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Renard Spivey, a multi-talented performer renowned for roles in Christina’s Court (2006), Corruption. Gov (2010), and Married Men and Single Women (2011), also served as a detention officer at the Harris County Sherriff’s office for 14 years.

He recently made headlines outside of his line of work after being charged with the murder of his wife Patricia Spivey. Did Renard Spivey really murder his wife, then? How did his wife Patricia pass away? Right now, where is Renard Spivey?

Read the most recent information on Renard’s case in the article below. We will also look at his early years, marriage, wives, and a lot more.

Renard’s Early Life & Academic Excellence

On July 20, 1956, in the United States of America, Renard Leon Spivey was born. There is no information in the media about his early years or family other than the specifics of his birth. He reportedly had a good childhood in his hometown, though.

In a similar vein, Spivey graduated from National University in 1987 with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and law enforcement. He is a citizen of the United States, to speak of his nationality. Similarly to this, the actor is law enforcement who stands 6 feet 2 inches tall.

He Is An Actor Who Has Appeared In Films & Television Shows

According to IMDb, Renard made his acting debut in the 2010 movie Dead of Knight. He portrayed an officer in the movie. Later that year, in the thriller Corruption, he played a military thug named Gov, along with Michael Madsen, Faith Majors, and others.

Renard Spivey played Bailiff in a court show alongside Christina Perez
Renard Spivey in his most popular show Christina’s Court

In the television movie Married Men and Single Women from the following year, 2011, Spivey played Bodybuilder. He subsequently signed on to star alongside Cristina Perez in the TV series Justice for All, which helped him establish himself as a well-known actor. He appeared in the court show as a bailiff continuously from 2012 to 2016, which led to his audiences giving him the nickname Bailiff Renard Spivey.

Spivey Was Also A Detention Officer

As was already mentioned, the popular Bailiff of the Court host is a graduate student studying criminal law. So, in 1996, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office hired him as a detention officer based on his degree.

Spivey was elevated to the deputy in 1998, which was two years later. Later, he also rose to the position of detention commander, and in 2016, he began working in court operations. However, his job is currently being watched.

He Was Married To Patricia Spivey

Patricia Spivey and Renard were wed for almost four years. After one year of dating, the pair got married in 2015. The couple created a stunning home together after getting married.

Renard Spivey was married to his wife Patricia Spivey
Renard Spivey with his wife Patricia.

After their marriage, Renard even embraced Patrina Marshall, Patricia’s child from a previous relationship, with open arms. Unfortunately, their connection deteriorated over time.

New Details Emerge: The Actor Was Charged With Patricia’s Murder

After Patricia, his better half was discovered dead in their Southeast Houston home’s master bedroom, Renard was charged with murder. The sheriff’s deputy himself called the police at three in the morning to explain what had happened.

Renard Spivey was arrested in charge of murder of his own wife in 2019
Renard Spivey on the left side and his late wife on the right

Renard also had a gunshot wound to his leg in addition to his wife, who was discovered dead from a gunshot wound. When the police arrived, Patricia was declared dead there, and Renard was taken to the hospital. On July 28, 2019, a public service officer named Ed Gonzalez tweeted about the situation. He noted:

We’ve received information about a possible family disturbance at a residence in the 5000 block of Briscoe. An off-duty @HCSOTexas deputy is involved. An adult female died at the scene, and the deputy was taken to the hospital with an unspecified injury.

Renard was first taken to a hospital, where he spent some time before being arrested and placed under investigation.

Did Renard Kill His Wife? What Was His Statement To The Investigating Officer?

According to Renanrd Spivey, Patricia’s death was unintentional. Renard and his wife actually got into a fight over his use of steroids and a rumored extramarital affair. He unintentionally shot her during a fight the two were having over a gun in the meantime. He stated the following to officers:

“We had been arguing and tussling with the gun all day.”

He continued,

“She’s counting my pills (low testosterone medication), claiming that I’m sleeping with someone else,”

Despite his claims that his wife’s death was an accident, prosecutors thought his story was a little off. After examining Patricia’s body, they discovered evidence that didn’t appear to be a coincidence. Her wrist had bruises, according to the medical examiner, and the bullet had hit her heart.

Ezra Washington, his brother-in-law, also questioned Renard’s assertion. Ezra claimed that the couple had a heated argument about Spivey’s drug use and extramarital liaisons as a result of which he even advised Renard to split up with his sister.

Patricia’s Untimely Death Devastated Her Family, Especially Her Daughter

Patricia Marshall’s daughter Patrina Marshall spoke to the media following her death and said,

“She was my cushion when things were hard. (She was) my friend when I needed to vent, my hands when I needed help, but most of all, that woman is my mother.”

Her brother regrets not taking his sister’s family problem seriously, just like her daughter does.

What Was The Judge’s Decision In Spivey’s Case?

He was initially imprisoned in 2019, but since he wasn’t found guilty at the time, he was released on bail after posting a $50,000 bond. Patricia’s family continued to argue their case in court, though. In the interim, his brother-in-law said,

“Right now, we’re on the path to justice—so we’ve got to stay on it and get to our destination, which is, you know, complete justice.”

Investigatory officers eventually established the suspect’s guilt as a result of their persistent efforts to pursue justice. The former actor, according to Vizaca, has been given a 14-year prison term. He will serve his sentence in prison until 2033.

Spivey’s Previous Marriages: Who Were His Ex-Spouses?

The Harris County deputy had two prior marriages. On April 15, 1978, Renard married Heather P. Spivey, a native of Texas, and the two exchanged vows. There is no information in the media about how or under what circumstances the couple split up.

Baliff Renard Spivey Is Charged With Murder
Baliff Renard Spivey Is Charged With Murder (Image Source: ABC 13)

Spivey found the love of his life once more after divorcing his first wife. On January 21, 1994, in Harris County, Texas, he then wed Debra Melrose Spivey; they later divorced. After that, he married Patricia, his third wife, who passed away in 2019 at the age of 50 due to a gunshot wound.

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