Dulcie Dornan is Jamie Dornan daughter

Because to her father, Dulcie Dornan became a famous child. She is the child of Jamie Dornan, an actor, and Amelia Warner, his wife. Her father gained notoriety for playing Christian Grey in the motion picture Fifty Shades of Grey. A $14 million estimate of his net worth has been made.

Amelia, Dulcie’s mother, is a professional musician. Elva Dornan and Alberta Dornan are her younger sisters, and she is the oldest of three daughters. She is a Sagittarius by birth sign.

About the Marital Lives of Dulcie’s Parents

The actor Jamie Dornan and the musician Amelia Warner are the parents of Dulcie Dornan. On April 26, 2013, her parents made their way down the aisle. It was a case of “love at first sight” for Dulcie’s father. When the two of them first met in 2010, Jamie proposed to Dulcie’s mother, asking her to live out the rest of her days with him.

Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner are hugging for the picture with mountains in the background.
Parents of Dulcie Dornan, Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner (Source: Amelia Warner Instagram @awarnermusic)

Also, Jamie had asked for Amelia’s hands at the same location where they had first met, making the proposal unique. He had initially met her on the steps of his friend’s house, and he thought it would be the ideal spot to pop the question there. Everything appears to have gone smoothly because Jamie and Amelia are happy with their marriage.

Amelia Warner and Jamie Dornan’s respective net worth

Dulcie Dornan is too young to be working and earning money because she is just nine years old as of the date of this article. Thus, we shall concentrate on her parents’ money instead. Her mother, Amelia Warner, is worth an estimated $3 million, while her father, Jamie Dornan, is worth an estimated $14 million.

Amelia is a music composer by trade, hence music is her primary source of income. She mostly composes music for motion pictures and has had great success doing so. She has written songs for movies including Mr. Malcolm’s List and Wild Mountain Thyme, which have allowed her to make a lot of money.

Acting is Jamie’s primary source of income. Fifty Shades of Grey has so far been his most financially successful piece of work. According to his IMDb biography, he earned a total of $250,000 from the movie. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the picture made $166.1 million at the box office.

The Elder Sister of the Three

Jamie Dornan, who plays Dulcie Dornan in The Fall, has two more children in addition to Dulcie. Dulcie is their oldest of their three kids in total. Elva Dornan and Alberta Dornan are her younger sisters.

Dulcie Dornan is holding the hands of Elva and Alberta Dornan as they are walking.
Elva Dornan and Alberta Dornan, sisters of Dulcie Dornan (Source: Amelia Warner Instagram @awarnermusic)

Dulcie’s parents named their subsequent child, Elva, after her when she was born on February 16, 2016. On March 31, 2019, Alberta’s youngest person was born. A remarkable kinship unites the three daughters. According to the parents of Dulcie’s Instagram page, they enjoy participating in all the enjoyable things together.

Dulcie lost her grandpa to covid and her grandma to the disease

Dulcie’s paternal grandparents have passed away. Her grandma Lorna Dornan passed away from pancreatic cancer, and her grandfather Jim Dornan passed away from COVID-19. Jamie, the father of Dulcie, was just 16 when Lorna passed away in 1998. Jim died in Dubai on March 15, 2021, from the terrible infection.

Even worse, when Jamie learned what had happened to his father, as reported in The Guardian, he was confined to a hotel in Australia while undergoing quarantine. He was having his routine knee surgery while in the hospital, according to the story, when he caught the illness that finally claimed his life.

James was an obstetrician and gynecologist by trade, thus he had a job in the medical industry. Dulcie’s grandpa delivered more than 6000 children over his career, according to information on Jamie’s IMDb profile from the Fifty Shades of Grey movie.

Music Interests Dulcie

Dulcie Dornan, the daughter of Jamie Dornan, has already shown a love for music, thus she is following in her mother’s footsteps. Despite just being nine years old, you can tell this young lady has skill since she can play the guitar.

Dulcie Dornan has her guitar on her shoulder as she is walking.
Guitarist Dulcie Dornan (Source: Amelia Warner Instagram @awarnermusic)

On her mother Amelia’s Instagram profile, Dulicie may be seen playing the guitar in a few photos. Given that she is the only musician in the family, it is logical to conclude that her mother was the one who first introduced her to music.

The other grandparents of Dulcie are famous actors

Celebrity ancestors on Dulcie’s mother’s side include her grandmother, Amelia. Both her grandmother Annette Ekblom and grandpa Alun Lewis are performers. Since the late 1970s, English actors have been working in the sector.

Alun is a 1949-born actor who has spent the most of his lengthy career working on TV series. He is well-known for his work on Noah’s Castle, The Curious Affair of Adelaide Harris, Emmerdale Farm, Birds of a Feather, and Noah. He is a native of London’s Wandsworth.

Moreover, TV series projects make up the majority of Annette’s filmography. In Merseyside’s New Brighton, she was born in 1959. A Touch of Frost, Casualty, Fever Pitch, and The Broker’s Man are a few of her well-known works.

Has A Pet

In addition to her two sisters, Elva and Alberta, Dulcie also enjoys playing with a furry companion. Lenny, a household pet, belongs to her family. Lenny is a loyal dog who plays a significant role in the Dornan household.

Jamie Dornan and Lenny are sitting outside as Jamie is looking at him.
Jamie Dornan, Dulcie’s father, with Lenny, the family dog (Source: Jamie Dornan Instagram @jamiedornan)

Jamie and Amelia, who are also Dulcie’s parents, frequently share photos of Lenny on Instagram. Lenny is a canine adventurer who adores being outside.

Who Are the Parents of Dulcie?

Both of Dulcie’s parents, Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner, work in the motion picture business. Her mother Amelia is a musician, while her father Jamie is an actor. And in their different fields of work, they have both achieved success.

Amelia is a musician that mostly writes music for motion pictures. She has displayed her talent in films including Mr. Malcolm’s List, Mary Shelley, and Wild Mountain Thyme. Jamie is an actor who gained notoriety for playing Christian Grey in the novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

While most People only know him from that role, he has demonstrated that he has a variety of acting abilities in films and television programs including The Fall and A Private War.

Jamie Is A Loving, Good-Time Parent

Jamie, an anthropomorphic actor, has a wonderful relationship with his three kids. In order to keep the media out of Dulcie and his sister’s lives, he is protective of his children. He and his wife thus only post pictures of their children that have their faces obscured.

In addition, Jamie is a fun-loving parent who enjoys spending time with his girls enjoying their favorite activities. Since they trained him to be patient throughout the Covid lockdown, he also picks up patience from his child. Many have heard him mention that the children were what provided some happiness to the family at that time.

Dulcie’s father has previously shared Instagram photos of himself in costumes created by his daughters. He also enjoys making dad jokes around them, despite the fact that he has said they don’t like it.

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