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Rachie Love has become a prominent figure on social media due to her captivating content, which includes a series of striking videos and photos shared on her Instagram profile.

Her alluring appearance has also garnered a significant following. Rachie primarily showcases her content on TikTok, where she currently boasts a fan base of over 800,000 loyal followers.

In addition, who is the stunning American model dating? If so, then who is Rachie Love’s partner? Here is Instagram’s star full bio.

Rachie Comes From An Asian Family

Rachie Love was born Rachel Kim on September 9, 2003, in New York. The influencer is Jenny Kim‘s daughter. While she hasn’t given us her dad’s name, we can scroll down on her social media accounts to find some of her family photos.

Rachie Love's mother Jenny Kim and her father
Rachie Love’s mother Jenny Kim and her father

Furthermore, Rachie is Asian-American. In a brief video posted to her TikTok account, she herself acknowledged her ethnic background.

Has Three Supportive Siblings

Lauren Lee and Katherine J. Lee are Rachie’s sisters. She also has a younger brother who enjoys playing video games. The model uploaded a video to her TikTok account in 2020 that featured her brother.

Early Picture Of Rachie Love
Early Picture Of Rachie Love

She wrote, “Rip to my little brother.” “I will love and miss you forever,” the video says. Many people believed her brother had died, but she was referring to his absent mind while he was at home.

Later on, she added that the video game Valorant had taken over his life and that he didn’t appear to be leaving his room.

Is Rachie A Graduate? Her Education Details:

While some online tabloids claim Rachie is still enrolled in school, others claim she has already graduated from college.

Rachie Love initially enrolled in Rafael Heliodoro Valle, according to several Facebook accounts made in her name. She currently attends Vargas University.

She Is A Social Media Star

Most people know Rachie from her dance, fashion, and beauty videos. However, she is now becoming more well-known thanks to her modeling work.

She has experience working for a number of well-known clothing companies, including Revolve, The Kript, Fashion Nova, Lounge Underwear, Pretty Little Thing, and many others.

In addition, a number of businesses, including Kim Shui Studio, Lilyon Film, Mason Holly, and others, approached Love about participating in photo shoots.

Rachie Love
Rachie Love (Image Source: Scrolller)

Rachie continues to serve as an influencer for businesses and brands. She created an Instagram post on November 27, 2022, announcing a site-wide sale at NovaMEN that was going on.

Rachie used to record the product code for her fans when she worked for Pretty Little Thing. She featured several pieces of swimwear on September 20, 2022, and included the product codes in the caption.

“Product codes
Set 1: CMN0127 & CMN0128
Set 2: CMZ1239 & CMZ1237
Set 3: CMY0807 & CMY0803″

Through her Instagram, Love frequently promotes the aforementioned companies. Rachie.mgmt@gmail.com is even mentioned in her bio, making it simple for others to get in touch with her and collaborate with her.

Rachie Receives Numerous Packages

Rachie has received numerous fashion items from numerous brands ever since she rose to fame on Instagram. The majority of the packages the 19-year-old model receives are from Fashion Nova, Adika Style, Imagia, and other companies.

Rachie Love is a social media sensation
Rachie Love is a social media sensation

Additionally, Rachie has received a variety of accessories from Vitaly and an establishment like Ice Dream Jewelry.

Loves Exploring Places & Foods

As previously mentioned, Rachie enjoys exploring new places, and she spends most of her time doing so. We can tell that Rachie enjoys spending time at the beach by looking through her Instagram.

She also has a strong commitment to trying new foods. The model also included delectable food from a variety of cafeterias, stick houses, and restaurants.

Rachie even went to The Flying Cock NYC, Peter Luger Steakhouse, and the Italian restaurant Cipollini while she was in New York.

She likes coffee in addition to food. She mostly favors the coffee from For Five Coffee Manhasset in New York. Poke Nachos, a dish from Hawaii, is Rachel’s preferred cuisine.

Is Rachie Love Dating Anyone?

At the moment, Rachie Love is dating her boyfriend. Her boyfriend’s name is still largely unknown to the media. Rachie reportedly posted several images of her boyfriend. But as of right now, her beau isn’t visible in any photos.

Rachie Love and her boyfriend
Rachie Love and her boyfriend

Rachie hasn’t yet made her relationship status official, though. As a result, many people think she is single right now.

Where Is She Now?

Rachie currently resides in Miami, though she occasionally moves to New York. The model also revealed where she lives on Instagram, writing “NY/MIA.”

Know Rachie’s Massive Net Worth

As of 2023, Rachie’s estimated net worth is $300,000. As a model and influencer, she has been supporting herself. Her Instagram account is where she primarily generates income.

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