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Although Kevin Costner is considered one of the best performers of his time, he would have you believe that being a parent is his greatest accomplishment. Despite having a demanding job, the two-time Oscar winner, a father of seven, finds time for each of his children.

He constantly gushes over them and makes sure to reassure them that he loves them all equally. One of the children that is prospering both in and out of the spotlight is Liam Timothy Costner. The actor began a relationship after his divorce, which gave rise to Liam Timothy Costner.

Though he originally denied being the father and wanted a paternity test, once his uncertainty was dispelled, he accepted his obligations. Alongside his siblings, Liam has flourished and is now a realtor in California.

Profile Summary of Liam Costner 

  • Full name: Liam Timothy Costner
  • Date of birth: 15th of November 1996
  • Age: 26 years old
  • Father: Kevin Costner
  • Mother: Bridget Mary Rooney Koch
  • Siblings: seven half-siblings, including Kaitlin Koch
  • Education institutions attended: N/A
  • Occupation: N/A

One of the seven children born to Oscar-winning actor Kevin Costner is Liam Timothy Costner.

Since Liam Costner was born on November 15, 1996, he has been 26 years old. He was born in the United States and has ancestors from Germany, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England. One of Kevin Costner’s seven children, Liam is a two-time Academy Award winner.

Senior Costner made his cinematic debut in the 1981 movie Sizzle Beach, U.S.A. after falling in love with acting during his college years. He then continued to establish his reputation with a number of more film roles up to the 1990 release of Dances with Wolves, which received widespread praise.

John Dunbar, a lieutenant in the Union Army, was the focus of Dances with Wolves. He journeyed to the American frontier in quest of a military station. John Dunbar, the movie’s protagonist, was portrayed by Kevin Costner, who also served as its director. His efforts paid off, as he was honored with Academy Awards for both best actor and best film. Kevin Costner’s career is still prospering more than three decades after Dances with Wolves.

His memorable film roles include those in The Bodyguard, A Perfect World, The Company Man, and Rumor Has It. He has seen success on television as well, appearing in popular programs like Yellowstone and Hatfields & McCoys.

Bridget Rooney, the heiress of the Pittsburgh Steelers, is his mother.

Bridget Rooney is a woman who is Liam Costner’s mother. Although she is not as well-known as Kevin Costner, she does have some remarkable roots. Rooney was born on April 26, 1962. Tim Rooney is her father, while June Rooney is her mother. The late Art Rooney, who started and developed the Pittsburgh Steelers into one of the most prosperous organizations in NFL history, is her paternal grandpa.

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Bridget Rooney and William Koch (Image Source)

California native Bridget Rooney attended high school in a timely manner and has a high school diploma. She then graduated with an MBA from American University. Growing up, Bridget Rooney developed into a socialite and philanthropist.

Given that she owns a portion of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ fortune, which is presently worth at more than $3 billion, she is a multi-millionaire. The woman is quite busy, yet she has no need for a day job. She has at least one acting credit, which was for the 2011 film Zombie or not Zombie.

Parents of Liam Costner dated for a short while in 1995 and welcomed him in 1996

After the actor’s marriage ended in 1995, Kevin Costner and Bridget Rooney initially started dating. Cindy Silva, Kevin’s college sweetheart, was his first wife. Three children were born during the 16-year marriage: Annie, Lily, and Joe.

Due to his hectic work, however, he and Cindy had problems, and they eventually parted ways and had a divorce in writing in 1994. When Kevin ran into Rooney in 1995, he chose to give love another shot, so this must have taken a toll on him.

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A young Liam with his father, Kevin (Image Source)

They were engaged for a few months before divorcing. In 1996, Rooney gave birth to their son Liam Timothy. She gave the kid “Costner” as his last name and her grandfather’s name as his middle name.

Not so amiable was Kevin Costner. He originally requested a paternity testand denied having any relationship with Liam. He didn’t recognize Liam as his son until the test revealed that he was, in fact, Liam’s father.

He grew up with them because his mother later wed billionaire businessman Bill Koch.

Liam Costner spent much of his childhood with his mother due to the circumstances of his birth. His biological father, though, made an attempt to be a part of his life. For him, he established a trust fund. He also made sure, though not frequently, to see him.

The young child was able to have a decent life as a result, and for a considerable amount of time, it was just him and his mother making do. When he was nine years old, however, his mother wed Bill Koch of the Koch Industries, a rich businessman, sailor, and collector. Due to his father’s trust money, his mother’s rich family, and his stepfather’s fortune, Liam Timothy grew up amid considerable prosperity in 2005.

Yet another factor that contributed to his success was the amount of love and care he received from his mother, stepfather, and biological father. Liam Timothy attended a prestigious private school in Connecticut for his high school career, where he excelled in football. He was a standout athlete for the school team, playing linebacker, running back, punter, and kicker.

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Liam and his mom, Bridget (Image Source)

Real estate agent Liam Costner now goes by the name Liam Rooney Koch.

Liam Costner graduated from high school in 2014, based on his age. He most certainly went to college and received his degree there as well. The young man, who has avoided the spotlight his whole life, is now employed by Frankel Bell Realty Group as an associate broker.

Using “edge marketing and technology to make the purchasing, selling, and renting of properties cutting edge and frictionless for customers,” the business primarily serves the Northern Palm Beach County region. Liam Costner has not pursued a career in acting like his biological father. He hasn’t had any notable acting roles to his name, and there are no rumors of him getting any soon.

Therefore, whether Liam Costner will ever be as successful as his father, Kevin Costner, can only be determined with time. He didn’t necessary have to be an actor to do that, though. He is also capable of amazing deeds in other spheres of human endeavor.

He Has Four Step-Siblings and Seven Half-Siblings.

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Kevin Costner with his youngest children (Image Source)

From his father’s side, Liam Costner has a total of six half-siblings. They are Grace (born 2009), Hayes (born 2009), Cayden (born 2007), Lily (born 1986), Annie (born 1984), and Lily (born 1986). (b. 2010). Following her graduation from Brown University, Annie founded Sound Off Films, a production firm. She has collaborated with ESPN, Red Bull, and Katy Perry.

Lily, on the other hand, is an actress who has appeared in films like Black or White, The Baby-Sitters Club, and The Postman. As Lily’s co-star in The Postman, Joseph has also dabbled in acting. Tin Cup is one of his many acting credits, and he is also listed as a member of the sound crew for the short film The Oasis. Liam Costner has a younger half-sister called Kaitlin Koch, who was born in 2006, on his mother’s side. Along with his half-siblings, Liam Costner is also the stepfather to four additional step-siblings. Wyatt , Charlotte, Robin, and William Koch are among them.

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