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Ashley Greene, an American actress, and her husband, Paul Khoury, have become parents in the Hollywood film industry. After a romantic relationship spanning several years, the couple has welcomed a baby girl into their lives, adding new responsibilities and strengthening their marriage.

If you like the Twilight fantasy movie series, you’ve probably heard of Ashley Greene. Since the 2008 release of the financially successful film Twilight, in which she starred as Alice Cullen, the Florida-born actress Greene has been documenting events. She has appeared in every Twilight sequel.

Paul is a businessman and a filmmaker, to the best of our knowledge. He has appeared in Razor Eaters and Blue Heelers. He was an executive producer and director of the short film The Darkness. The founders of Hummingway Productions include Ashley and Paul. Greene is featured in every tabloid for starting a family by bringing in a new member. The information you need to know about the new parents is provided below.

Ashley Greene Confirms Her Pregnancy!

On March 25, 2022, the actress Ashley made a pregnancy announcement on Instagram. She proclaimed,

I love you more than I’ve ever loved anything, and somehow my heart just keeps getting bigger to love you even more. I can’t wait to watch you share your light, love, and passion with our unborn child.

Ashley Greene announced her first pregnancy through Instagram in March 2022.
Ashley Greene announced her first pregnancy through Instagram in March 2022.
(Image Source: Instagram @ashleygreene

Paul’s excitement was conveyed on the other side by posting pictures of the two holding ultrasounds. His caption read,

“The fact that we can create life through love amazes me so much. I’ve never been more in love with you, and I can’t wait for our relationship to move forward. I appreciate you giving me the best gift ever.”

The actress found her pregnancy to be enjoyable. She also never missed an opportunity to keep her fans informed by posting pictures of her adorable baby bump.

Daughter’s Birth Announced on Social Media

On September 16, 2022, their “sweet angel” daughter Kingsley Rainn Khoury was born. On July 6, 2018, the Bombshell actress Ashley and her longtime partner Paul were married in California.

The Twilight actress Ashley Greene welcomed a baby girl, Kingsley Rainn Khoury, with her husband Paul Khoury.
The Twilight actress Ashley Greene welcomed a baby girl, Kingsley Rainn Khoury, with her husband Paul Khoury.
(Image Source: Instagram @ashleygreene

The actress and her husband Paul announced the birth of Kingsley on their verified Instagram accounts. The husband-and-wife team posted a picture of her adorable hand and wrote,

And just like that – everything changed. In a single moment, you came into our world and everything else faded away. Nothing else mattered. The love we’re engulfed in cannot be explained, only felt in the deepest of ways. We love you so much baby girl. Welcome to our world.

Numerous celebrities from the world of entertainment congratulated the new parents. Actress Claire Holt of the United States wrote, “the best, with the smiling faces and red heart emoji.” Likely best known for her role as Elena Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries, Canadian actress Nina Dobrev said, “WELCOME TO THE WORLD LITTLE KINGSLEY CUTIE!!!!!”

The LOL actress Ashley Greene celebrated her 2022's Christmas with her husband Paul Khoury and newly born daughter Kingsley Rainn Khoury.
Ashley Greene, the LOL actress, spent Christmas 2022 with her husband Paul Khoury, and their newborn daughter Kingsley Rainn Khoury.
(Image Source: Instagram @paulkhoury

Currently, Mr. and Mrs. Khoury are co-parenting their only child. Halloween and Christmas Day in 2022 were observed by the married couple and their young child. Additionally, Good Buy Gear, a retailer of baby and children’s products, has partnered with Ashley and her daughter Kingsley.

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