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It’s time to once again compulsively analyze Vinny Guadagnino and Angelina Pivarnick’s relationship now that Jersey Shore: Family Vacation has a new season!
Most of the time, when two reality stars seem to be constantly flirting, it’s the viewers who are continually questioning them.
Their co-stars, though, have been as relentless as Vinny and Angelina.
The other Guidos could be attracted to these two or just find it amusing if they started dating.

In an appearance with Entertainment Tonight this week, he brought up the subject once again.
Vin said on the site that he and Angelina “absolutely do have like an ongoing dispute.”

Vinny With Angelina
Don’t let Angelina know that Vince isn’t dating her. (Image via MTV)

Guadagnino continues by acknowledging that Pivarnick’s followers seem to be desperate for him to start dating her, but he simply can’t bring himself to do it.
“Everyone wants it,” Vinny remarked.
“Absolutely not, however. Even if she’s cool, nope. “There isn’t any romantic chemistry there “He proceeded before expressing his displeasure with the circumstance.

In this Jersey Shore still, Vinny appears perplexed. (Image via MTV)

“I make an effort to correct the record every day. “I shout it from the rooftops, yet nobody seems to hear me.”
Vin said that it’s actually simply a sign of boredom when he and Angelina act flirtatious on the program.
So, he added, “single folks screw around.”

Vinny and Angeliners
For her second wedding, Angelina Pivarnick was escorted down the aisle by Vinny Gudagnino. It goes without saying that the stroll was awkward.

“You may be flirtatious and fun, and I believe that’s when everything starts to be blown out of proportion. However, I’m fine with it, and, you know, at this point, we’re just like a strange family.”
Vinny and The Bachelorette star Gabby Windey have been romantically connected recently.
When they seemed to get along while they were co-stars on Dancing With the Stars, Vin claimed they hadn’t really gone on a date.

Screen Shot 2022 11 22 at 3.00.39 PM

(Though he seems very open to the possibility.)

Wait, however! When asked if he and Angelina will hook up (again) on the new season of “Shore,” Mr. Guadagnino had some interesting things to say that you should have a look at before you give up on shipping Vinny and Angelina!
Vin said deceitfully, “Oh, you’ll have to wait and see about that.”

Pissed Vinny
Here, Vinny is dissatisfied. He’s generally a fairly happy guy. (Image via MTV)

In other parts of the group discussion, Vinny’s co-stars discussed the difficulties of aging in the public eye.
“I don’t feel 39, and I’m about to have a breakdown,” said Jenni. J. Wow Farley
“Some mornings, I genuinely wonder, “How am I an adult paying my mortgage and bills?” “For example, I’m still figuring out life, but my age and intellect just do not correspond.”

At Home with Greyson
On MTV, JWOWW can be a hard party girl. But at home, she is merely a devoted mother. (Image via Instagram)

Fortunately for the Shore family, it appears that their strongest supporters are content to keep getting older with them!

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