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The first daughter of Vince Neil and an American bassist and musician, Elizabeth Ashley Wharton, was born on October 29, 1983, at the age of 39.
The iconic singer’s first wife, Beth Lynn, gave birth to their daughter Elle during their four-year marriage. Elle is known affectionately as Elle. She continued in her father’s career and is now co-leading Loomis and the Lust as bassist with her husband, Will Loomis.

Biographical Sketch of Elizabeth Ashley Wharton

  • Full name: Elizabeth Ashley Wharton
  • Nickname: Elle Loomis
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 29th of October 1983
  • Elizabeth Ashley Wharton is 39 years old.
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Elizabeth Ashley Wharton’s Husband (Wife): Will Loomis
  • Elizabeth Ashley Wharton’s Parents: Vince Neil and Beth Lynn
  • Siblings: Skylar Lynnae Neil, Neil Jason Wharton, Tess, and Lainy
  • Elizabeth Ashley Wharton’s height in inches is 5 feet 8 inches.
  • Elizabeth Ashley Wharton’s height in centimeters: 169 centimeters
  • Elizabeth Ashley Wharton’s Weight: 60 kg
  • Elizabeth Ashley Wharton’s net worth: $200,000
  • Famous For: Being the daughter of Vince Neil

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton’s age, in years.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton is 39 years old right now. She was born on d and goes by the name Elle Loomis. She was born in Los Angeles, California, on October 29, 1983, and goes by the name Elle Loomis as well. Elle is an American by nationality because she was born here, yet her ancestry is Caucasian.

Vince Neil, the vocalist of the hard rock band Motley Crue, gave birth to a daughter, Elizabeth. Beth Lynn is the name of her mother. She enjoys leading a private life far from the prying eyes of the media and has a job as a makeup artist.
Elizabeth Ashley Wharton was raised in her hometown, and her parents made sure she had a typical childhood by keeping her as out of the spotlight as they could. Her academic institution’s name is unknown, although it’s possible that this was the reason she was moved to a private high school in Los Angeles.
We do know that while she was a high school student, she was very involved in cheering, acting, dancing, and playing the guitar. Fans are widely aware that she graduated in 2002, but nothing about Elizabeth attending college has been mentioned.

Elizabeth Isn’t Vince’s Only Child Norma and Neil Lynn

The only kid Neil and Beth had while they were still married was Elizabeth Ashley Wharton, although she wasn’t their only child. The Motley Crue frontman was Neil Jason Wharton’s first father even before the pair were hitched. On October 3, 1978, the singer’s ex-girlfriend Tami gave birth to their first child.
After Neil and Beth’s relationship came to an end, the iconic singer married model and mud wrestler Sharise Ruddell. Their marriage, which lasted from 1987 to 1993, gave birth to a daughter named Skylar Lynnae Neil. Skylar, who was born on March 26th, 1991, sadly passed away at the young age of four. On August 15th, 1995, she passed away, and cancer was listed as the cause of death.
Before her husband, Will Loomis, uploaded a picture of his wife with two women, Tess and Lainy, and labeled them as sisters, fans had always assumed that Elizabeth only has two half-siblings, Neil and Skylar. Tess and Lainy’s parentage—whether maternal or paternal—has not yet been made clear.

Her Current Relationship with Her Parents

The parents of Elizabeth Ashley Wharton divorced after their marriage broke down, and they have since split up. Following their “conjugal union” in 1981, Beth Lynn and Vince Neil saw Vince rocket to fame as the leader of the Motley Crue heavy metal band.
Perhaps Beth couldn’t manage the celebrity and recognition that followed, and their marriage suffered as a result of Vince’s continual absence. After only four years as husband and wife, the pair decided to part ways in a divorce in 1985.
Beth’s post-divorce life is completely unknown, although her ex, Vince, has been active in the dating world. A few years after their divorce, Vince married Sharise Ruddell; their marriage lasted until 1993. Heidi Mark, a well-known Playboy playmate with whom he exchanged wedding vows in 2000, came next, but their relationship terminated in 2001.

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton and her father had a wonderful relationship.

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Vince giving Elizabeth away on her wedding day image source

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton’s parents separated while she was a little child; therefore, Vince’s first child spent the most of her formative years with her mother. The renowned musician did, however, a fantastic job as a parent; the distance did not prevent him from developing a very close relationship with Elizabeth.
Vince’s first child marked him with dots today. She frequently appears at his live performances to offer her support. The legendary musician fully repays his daughter’s adoration on his own. He was present to give her away on her wedding day and frequently posts images of her on his Instagram account.
Elizabeth is not only following in her father Vince’s footsteps in the music industry, but she also appears to be a tattoo enthusiast like him, thus it is evident that the two have a lot in common. Like Vince, Elle has inscriptions on various regions of her body.

Who is Elizabeth Ashley Wharton’s employer?

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton acts as a vocalist and a bassist, exactly like her father, who is also a musician. The guitarist performs with Loomis and the Lust, an indie pop-rock band from California. Elle and Will Loomis, the band’s frontman, started it together.
After forming in 2008, the group released its first extended play (EP) after only a year, and its second EP, Space Camp, was released in 2010. Bright Red Chords, a song by the group, was up for the MTV “Freshman” music video award.

Elle is on Instagram, although she doesn’t post there very often. However, the few posts on her account show that she enjoys grunge, goth, and cosplay clothes as well as cosmetics. We should also keep in mind that she hasn’t posted anything since 2015, so all of them may be from before.

Who is Elizabeth Ashley Wharton’s husband?

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Elizabeth and Will image source

Will Loomis, the band’s lead singer, has been revealed to be Elizabeth Ashley Wharton’s husband. The two started dating in 2010, and on October 18, 2014, they got married in Santa Barbara.
A lavish reception was held for their wedding at Santa Barbara’s magnificent Four Seasons Biltmore. The cream of the crop in the American music business was represented on the guest list, and the bride’s father, Vince, was present to fulfill his paternal obligations.

DJ Darla Bea, a Grammy-winning disc jockey from Santa Barbara, performed at the event. On January 1, 2020, Will shared a photo of the two of them to mark their ten years of marriage, and Vince documented his daughter’s wedding on his Instagram account.
Elizabeth Ashley Wharton is silent on social media and hasn’t posted anything since 2015, although her husband has occasionally provided admirers with nuggets.

Does the daughter of Vince Neil have kids?

Elizabeth isn’t yet a parent. Vince Neil posted a photo of his granddaughter Hailee Marie, who was born on January 13, 2015, on Instagram in January 2015. The image sparked a lot of fan conjecture, with many assuming it was Elle and Will’s unborn child. Hailee, however, actually belonged to Elizabeth’s older brother, Neil Jason Wharton, as was subsequently discovered. This assertion is supported by the fact that neither Elle nor Will talked about having children.

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