Gaten Matarazzo Sr

Gaten Matarazzo Jr. helped his father, Gaten Matarazzo Sr, become well-known. Gaten is most likely familiar to you all thanks to the wildly popular series Stranger Things. In the program, he portrayed Dustin Henderson.

It is well known that Gaten Sr. leads a very private life. Heather Matarazzo is the name of his wife. Let’s find out a little bit about Garten Matarazzo’s dad.

The Married Life of Gaten Matarazzo Sr.

Heather Matarazzo is the spouse of Gaten Matarazzo Sr. This charming couple has a peaceful existence apart from their son’s celebrity. Who knows what they do for a living yet.

Heather Matarazzo is wearing a black dress and Gaten Matarazzo is wearing a tuxedo.
Heather Matarazzo, the spouse of Gaten Matarazzo Sr., and Gaten Matarazzo, the latter’s child (Source: Gaten Matarazzo Instagram @gatenm123)

Gaten Sr. and Heather have both given their kid a lot of support. Actor Gaten from Stranger Things has earned a reputation for being one of Hollywood’s nicest and most respectable men. Therefore it’s reasonable to infer that Gaten Sr. and Heather have done a good job of raising their children. On his Instagram profile, Gaten has posted a few images of his family.

What Is the Net Worth of Gaten Sr Son?

Gaten Matarazzo, the well-known son of Gaten Matarazzo Sr., is thought to be worth $5 million. Gaten Sr. himself maintains a secluded existence, thus it is unknown what he does for a career and how much cash he has.

Netflix’s Stranger Things deserves the most credit for Gaten’s financial success. He received a show fee of almost $7 million. The show’s fourth season, which had just premiered, received 1.35 billion hours of views in the first 28 days, making it the most viewed English-language program at the time.

Gaten Matarazzo Sr. Has Three Children

Together with his renowned child, Gaten, Gaten Matarazzo Sr. is also the father of two more children. He also has a daughter named Sabrina Matarazzo and a son named Carmen Matarazzo.

Sabrina was born on October 15, 1998, making her the oldest of the three. Gaten, who is well-known, was born in the middle on September 8, 2002, and Carmen, who was born on November 10, 2003.

Carmen Matarazzo, Gaten Matarazzo, and Sabrina Matarazzo are posing with a huge blue colored 42 number shape.
Carmen Matarazzo, Gaten Matarazzo, and Sabrina Matarazzo are Gaten Matarazzo Sr children. (Source: Instagram @gatenm123)

Carmen is making an effort to establish himself in the music business. He is a professional drummer. Sabrina, his sister, is also pursuing a career in acting. Unlike her younger brother Gaten, she hasn’t completely achieved success, but she is making progress.

The Americans included Sabrina in one of their episodes. She has performed in a few short films in addition to acting, and she is a singer.

A Quick Summary of Gaten Sr Location

Gaten Sr. hasn’t invested much in his personal life and leads a tranquil existence. He and his wife, Heather, are thought to lead a quiet life in Little Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.

Gaten Sr. had resided there, as evidenced by the fact that he grew up next to his family. Yet, a lot of people also think that Dustin from Stranger Things no longer resides with his parents and has moved out to live in his own apartment, but Gaten’s parents are said to still be residing in the same location.

Gaten Sr. and his family also briefly resided in Mystic prior to moving to Little Egg Harbor Township. Before going to the area where Gaten was reared, they stayed there for two months.

Who Are the Parents of Gaten Sr.?

Gaetano Matarazzo is the father of Gaten Matarazzo Sr. His father likewise has a peaceful existence, like Gaten Sr. Also, it is still unknown what he used to do. Also, his mother’s details are still unknown.

Gaetano Matarazzo is showing one, Gaten Matarazzo Sr. is showing two, and Gaten Matarazzo is showing three fingers, suggesting their generation.
Father Gaetano Matarazzo (center) and son Gaten Matarazzo are shown with Gaten Matarazzo Sr. (right). (Source: Gaten Matarazzo Instagram @gatenm123)

Given that his grandson, Gaten, shared a photo of the pizzeria/ice cream parlor on his Instagram profile, it is possible that Gaetano owns and operates the establishment. Yet this is all conjecture because Sandra Martin and David A. Hendrickson, his maternal grandparents, may own the pizzeria.

Instagram presence

Via his Instagram account, Gaten Sr. is accessible online. He has a @gatenmatarazzojr Instagram account. On Twitter, his wife Heather is also accessible online. She goes by the Twitter name @HeatherMataraz2.

Gaten Sr. is recognized as being a private individual, and his private Instagram account reflects this on social media. Only those who are close to him have access. His wife’s Twitter account is also no longer active. Even Gaten, who often blogs on the website, hardly ever writes about his parents.

Gaten Sr. Supports His Son Being An Actor

Gaten Sr. has consistently supported his son Gaten’s choice to pursue a career in acting. Not only him, but also Heather, his wife. This is why they helped their kid enter Broadway at an early age in order to encourage his ambition to become an actor.

Gaten Matarazzo is holding the story as he is sitting on Gaten Matarazzo Sr.'s lap.
Little Gaten Matarazzo with his father, Gaten Matarazzo (Source: Gaten Matarazzo Instagram @gatenm123)

Broadway theatrical productions were how Gaten first began performing. According to Broadway, Priscilla Queen of the Desert’s Benji marked the beginning of his theatrical career. Also, he performed Gavroche in Les Misérables. This helped him hone his acting abilities, and Stranger Things finally gave him his big break.

Sabrina Matarazzo, who is Gaten’s sister, served as his primary source of motivation for entering the theater industry. This indicates that Gaten Sr. has encouraged his daughter’s desire to pursue a career in acting. .

Gaten Sr.’s son Is Suffering From Cleidocranial Dysplasia

It is not a big secret that Gaten Matarazzo, Gaten Sr son, has cleidocranial dysplasia. His son was born without collar bones because of this illness. Also, it has impacted the development of his teeth.

Gaten has experienced a lot of difficulty as a result of this ailment, which has required many operations. At the time of writing, he had undergone four operations. According to NBC News, he missed out on a number of gigs because of this health issue.

Today, through his CCD Smiles, Gaten wants to assist people who experience the same issue. He collaborates with the CCD Smiles founder to generate funds and awareness for the care of children with cleidocranial dysplasia.

Career Details Of Gaten Matarazzo

At such a young age, Gaten Matarazzo has already made a name for himself as a great performer. The actor, who stands at 5 Feet 4 Inches (163 cm), fell in love with performing when he was very young. At the age of seven, he began acting, although he didn’t instantly achieve popularity.

Broadway theatrical appearances gave Gaten his first taste of success. In 2015, he made his on-screen playing debut in The Blacklist, where he portrayed the part of Finn. Stranger Things is the one he has been most recognized for so far.

In films like My Father’s Dragon and The Angry Birds Movie 2, he also provided voiceover work. Also, he appeared in the music videos for Green Day’s Meet Me on the Roof and Swish Swish by Katy Perry.

Quick Facts About Gaten Matarazzo Sr.

Full Name Gaten Matarazzo Sr.
Profession Celebrity Father
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Father Name Gaetano Matarazzo
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Heather Matarazzo
No Of Children 3
Net Worth $5 Million
Insta Link @gatenmatarazzojr


Frequently Asked Question Regarding  Gaten Matarazzo Jr Father Gaten Matarazzo Sr.

Q: Who is Gaten Matarazzo Sr.?

A: Gaten Matarazzo Sr. is the father of the famous Stranger Things actor Gaten Matarazzo.

Q: What is known about Gaten Matarazzo Sr.’s married life?

A: Gaten Matarazzo Sr. is married to Heather Matarazzo, and they lead a private life away from their son’s celebrity status.

Q: What is the net worth of Gaten Matarazzo Jr.?

A: Gaten Matarazzo Jr. is worth $5 million due to his success as an actor on Stranger Things.

Q: How many children does Gaten Matarazzo Sr. have?

A: Gaten Matarazzo Sr. has three children, including Gaten Jr., a daughter named Sabrina, and a son named Carmen.

Q: What are Gaten Matarazzo Sr.’s other children doing?

A: Carmen Matarazzo is pursuing a career in music as a professional drummer, while Sabrina Matarazzo is pursuing a career in acting.

Q: Where does Gaten Matarazzo Sr. live?

A: Gaten Matarazzo Sr. is thought to reside in Little Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, and has also lived in Mystic, Connecticut.

Q: Who are Gaten Matarazzo Sr.’s parents?

A: Gaten Matarazzo Sr.’s father is named Gaetano Matarazzo, and his mother’s details are unknown.

Q: Is Gaten Matarazzo Sr. active on social media?

A: Gaten Matarazzo Sr. is a private individual, and his Instagram account is only accessible to those who are close to him. His wife’s Twitter account is also no longer active.

Q: Did Gaten Matarazzo Sr. support his son’s decision to pursue a career in acting?

A: Yes, Gaten Matarazzo Sr. and his wife have always supported their son Gaten Jr.’s decision to pursue a career in acting, and helped him enter Broadway at an early age.


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