract with the Clippers, George’s earnings ensure a comfortable

life for Olivia and her siblings. Their California home, valued at over $2 million, is a testament to their prosperity.

Olivia George’s story is one of resilience, love, and triumph over adversity. Despite the challenges her parents faced, they have created a loving family unit and continue to nurture their children with affection and care. As Olivia grows older, her bright personality shines, and the world eagerly awaits to see the remarkable woman she will become.

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