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The young actor Percy Hynes White is of Canadian descent. He recently gained notoriety for his performance as Xavier Thorpe in the Netflix television series Wednesday, which stars the stunning Jenna Ortega. In addition to this, the young actor is well-known for his work in Between, A Christmas Horror Story, and Edge of Winter.

But Percy received a lot of unfavorable attention with the start of the new year. It turns out that the actor used to call up girls for his parties when he was in school and frequently force them into bed. This information was spread via Twitter.

Who then accused Hynes of committing such a terrible deed? Does it even exist? We’re here to respond to these inquiries. Will he be fired from his show on Wednesday as a result of the recent sexual assault news wave? Together, let’s learn everything in the article below.

It All Started With A Tweet; Who Initially Accused Hynes?

On January 19, 2023, a young woman using the Twitter handle @milkievich posted a tweet detailing how Percy Hynes had previously sexually assaulted her. She wrote in the tweet that she and her friends were “shocked” and “sick” to discover that the actor appeared in their current favorite Netflix series, Wednesday.

@milkeivich was the first user to tweet against Percy Hynes White
#cancelPercy” was the tweet that sparked the uproar.

The girl added that Hynes and his friends were well known as “predators” in Toronto. He frequently hosted parties at his homes, where he would coerce “hot” girls into having sex. The user also mentioned that the actor was typically between the ages of 17 and 20, whereas his victims were typically young girls between the ages of 13 and 16.

In addition, @milkievich claimed that Percy had physically assaulted her at one of his gatherings. In addition to this, he cornered, pressured, and assaulted numerous of the girl’s friends. He even manipulated the girl’s best friend, who is 16 years old, into sleeping with him. Thus, the Twitter user created the hashtag #CancelPercy. Several women are currently using this to speak the truth about Percy Hynes White.

Many Young Girls Quickly Followed & Revealed The Truth; What Had Happened?

Numerous other girls came forward with their accounts of White’s sexual abuse in the wake of the godforsaken tweet. They started leaving comments on the thread about their own gruesome encounters with the upcoming actor. Another user, Desiree Cameron, provided a thorough explanation of her unfortunate experience, similar to @milkievich. She stated that,

“He let me get raped in his basement, and when he called me to talk about it, he was more worried about the police than whether I was okay.”

Furthermore, these women didn’t just come forward to draw attention to the problem. It is heartbreaking to learn that the majority of them actually have true accounts of abuse and assault.

Another user, @RoWednesdatA, shared screenshots from the actor’s previous Twitter account in a similar manner. These images served as evidence of White’s habit of making offensive jokes and posting them online.

Actor, Percy Hynes was 17-20 y/o when he raped, abused, and assaulted young girls
These are real stories of Hynes being a “serial” abuser.

Additionally, another alleged victim, @itsyagurlkayy, reacted by mentioning how she had previously texted him to express her regret for his actions. Even so, the demand for an apology was not complied with. The user claimed that for five minutes after White’s “typing” appeared in the inbox, it vanished without a response.

Uncovering The Reality of Percy’s Gatherings

According to remarks and claims made on Twitter, Percy used to host gatherings in his basement when he was a high school student. These gatherings merely served as a cover for his predatory actions. The actor allegedly forced attractive girls to engage in sexual activity by forcing them to accept his invitations.

Additionally, @undead424, a TikTok user, claimed that Hynes would get close to people and make them feel highly uncomfortable at these parties. Similarly, a different Twitter user asserted that he had learned about White’s repulsive parties from his ex-girlfriends. The user also discussed how he grew up near the Wednesday actor and had several girlfriends when he was a teenager. The user added in his subsequent tweet,

“Would also go to some of his parties and witness a few girls going upstairs… Once upstairs they would occasionally lock the doors. It was only till the week after that I would hear the stories…”.

The true identity of Toronto’s “predator” is revealed.

What Was His Response When The Girls Refused To Be Intimate?

Hynes has also been charged with verbally and mentally abusing such women who defy him in addition to being a sexual predator. White allegedly called many of them “fat and ugly,” according to many of them. Furthermore, the actor encouraged some of them to commit suicide, which is sickening.

Percy Hynes, the "serial" abuser
Hynes would even pass rude comments toward girls who did not agree to sleep with him

Additionally, this actor is rumored to hate his fans. Another user, @newdiaryentry, shared how Percy has always been extremely rude to his fans in the wake of the assault allegations. Additionally, a girl from White’s high school claimed in a TikTok video that he “used girls to his advantage” in the tweet.

Concerns Have Been Raised About The Safety Of Jenna Ortega?

Following everything, fans immediately started to show concern for Jenna Ortega. Ortega, who plays Wednesday alongside Percy Hynes, has been warned by his victims to stay away from him.

Oh, this video makes me so uncomfortable… #cancelpercy

— Bella Ramsey (@reneesdzienny), defender, January 19, 2023

Additionally, when a video of Jenna with the alleged abuser was posted in the thread, the fans’ concerns increased. The actress appeared to be quite “uncomfortable” around Percy in the video. Her co-star is seen violently encircling her as they smile for the camera; Ortega then veers away from him.

Even the viewers seem to be experiencing great agony after watching the video. So, let’s hope that White does not actually choose the stunning young actress as his next victim.

Has Percy Hynes Acknowledged The Allegations Against Him?

Sadly, the actor has not yet responded to these accusations. Percy has not yet appeared with a statement in support of him. In addition, he has blocked comments on his Instagram posts, which strengthens his case.

So, Will Percy Continue To Star In The Series Wednesday?

Fans are demanding that Hynes be fired from the well-liked Netflix series Wednesday now that everyone is aware of his horrific actions. There will be a second season of the show, which is actually a spinoff of The Addams Family.

Wednesday Actor Percy Hynes White
Wednesday Actor Percy Hynes White (Image Source: We Got This Covered)

However, it has been demanded that the alleged abuser be taken out of the upcoming, more recent episodes. On the other hand, the relevant authorities have not yet made a decision. So nobody is certain at this time if White will continue to play Xavier Thorpe in the show. We anticipate hearing back soon.

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