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Not every famous person can serve as an example. Several others have chosen to follow a more sinister path. Then there are others who consistently provide an excellent example, like Denise Richards. She is not only a loving mother to two children, but she also gives her adopted daughter Eloise Joni Richards, who has an unique condition, unselfish care.

Denise has had many highs and lows since being adopted, yet she has never once voiced a complaint. Her husband Aaron has also given her a lot of assistance with Eloise. Soon, he will be recognized as her biological father.

Like them, we should all aspire to be excellent parents. On that point, let’s examine Eloise Joni’s life and discover all there is to know about her disease, father, siblings, and more!

Eloise Joni Richards Age, Date Of Birth: Is She Charlie Sheen’s Daughter?

Eloise was born on May 24, 2011, and Denise adopted her in June of that same year, one month after her original mother gave birth. Hence, she is not Charlie Sheen’s biological daughter. First, PEOPLE Magazine announced that Denise had given birth to her third child.

According to the source, Denise adopted a daughter domestically following a two-year procedure. The third child’s name was also disclosed at the same time by the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star.

She gave her the name Eloise Richards. Her middle name honors Richard’s mother Joni, who passed away from cancer in December 2007. Eloise just turned nine, and her mother celebrated with a lavish party. Afterwards, Denise shared the memorable event with her devoted admirers on her Instagram account.

We can be certain that Denise is enjoying her life as a wife and mother of three children.

Aaron Phypers, Eloise Joni Richards’ father, is in the adoption process.

Due to Eloise’s uncommon genetic condition, life may have been difficult for her, but thanks to her family, life is now happy. Also, she will soon become a parent herself. Aaron Phyper, Denise’s husband, is indeed in the process of formally adopting Eloise.

There is already a father-daughter bond between Aaron and Eloise. He loves spending time with her, and the two of them spend a lot of time together. He tweeted a photo of himself and his daughter working together to maintain his automobile in November 2019. They seemed adorable together.

Denise first said that Aaron intended to adopt her daughter in July 2019. Moreover, when Eloise pronounced the word “Dad” for the first time, she completely won everyone over.

Aaron was quite happy to hear that since he had been waiting for this day to arrive for the last several years. “And the best present Eloise being able to say “dad” for the first time a month ago,” Denise said at the time in the Father’s Day Instagram post.

The Sisters of Eloise

Sami Sheen and Lola Rose Sheen, both girls who were born in 2004 and 2005, respectively, are Denise’s other two children besides Eloise. They get along quite well with their adopted daughter.

Eloise Joni Richards Sisters 2020

Lola and Sam are shared by Denise and her ex-husband Charlie Sheen, who she wed from 2002 until 2006. Sam and Lola, Eloise’s sisters, are also students at private high schools. They formerly attended Viewpoint High School, but had to switch schools as a result to their father Charlie Sheen’s unpredictable behavior.

Eloise has a rare genetic condition.

The youngest Richar’s daughter was born with Monosomy 8p on Chromosome 8, a genetic abnormality. Her disease prevents her from speaking. Eloise’s childhood was not typical due to her illness.

Eloise Joni Richards 2020

Moreover, the diagnosis for this uncommon issue is also rather difficult. Although they are doing their best to provide their daughter a decent upbringing, Denise is unsure at this time if she will ever talk like a regular person. Having saying that, Eloise has undergone some remarkable transformations in the previous eight years.

Also, Denise and Aaron are now gradually taking care of her everyday requirements. They really do embody a loving parent, don’t they? Using her Instagram account, Denise shared information about her daughter’s growth and how she is getting better every day.


We hope that Eloise continues to progress over the next days and years.

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