Howard Long Jr. Howie Longs Son

Howard Long Jr., the youngest son of renowned American sports analyst Howie Long, has made a name for himself behind the camera in the sports world. With a notable career as a scouting assistant and personnel assistant for the Las Vegas Raiders, Howard has proven his talent and passion for sports management.

In this article, we delve into his personal and professional life, shedding light on his background, education, and achievements.

Early Life and Education:

Born in December 1989 in the United States, Howard Jr. grew up alongside his two older brothers, Chris Long and Kyle Long. He received his education at St. Anne’s-Belfield and later attended the University of Virginia.

While his family has a strong football background, Howard opted for lacrosse and received a scholarship to play for the University of Virginia. He excelled as a defenseman, standing tall at 6 feet and weighing 185 pounds. Howard also pursued his passion for academics, graduating with a degree in Anthropology.

Family Background:

Howard Jr. comes from a family deeply rooted in the world of sports. His father, Howie Long, had a successful 13-season career as a defensive end for the Las Vegas and Los Angeles Raiders in the National Football League.

His mother, Diane Addonizio, is a law graduate from the University of Southern California. Howard’s brothers, Chris and Kyle, have also made their mark in football, following in their father’s footsteps.

Professional Career:

While Howard Jr. had a promising sports career, he decided to explore the business side of sports. He began his professional journey as a personal assistant for the Oakland Raiders, his father’s former team, and later transitioned to become a premium sales consultant at Legends-Las Vegas Stadium from 2018 to 2019.

Currently, Howard works as a premium sales consultant and manager for the Las Vegas Raiders, leveraging his expertise in sports management.

Private Life:

When it comes to his personal life, Howard Jr. prefers to keep it out of the public eye. Unlike his brothers, he rarely appears in the media and maintains a private Instagram account with limited access.

Although his relationship status remains undisclosed, it is speculated that the 33-year-old might be dating someone.

Social Media Presence:

While maintaining a private Instagram account, Howard Jr. occasionally features on his brothers’ Instagram accounts, where he shares glimpses of his life.

His brothers, Kyle and Chris, have a substantial following, with Kyle’s account boasting 151k followers and Chris’s account having 391k followers.

Net Worth:

As of now, Howard Long Jr.’s net worth has not been publicly disclosed. However, given his role as a premium sales consultant for the Las Vegas Raiders, he undoubtedly earns a substantial income.

His father, Howie Long, is estimated to have a net worth of $16 million, indicating a successful family legacy in the sports industry.


Howard Long Jr., with his background in lacrosse, has carved his own path in the sports industry by focusing on sports management. As a key member of the Las Vegas Raiders organization, he showcases his talent and dedication to the business side of sports.

While he keeps his personal life private, Howard’s accomplishments in the industry speak for themselves, solidifying his position as a rising star in the world of sports management.

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