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Charleston White, from Texas, is a multifaceted individual known for his roles as a YouTuber, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. Despite his popularity, there are some who view him as a one-hit wonder and a temporary viral sensation. Some people predict that his success may not be sustainable, given his criminal background, which includes serving time in prison for murder, and reported gang affiliations.

White would leave his previous fan base, though, and gain sizable numbers of followers on websites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Charleston now focuses primarily on lessons learned from his previous career as a motivational speaker. According to White’s interviews, it appears that he makes a respectable living. All those advisory jobs have occasionally also made him millions.

Unlike other celebrities, White has been quite outspoken about money and occasionally has talked about his past financial situation, which, according to the social media artist, has fluctuated considerably. So how wealthy is he and what is his net worth? To find the answers, scroll.

Charleston White’s Net Worth: Is He A Millionaire?

White has been transparent about his significant financial achievements, but he hasn’t revealed his exact wealth or the full extent of his net worth. Despite this, many still regard him as a millionaire.

A child convict turned millionaire motivational speaker Charleston White
52 years old social media influencer and motivational speaker Charleston White

Whatever the case, White has acknowledged that he has a good life and makes a lot of money, especially in comparison to others. In a late October 2022 interview with RealLyfe Productions, he stated,

I’m living well in the…. right now and I’m making a lot of money.

White Prioritizes Building Meaningful Relationships With People Over Financial Gain

In the same interview, White also stated that he prefers to focus on establishing relationships with people rather than making money because, in his opinion, the latter endures longer than a big lump sum of money. The motivational speaker went on to explain that he grew up thinking that God exists in relationships.

Hyped Youth Outreach owner and CEO, Charleston White
Texas-born entrepreneur Charleston White says he earned $2 million in 2 years.

Charleston actually ignores super chats when he goes live on YouTube. In July 2022, White clarified this topic by saying that while he supports patrons tipping waitresses, he doesn’t think it’s significant when it comes to him. His apparent goal is his audience’s eyes and ears.

White continued by saying that since the majority of his audience members are single mothers and jobless, he doesn’t really feel like taking super chats from them. White also said that even if YouTube or Facebook don’t let him, he knows how to make money off of his work. Charleston does not even request payment for the interviews.

In Less Than Two Years, White Earned More Than $2 Million

When speaking with Say Cheese in December 2021, White revealed that the year had been his most prosperous financially. Additionally, the content creator forgoes the potential revenue from super chats on his Youtube channel.

Former child convict Charleston White says he earned millions despite not taking superchats on his Youtube
Texas Wesleyan University graduate and entrepreneur Charleston White

Charleston claimed that more hateful comments from onlookers were made during the Q&A. The Baby Blu revealed that he additionally spent money on weapons, ammunition, bulletproof clothing, helmets, and other safety equipment.

Charleston revealed he had made more than $2 million from the internet alone in just two years in December 2022, when speaking with the same interviewer, Say Cheese. Charleston claims that in his first few months on YouTube, he was earning $16,000 per month.

What Is The Source of Charleston White’s Income?

Despite the fact that the Texas Wesleyan University graduate is renowned for not placing a high priority on earning money, it is still unclear how he does it. Evidently, White claims that branding, marketing, and advertising generate the majority of his income. He also asserts that he has a solid understanding of these dynamics. Additionally, he runs an online fashion store and sells his own clothing.

The founder/CEO once stated that he wanted to learn other ways to make money because he didn’t want to rely solely on money from social media because he had previously experienced platform demonization.

Additionally, he values maintaining his right to free speech while using social media, but doing so while earning money on websites like Youtube and others is challenging. In fact, Charleston also lost a nearly sold-out performance as a result of this very stance of his.

Charleston White Profession; Spent Years In Jail As A Child

At the age of 14, White took part in the murder of a man who confronted them for stealing a jacket along with two other people. Charleston acknowledges that he was the murderer even though he did not use the gun. White then served his time in a number of juvenile detention facilities and prisons up until 1998. He hasn’t broken any laws or been to jail since that time.

Social media influencer and entrepreneur Charleston in Dec 2022
Founder and CEO of HYPE Charleston White

White now works as a motivational speaker and social media influencer. Additionally, he founded and currently leads Helping Young People Excel (HYPE). The group wants to educate teenagers and prevent them from turning to a life of crime. The group has also worked with members of one of the biggest Hispanic Gangs in Texas. According to his LinkedIn profile, White is currently married and has two kids.

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