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What is the AKA actor, Eric Cantona Religion? Is he perhaps Muslim? Let’s dive deeper into his religious faith and family ethnicity through this article.

Eric Cantona, full name Eric Daniel Pierre Cantona, is a French actor, director, producer and former professional footballer.

Cantona is best known for his contributions and playing a lead role in making Manchester United the dominant club in English football during the 90s.

For the Manchester fans, Eric is referred to as King Eric and often regarded as one of the greatest players of his generation, winning seven league championship in his last eight full seasons as a professional.

Eric retired from football in 1997 and began pursuing an acting career, making appearances in both French and English films.

His first acting role was as a rugby player in the 1995 French film “Le bonheur est dans le pré,” which was shot while he was on football suspension.

After that, he has appeared on several films, most notable films include, Elizabeth, Looking for Eric, Ulysses and Mona, The Salvation, and Colosse aux pieds d’Argile.

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Eric Cantona Religion: Does He Follow Muslim Beliefs?

Eric Cantona has not been publicly spoken about his religious beliefs. So there are no medium to confirm if he is indeed a Muslim and making assumptions would just lead to misinformation and misunderstanding.

However, he has defended Muslims and Islam in the past. And in an interview following the Charlie Hebdo attack, Eric stated that it was important not to tar all Muslims as terrorists. 

Eric Cantona takes part in a podcast with David May and Helen Evans. (Source: Manchester United)

This comment might have stirred rumours online of Cantona being a Muslim. But this does not justify his religion, as he was just speaking up for the religiously discriminated Muslims, who are stereotypically regarded as terrorists in the west.

Eric is yet to openly make known of his religious affiliation. Neither is he known to be an atheist. Nonetheless, for the former football star, his religious beliefs will not affect the love and support he receives from his fans.

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Eric Cantona Family Ethnicity

Cantona was born on May 24, 1996, in Marseille, France. His father was Italian and one quarter French, while his mother was Spanish Catalan.

Speaking of his paternal grandfather, Joseph Cantona was an Italian, migrated to Marseille from Sardinia. On the other hand, his maternal grandfather, Pere Rauich, fought in the 1938 Spanish Civil War but retreated to France after a serious liver injury.

Therefore, Eric Cantona’s family ethnicity can be said to be a mix of Italian, French, and Spanish Catalan.

Eric Cantona’s wife is Rachida Brakni, a French actress of Algerian descent. The couples have been married since 2007, and have two children named Emir and Selma.

Eric Cantona with wife Rachida Brakni. (Source: The Sun)

Furthermore, his father’s name is Albert Cantona and he worked as a psychiatric nurse, who later became an amateur painter. He credits his father for being able to appreciate the worlds beauty and learn from the tragedies, making him the man he is today.

Eric’s mother is Éléonore Raurich, who was a dressmaker from Barcelona, Spain. He claims his mother to be the source of his confidence and motivation, as through her love and guidance Cantona became successful.

Lastly, Eric has two siblings, an elder brother Jean Marie and a younger brother, Joel. Jean used to work as a sporting agent before entering the film industry and Joel played football professionally for 13 years, but his career was not as successful as Eric’s.

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